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Antisemites throughout Norwegian society.

This is the same man who was to receive a medal for ”good works” by the King of Norway until it became known to the public and international community. His medal was taken away. The Norwegian convert to Islam insists on his blog that Israel needs to be destroyed and that suicide terrorism is legitimate. Another Muslim in Norway, a MP to Norwegian parliament, Khalid Ahmed (Labour party) wished that Hitler would have ”finished the job” in a Facebook post.

NOTE: And to think that he almost was awarded by the top echelon of Norwegian society. It attracted both national and international outcry when it became known last week that the founder of the Muslim Foundation herb garden, Trond Ali Linstad, was awarded His Majesty the King’s Medal of Merit in silver. Oslo’s mayor Fabian Stang refused to execute the assignment on behalf of the King, in protest against Linstad positions. Trustees of the Jewish community in Oslo, Ervin Kohn, said that it only took five minutes of it becoming known in the news that he became overwhelmed with responses from both Israel and the United States. Simon Wiesenthal Center came out with a press statement condemning the Norwegian royal family for the award, and appealed to King Harald to overturn the decision. It ended with the medal being withdrawn.

– There is no doubt that my medal will shine less, if he also gets a medal. I do not know if I want to keep the medal if it happens, said Jan Robert is that a year ago fi kk Crisis for his 50 years of volunteering in the funeral home for the Jewish community in Oslo.

In a press release writing castle that: “Some of Linstad utterances as they are seen and perceived, is not compatible with the medal purposes.”

Blogs about the Middle East

Linstad has started the first Norwegian Muslim elementary school, and now runs the foundation herb garden, which has a kindergarten, a children’s farm and secondary education for immigrant women. It is this work which is the basis for the award.

The reason for the massive reactions is that Linstad that Palestinian activist known for positions that may be perceived as anti-democratic and anti-Semitic. A number of his controversial beliefs are documented on his blog, TODAY reproduce here a sample of what Linstad conveys his blog.

Will destroy the State of Israel

Trond Ali Linstad believes that Israel should cease to exist, and the reason is religious.

“That” Israel’s “exile is a punishment from God, and is established in the Jewish scriptures. Oh they would end this exile by worldly methods (such Zionists want the State of Israel), is forbidden by God, as it is stated in the Talmud (Treaty Kesubus p. 111), “he writes.

He is aware that Israel’s existence should be combated by force of arms.

“I once asked the question to Robert Fisk, a journalist and world-renowned Middle East knows, what gives Israel’s legitimacy. “Weapon Power,” he replied simply. It’s only armed force that lies at the heart of Israel’s “right” to exist. Then it can well be repeated? Still with weapons power, “he writes.

In an article he explains the background to the slogan, “Khaibar, Khaibar,” referring to an Islamic massacre of Jews led by Muhammad in the 600s.

“Khaibar – it may be the symbol of Israel today?” He asks.

Yes to suicide bombers

In several posts, he shows support for suicide bombings directed against what he defines as military targets, and defends its strategy of suicide bombing as a weapon against the settlers.

“The Palestinians have found a weapon, deadly effective against the Israeli power. They can pick it up whenever they want. Maybe they put it away now, in the face of the rolling Sharon, but use it when they want. They have in a manner of time. For the story, we think, work for them, “he wrote.

“So we know it: Any Norwegian suicide attacks, as Palestinian suicide attacks against military targets in order to defend their country, is not terrorism! When we support the Palestinians in that, “he also wrote.

Speculating on terror

He reflects on the following example:

“A Palestinian with a bomb attached to the body goes up to a group of Jewish settlers. Settlers have taken over the Earth, displaced the Palestinian, his family and his whole village, and established a settlement of the place. Palestinians blow up themselves and the group of settlers (civilian, somehow) in the air. What do we call that kind of action? Fordømbar terrorism or resistance activism? ».

About this he concludes “that a sustained strategy of suicide bombings by Palestinian side, will continue to threaten Israel, undermine Israel’s security and demoralize Israel’s population. Israel may choose withdrawal, behind walls and barricades, as a result of the actions. There may be an argument for continued operations in the Palestinian struggle against Israel. “

He also speculates about whether other terrorist acts may be legitimate.

“If terror against Palestinians, starvation of Palestinian children, appears to be a legitimate weapon, which does not meet protests, then why is it not legitimate, for example, to blow up – yes, an Israeli embassy, for wanting to influence the political process?” he writes.

Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran

Linstad defender and ally with organizations Hezbollah and Hamas, and welcomes the involvement of Iran against Israel.

“Palestinian struggle is just. Hezbollah is fighting it too. And maybe we are talking about the same goal: a new Middle East, with a color and profi l which Israel and the U.S. have lost, “he writes.

He is clear about his support for Hamas regime.

“We believe that Hamas is the way forward in the pale great resistance. Fatah has dominated the game for decades, is defi nitivt on the way out. There may be reason to enjoy it. Hamas in control of Gaza! Which is excellent. It has given a new dimension to the controversy. And will encourage and inspire people, also in the surrounding land, might follow their example, “he writes.

About meddling from Iran, he writes, for example:

“Iranian fleet to Gaza? So great! It will focus on the conflict’s real character, and remind you that Israel is an illegitimate state. The Iranians will demand it! So get them into court. Let someone tell the truth, whether konfl iktens real being! The Iranians will speak their language Hamas. And Hamas is elected. They know the Palestinians ‘right’.

Warns against Jews

The most talked about blog his post the past week has been the article “Be critical of the Jews”, in which he warns against the Jews alleged influence “in newspapers and other media, in many political bodies and the contacts and networks that exist where decisions are made” .

About the Jewish lobby in the USA, he has written:

“The Jewish lobby’s influence on a number of areas. The lobby works outside of the U.S. democratic system. It must be said that it contributes to corrupt it.

And for the Middle East means the war and death. “

Galtung and Gaarder

He thanks Jostein Gaarder for the disputed his op-ed about Israel.

“Thanks to Jostein Gaarder, who has questioned Israel’s legitimacy? Israel is – one might say – a state created by colonization and occupation – of Palestine which is the Palestinian people, Muslims, Jews and Christians, “he writes.

He also defends Johan Galtung’s statements about Jews.

“It is not anti-Semitism to point to social conditions of the time, although these also include the Jews. Johan Galtung has done this and been “hung out,” he writes.

Also Galtung reference to the anti-Semitic fabrication plant “Zion The Protocols” he defends.

“Then he mixes in The Protocols of Zion, and it may well also be read? And for the majority, rejected. But the theme of Jewish power, and with leading individuals and groups should be well able to meet? And not having to push under the carpet? “Writes Linstad.

Tor-Bjorn Nordgaard
19/11/2012 10:50

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