Call em Jew haters instead…….

The Left is what it only could become…..moronic.

‘Anti-Semitic claims are smears’, claims Diane Abbott as Labour is engulfed by bitter race row (and Jeremy Corbyn refuses to answer questions) 

  • International Development Secretary Diane Abbott plays down backlash over series of controversial comments by party figures 
  • Israeli ambassador step into the crisis by accusing Labour of being ‘in denial’ and condemning links with Hamas 
  • Unite general secretary says Corbyn opponents ‘manipulating’ anti-Semitism for political ends 
  • Leader tells May Day rally in London that party is ‘absolutely against’ anti-Semitism but dodges journalist questions
  • Corbyn’s critics planning media onslaught if Labour crashes at council polls 
Jeremy Corbyn has been addressing a workers' rally in London today

Jeremy Corbyn has been addressing a workers’ rally in London today

A close ally of Jeremy Corbyn has denied Labour has an anti-Semitism problem as the leader came under pressure to disown extremist group Hamas.

Shadow Cabinet member Diane Abbott risked further inflaming the row threatening to engulf the party ahead of key elections by lashing out at ‘smears’.

Unite boss Len McCluskey also waded in to accuse Blairite MPs of ‘manipulating’ anti-Semitism concerns in a bid to unseat the leader.

But Israeli Ambassador Mark Regev condemned links to the organisations as he warned that Labour appeared to be ‘in denial’ about issues among its activists.

The bitter row escalated again amid fresh warnings that Labour will be hammered by voters in elections this week for failing to deal with the issue.

Mr Corbyn is facing growing demands to eject close ally Ken Livingstone immediately after he again refused to apologise for claiming Hitler was a ‘Zionist’. It has emerged that the disciplinary case against the veteran left-winger may not even get under way until July.

The leader’s critics are planning a media blitz against him next weekend if Labour crashes in Thursday’s council polls.

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The worst of the worst is being brought into our countries by the worst of the worst…..

sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land

Green Party politician ‘invited bin Laden’s mentor to Malmö’

Green Party politician 'invited bin Laden's mentor to Malmö'

Salman al-Ouda. Photo: Emad Alhusayni

Published: 28 Apr 2016 07:57 GMT+02:00

The junior coalition partners recent woes continued when newspaper Sydsvenskan revealed that Kamal al-Rifai had asked a well-known Saudi Salafist, Salman al-Ouda, to give a speech in Sweden’s third largest city.

Al-Rifai, an active party member in Burlöv and a Syrian Association board member, previously told Sydsvenskan he admired the 60-year-old al-Ouda, who has renounced his earlier support for violent jihadism. “Everyone loves him,” said al-Rifai, who has invited al-Ouda to speak in Malmö’s central Folkets Park this Saturday.

But al-Ouda remains faithful to views that are deeply patriarchal and conservative, and has expressed an array of anti-Semitic view, the newspaper reports.

“It’s not possible to be linked to these kinds of extreme values while also being active in the Green Party,” the party’s chairman in Skåne, Fredrik Hanell, told the TT newswire.

Al-Rifai released a statement announcing his move away form politics:

“I realize now that my comments about Salman al-Ouda represent me alone and nobody else. I have not been particularly active in the party of late but will in any case take a time-out to consider my future in the party.”

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I won’t post the article in any meaningful way, it’s pure bullcrap.

muslim intergration

Dildo-sharia is a term coined by Fjordman who meant to depict the cognitive dissonance of the Swedes, who pursue a policy of mass immigration of illiberal muslims, while they promote the harshest form of hedonism and Leftist societal reengineering.

‘Refugees must be taught the Swedish way of doing things’

'Refugees must be taught the Swedish way of doing things'

A woman teaching Swedish. Photo: Emelie Asplund/TT

Sweden should be proud of the way it has dealt with the refugee crisis but the hard work has only just begun, argues columnist Paul Connolly.

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Of course she does, marxists like to please Islamonazis…..

Iran and European Union hold high level talks in Tehran

17 April 2016 Last updated at 02:37 BST

EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini has held the highest level talks between European and Iranian officials for more than a decade.

Her visit to Tehran comes months after Iran complied with its obligations under last year’s nuclear deal, which paved the way for the lifting of financial sanctions.

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Dr.Gerstenfeld’s writes about Bernie Sanders being a strong promoter of antisemites. The article was first published at INN and republished here with the author’s consent.


