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An ancient antisemitic blood libel, the bloodthirsty Jew

They do allow for the Israelis to get their point across, but VG sets the pace early on calling them radical Jews happy for war. There is a big difference in calling for happiness in life, and demanding that Israel’s enemies be taken to task for their unprovoked violence against them. All of this is of course lost on the Norwegian news organization. No doubt VG shunned reporting on Arabs handing out sweets and cakes in celebration of terrorism attacks on Israeli civilians.

NOTE: Another major Scandinavian paper in Sweden, the Aftobladet, in 2009 promoted the antisemitic bloodthirsty Jew blood libel as well.

Here they dance radical Jews for war

Most Israelis support the bombing, but did not want invasion of Gaza

WAR DANCE: Itsak Ruben (green shirt) and other radical Jews dancing at a checkpoint at Erez in Gaza, to motivate the Israeli soldiers. Photo: HARALD HENDEN
Published 11/20/12 – 12:58 , changed 20/11/12 – 13:51 (AP)
By Nilas Johnsen and Erlend Skevik Photo: Harald Henden

ASHKELON (AP) Here a group dancing Hasidic Jews to encourage the soldiers. Most Israelis support the Gaza attacks.


The Spiritual Group are followers of Rabbi Rebbe Nachman, who lived in Ukraine from 1772 to 1810, and who was very interested in the spiritual aspects of the religion. – We encourage the soldiers, for everyone must be happy. Come, dance, dance, Ruben says to VG Nett. – But what about the people of Gaza, are not you worried that they undergo? – We do not want people to suffer, but we will not have enemies. They are our enemies are the enemies of God and humanity. There are those who would destroy us, so the army had to do something. 


Among those who clearly supports the bombing, the population of Sderot – one of the towns closest to the border and that several years frequently been subjected to rocket attacks. Der have a small group of onlookers gathered on a hill to watch the bombing. – Hamas using Palestinian civilians as human shields, and that’s bad. But they attack us with indiscriminate rockets, so when it hits, I think that they get what they deserve, says Isser Gitelman (26), who have come from Jerusalem to show support to the people of the south. 

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  1. Sderot is no more than 20 kms from the north east tip of Gaza. As close as it is possible to live in proximity to the enemy.

    How they get by day by day is beyond my understanding.

    Israel has again made a strategic mistake by agreeing to a cease fire.

    The IDF should have gone in and completely desroyed all infrastructure and sent Hamas scurrying back to Egypt where (after all) they belong

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