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Only in Norway could politicians openly hostile towards Israel and known to have made antisemitic statements, be invited to speak -by a city apologizing for its role in deporting Jews to Nazi Germany- on antisemitism.

Welcome to the Twilight Zone called Norway.

Norway’s former Prime Minister, Kåre Willoch, (Conservative Party, Høyre) has a history of hatred of the Jewish state, as well as making antisemitic statements. He made that rather clear when he questioned U.S. president Barack Obama’s decision in 2008 to choose ”a Jew” for his chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel. It suffices to say that his words over the years have alienated many of Norway’s Jews.

Yesterday I published a piece on the other politician who spoke at the event, Audun Lysbakken (SV),  who is equally hostile to Israel as Willoch, so much so that Jews who were  participating in the memorial, chose to stay outside while these two Israel haters gave their speech.

As I said yesterday, those who are consistently at war with the world’s biggest memorial to the Holocaust, the Jewish state of Israel, can’t be considered as serious minded people  concerning the Holocaust, nor their opinions, relevant. They, and others like them, are simply using the Holocaust to build up  their fake humanitarian credentials and should be given the cold shoulder. 

Below is a summary of the event which took place on the 26th of November in Bergen Norway, where both Willoch and Lysbakken should never have been. Thanks to a TT tipster for the summary and the hat tip.

NOTE: The above picture was taken from The Dagen article from which the summary was made.

The Rafto house was full as Willoch spoke about anti-semitism, and people were rejected at the door as the capacity of the meeting place was met. The Jewish congregation in bergen was outside having their own memorial. They participated in the preceding walk visiting the original homes of victims. In the booklet they had made for the controversial memorial called “Apolitical memorial November 26”, it was recommended to “avoid political debates, discussions and speeches of respect of the event”

“Peace in the middle east can stop anti-semitism in the whole world”, says Willoch

(for me this is a problematic statement which may dangerously imply that the conflict and stalemate is the cause of a.s. indirectly and partly blaming the Jews themselves and further this is a non-realistic statement which bares more hold in profelitic ventures, not based on research at all!)

And again the popular argument: “Jews themselves have made critical remarks of the Israeli government, without them being seen as antisemites.” Willoch stressed that “Critique against Israel is not critique against Jews.”

In the end the organizer Nils Flaten from the November 26 committee was very pleased with the memorial, even though the Jews chose to stay outside while Willoch was lecturing. Flaten believes that “they could have listen to him, and that it wouldnt have been problematic” (!!) WIlloch himself says that “it would be wise if everyone could stand together on the same memorial event”. Several hundred people participated in the walk with torches.

Below the fold is the post, in full, on Audun Lysbakken.

Norwegian serial Holocaust abuser.

Yesterday in Norway, on the 70th anniversary (26.11.1942) of the first deportations of Norwegian Jews to the death camps of the German National Socialists during WWII, the Norwegian police officially apologized for its role in these deportations.

Audun Lysbakken is a Norwegian Leftist politician domestically known, among Israel supporters, for his anti-Israel hate mongering. The Tundra Tabloids has been informed that Lysbakken spoke at the memorial for these Jews in Bergen yesterday.

According to a TT source who forwarded the story, Lysbakken tries to whitewash his Israelhatred over the bodies of the Jews sent to their death by his fellow Norwegians during the war.

NOTE: Lysbakken and the crocodile tears he sheds over the dead Jews of the Holocaust, are simply not believable, in fact, they’re highly disingenuous. This is due to his consistent being at war with the world’s biggest memorial to the holocaust, the Jewish state of Israel.

If Lysbakken would spend more of his energy protecting the Jews that are living, than the memory of those who are dead (that he and others like him use to beef up their fake humanitarian credentials every year), then the world would be indeed a better place. That would be a more fitting way to honor the memory of those murdered in the Holocaust.

The following is from a Norwegian Friends of Israel website, MIFF. Also, The person mentioned by Lysbakken, Kåre Willoch, is another notorious anti-Israel hater as well.

Lysbakken and white washing

November 27, 2012

Leader of SV, Audun Lysbakken’s opinion piece and commentary on the Holocaust memorial November 26, 2012:

“I think therefor that we who are critical of the Israeli occupation and treatment of the Palestinians have a particular responsibility to clearly speak up when someone is stepping over the line between legitimate critique of the state of Israel and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, or making attacks against Jews as a group”1

«If the commemoration of the Holocaust is reserved for those who agree with the policies of the current Israeli government, then we are heading onto a dangerous path. That will make the front against anti-Semitism narrow, and in a time where on the contrary we need to unite despite political differences in order to fight hatred towards Jews”2

Lysbakken answering on the general critique from MIFF concerning his and Willoch’s participation in the memorial and it being “tasteless”:

“My perspective is the opposite. When we are going to commemorate Holocaust, and prevent that it may ever happen again, it must be a strength that people that normally have different views on most things in society can stand together behind the same posters/placards and torches. At that time Willoch and I can for once walk together, and I hope that MIFF could also”

Why SV in their program for 2009-2013 supports only the right of return for the Palestinian refugees?” 4



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