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This is a remarkable article, because the author is a radical leftist, anti-Zionist author who regularly publishes in the Guardian. I believe that the situation is so bad, that journalists from the hard-Left media are being forced to confront these issues we in the ”alternate media” have been busy reporting on over the past few years. I really think that this is a watershed moment.

Norway regularly tops surveys of wealth and wellbeing. The 2012 Legatum Prosperity Index last month ranked it the most prosperous nation on earth.

For many people, however, the first image that now comes to mind when they think of Norway is the Breivik massacre. The 77 victims who died on July 22, 2011 were mostly young supporters of the ruling Labour party, which the far-right gunman Anders Behring Breivik accused of permitting the country’s “Islamisation”.

Norway could soon come top of another ranking: as the first country in Europe to be Judenfrei or Judenrein (the Nazi terms for the ethnic cleansing of Jews).

Anti-Semitism in Norway has become such a serious threat that many Jews are emigrating to Israel and elsewhere to escape it. Human rights activists, police and leaders of the rapidly shrinking Jewish community fear that soon, for the first time in centuries, Jews will have no visible presence in Norway at all.

I travelled to Norway last month with an open mind about the plight of the Jews and the rumours of the growing hostility toward them. As a leftwing critic of Zionism, of mixed Jewish and Catholic heritage, I was sceptical about the claims in some of the Israeli and alternative Norwegian press about the rise in anti-Semitism being the result of searching for scapegoats. What I found was a mixture of cowardly cultural relativism, examples of rabid Jew-hatred and a liberal Left that had joined forces with radical Islamists.

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NOTE: Just yesterday I published a piece about Dr.Manfred Gerstenfeld explaining in a speech at a recent antisemitism symposium in London, England, about cultural relativism:

“The idea that all cultures are the same is absurd. If there is no hierarchy in culture, then Nazi culture is equivalent to democratic Western culture. There are Islamic groups which are equivalent in their language and ideology to Nazis. And I have no problem in saying that, because it is true.”

Well his views are being underlined by this hard-Left journalist as well. I have definite political differences with this woman, but on a few issues we meet eye to eye, the Left, especially noticeable in Norway, is aligned with nefarious totalitarian and antisemitic forces. Here’s an excellent point of that nexus raised by Andrew McCarthy answering a question from another hard-Left journalist from Mother Jones.

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  1. The fact she says she had an open mind is negated by saying she was skeptical. What a bitch; she assumes Jews are lying.

  2. Since she applies the same skepticism to the Israel narrative yet laps up the Arab one I think she’s feeling a built guilty for helping to create the situation in Norway by creating an anti-Israel climate in Europe through years of demonising Israel in the Guardian.

  3. But if Norway was into demonizing Muslims and using Zionist MSM sources to pass and create lies to get the USA to invade Muslim countries, then Norway would be a ‘righteous among nations?’

    1. If Norway would get its collective head out of its ass, then it wouldn’t be known as the anus of Nordic region.

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