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The study mentioned in this article is the one that was conducted by the Norwegian Center for Studies of Holocaust and Religious Minorities. I said back then it was a whitewash and I stand by that claim today.

It all depends upon how they (the Norwegian Holocaust Center) defined anti-Semitic views when talking with radical and ”moderate” pro-Palestinian supporters about Israel. I can safely wager that if the NHC included talk, (for an example) that rejected Jewish self determination or demands for a bi-national state, or equating Israeli policies with that of Nazis (and that’s just for starters), the numbers would jump exponentially.

It’s interesting to see the researcher in the article, Øivind Kopperud, asking whether or not the number of those responding approvingly of the assault on the Oslo synagogue, are confusing Jews with the state of Israel. It means a couple of different things. So what if they do, it shouldn’t however be seen as an excuse. Jews in Europe (and anywhere else for that matter) do not resort to violence against Arabs/Muslims where they live, in regards to what happens to Jews living in the Middle East.

Also it’s highly reminiscent of the attitude of the mayor of Sweden’s Malmö, Ilmar Reepalu, who declared that Jews in Sweden should distance themselves from Israel, in order to stave off violence against themselves in Sweden. At any rate, this shows that I’ve been right all along, Norway is a hotbed of anti-Semitism, and due to their own traditional anti-Semitism which can be seen in their policies of hatred against Israel, they’ve simply allowed this situation to fester.

NOTE: If the Muslims of Norway are truly anti-Semitic due to Israeli policies, does that mean the Norwegian government will only try to get them to refrain from actual violence, but insist that their feelings against Israel are actually justified?


100,000 defends synagogue shooting

Islamist far from being alone in his opinions.

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Islamists Ubaydullah Hussain makes Norwegian Jews afraid.

Vårtland: – He has a greater resonance in the population than we like to believe, says researcher Øyvind Kopperud. I may the report “Anti-Semitism in Norway?”, written by the Center for Studies of Holocaust and Religious Minorities. Researchers ask include what people think about the shots that were fired at the synagogue in Oslo in 2006. 4 percent of the respondents support the statement, “When one thinks of how Israel treats Palestinians, such actions justified.”

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Blends together. 

4 per cent, more than 100,000 people of the adult population in Norway. It tells me that Ubaydullah Hussain is by no means alone in his attitudes toward Jews. He has a greater resonance than we like to think. Does this mean that many people confuse the state of Israel and the Jewish population in Norway, said an author of the report, researcher Øivind Kopperud.

Arrested and charged. Wednesday wrote that Jews in Norway miss police protection. Later that day Ubaydullah Hussain wrote on her Facebook page: “I will give them protection, i. inshAllah. As soon as I have taken hunter sample and obtain an AK47. “

Hussain wrote further, “It is a pity that the brother who shot the synagogue in 2005 or 2006 did not hit anyone”, referring to the shootings at synagogue in Oslo in 2006. Arfan Bhatti was convicted of complicity in the shoots. Hussain has emerged as a spokesman for the Islamist group Prophet’s Ummah, where Bhatti to be active.

PST was notified, and yesterday Hussain was arrested by the police. He is charged with threats, but the reason is intimidation against journalists for one to two weeks ago.

– We will keep the matter came up on Wednesday, along with these threats, says Station John Roger Lund at Stovner Police NTB.

Spreading fear. 

Kopperud think Hussain came with the statements of spreading fear.

– I have no position to say whether or not he is able to do what he says. But such statements are extremely radicalizing, and he may incite others to do something. In addition Hussain spreading fear and uncertainty, says Kopperud.

Board Ervin Kohn of the Jewish community (DMT) believe Hussain Facebook comment is “on the verge” of threats.

– It is uncomfortable to read, and we take it seriously. The atmosphere in the synagogue is characterized by what he wrote, says Kohn.

He is disappointed that the police did not have direct contact with DMT.

– Parents are calling me and asking if they can deliver the children in our kindergarten. I would like to say that it is totally safe because we have talked to the police, but I can not, says Kohn.

Blames sarcasm. 

In a Wednesday night Evening News interview with Hussain, he neither confirmed nor denied the Facebook comment was meant as a threat to Norwegian Jews. It gets HL-scientist to react.

– It is extremely serious. We can not accept that a person standing on the Evening News, saying such things. It undermines the democratic principles and rules of our society. He writes online is a specific threat to a minority, not free speech, says Kopperud.

– An alarm. 

He believes that Hussain’s comments should be a wakeup call for the police.

– They must listen to the perceived threat of the Jewish community mediator. It is extremely important that the police are taking the threats seriously, this can not be dismissed as male lines, says the researcher.

– Blown up. 

In a recent online commentary, Hussain writes that his Facebook remarks have been “blown out of proportion” and that they are innocent and intended to be sarcastic. He also writes that he has not talked about a AK-47 weapon, according to Dagbladet.

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  1. People of Norway: you are next. When Hussain and his ilk have 500,000 supporters and the Jews are all gone (with the help of Norway’s political establishment), do you think he’s going to be happy? This is the first step of a conquest. Wake up!

  2. I was born in Norway and I am sickened at what it has become, thanks to the liberal, bleeding-heart attitudes of this spoiled generation of Norwegians who have never had to contend – let alone fight – for anything in their lives. It used to be a solidly Christian country, with really good people (even though they’ve always been ethno-centric, I don’t believe they were hateful toward others – which is why they allowed in all those Muslim ‘asylum-seekers’!) But a combination of too much easy oil-money, leftist university professors, loss of faith in the God of the Bible, an obsession to be politically-correct and look good to the world, and the pressure from Muslim immigration has created the perfect storm. The result is ill-will toward Israel and the inevitable anti-antisemitism that produces. Fortunately, there is still a remnant of solid, faithful, Bible-believing Christians there who are strong supporters of Israel. I only hope they can be a greater influence on the society in general, before it’s too late. I fear their oil may yet be their undoing… radical Islam has managed to gain control of nearly all the major oil-producing areas of the world, and now that they have their claws into Norway’s oil, they won’t let go easily.

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