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Tundra Mail

Samir s. Halabi at the Tundra Tabloids :

Yes the Jewish community of Norway today most probably feel unsafe, unprotected by the Socialist anti-Israel Norwegian government. There must be around 45,000 Muslims (from all over the Arab & islamic world) in Oslo alone today, Before the influx of Muslim migration into Norway, the Jewish community lived in relative peace and security, however that period came to an abrupt end Islam spread it’s wings into Norway.

There has been verbal abuse, physical abuse, Jewish communal buildings have been firebombed, Jewish cemeteries have been desecrated, mainly perpetrated by Muslims who possibly have been angered by troubles in the Middle-East, thereby scapegoating the innocent Norwegian Jewish community for all the ills of the Arab-World, just as the German-Nazis conveniently blamed all the ills that befell Germany.

The socialist government of Norway have done little or nothing to safeguard Jewish daily life in Norway today. They are too much concerned with keeping the Muslims happy, although I don’t know why, i also would like to know the Muslim contribution to the welfare of the betterment of the Norwegian Nation to which they are now part of. If they are not happy with the lives they have, if they can’t respect other people’s religions, if they cant respect the laws and culture of their newly adopted country, they should then seriously think of getting the hell out and not disrupt other people’s lives.

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