Bernie Sanders, a strong Promoter of extreme anti-Semites

Manfred Gerstenfeld

In 2014 the Anti-Defamation League undertook a study of anti-Semitism in a hundred states and entities. The leading ten, each with at least 80% of the population holding anti-Semitic views, all come from the Arab and Muslim world. The West Bank and Gaza, headed the list with 93%.1 Yet US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has gone on record saying that positive relations between the United States and Israel hinge on Israel improving its relationship with the Palestinians.2

Sanders also stated that the United States should not limit its friendship to Israel alone, but should also be friendly toward the Palestinians.3 In other words, if he is elected his country will seek friendship with the most anti-Semitic entity in the world. He furthermore stated that Palestinians need to be treated with “dignity and respect.”4 Perhaps interviewers should ask him why genocide promoters and inciters to murder deserve to be treated that way. An American Jewish leader once said privately to me “Sanders doesn’t have a gram of anti-Semitism in his body.” That may be true, yet he is a strong promoter of extreme anti-Semites.

Much attention has been devoted to Sanders’ being Jewish. This while avoiding any mention of his wish for friendly relations between the US and an entity whose majority party, Hamas, has publicly declared its genocidal intentions against all Jews. Perhaps Sanders should first ask them whether, in view of his desire for this friendship, Hamas will agree not to murder him if it succeeds.

Another much discussed subject is Sanders’ inflation of the number of Palestinian civilian dead in Israel’s 2014 Protective Edge campaign against Hamas in Gaza. He mentioned “10,000 innocents” when in reality it was a fraction of this number.5 But this remains a side issue in comparison with his affinity for extreme anti-Jewish hate mongers. Sanders calls this a “balanced position.”

What is far more important to understand about Sanders is his self-definition as a socialist. Americans, including American Jews, are not very familiar with what many socialists stand for nowadays. For a better understanding of contemporary socialists, one has to look at Europe.

Sanders is a great admirer of the Nordic countries.6 It is there that anti-Israelism, the newest form of anti-Semitism, has been frequently promoted by socialists. Sweden is the most populated Scandinavian state. Its best known social democratic Prime Minister Olof Palme was one of the first mainstream European leaders to call Israel a Nazi state.7 Under its social democratic mayor Ilmar Reepalu, the third largest Swedish town Malmö became Europe’s capital of anti-Semitism.8 Not surprisingly in Sweden more Jews than anywhere else in Europe conceal their identity in public.9

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Appeasing Muslims/Islam will never make you safer, any brief respite from violence and intimidation will most certainly be followed by a flood of it.

burning europe

The deadly terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels have shown that selling out Israel has not paid off, but in fact has portrayed Europe as a weak bloc willing to sacrifice allies in exchange for an illusory appeasement. Such weakness has made Europe even more vulnerable to terrorism. Without a change of a basic attitude, Europe will not be able to defeat terror.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 11.13.48 AM

Luis Fleischman

Horrible attacks like those we saw in Belgium last month are likely to multiply, not just in Belgium, but throughout Europe.

ISIS is a determined monstrosity. The more they lose territory in Iraq and Syria, the more likely are they going to try to commit terrorist acts in Europe in order to inflict more pain and recruit more jihadists.

ISIS’ terrorists are not soldiers or conventional fighters in uniform. Nor are they terrorists that need to cross borders illegally in order to target their victims. Terrorists are mainly European citizens or residents moving in open borders, with easy access to their targets.

Furthermore, most terrorists hide among mass Muslim populations concentrated in specific neighborhoods. Muslim mass concentrations serve as shields and as convenient incubators for terrorist activities.

To a certain extent, this situation is similar to the one Israel has been facing for a long time. The Palestinian territories are where the terrorists come from and they find refuge among the population in order to have proximity to their target.

Most importantly in Europe, as in Israel, these are not freedom fighters seeking a specific objective, but nihilistic Islamist ideologues whose ultimate end goal is pain, destruction —and ideally, genocide.


Now, Europe will have to take the bitter step of having to ask the Israelis how to establish a system of surveillance and a network of informers in order to prevent and dismantle the terrorist acts in the early planning stages.

Worse, they will have to admit that they were wrong when they judged Israel’s treatment of terrorism or exaggerated the responsibility of Israeli policies for such terrorism.

Europeans have never been able to understand the fanatic and irrational magnitude of Palestinian or Islamic terrorism.

Even in light of multiple and generous Israeli concessions to the Palestinians, including a unilateral Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, many European leaders have tried to show some understanding of the terrorist phenomenon.

NOTE: Europe’s rejection of the Enlightenment has led to disastrous policies culminating in the destruction of itself.


First of all, leftists are regressives, pre-enlightenment throwbacks.

The more Muslims distance themselves from Post-Hijra Islam (the violent/intolerant Medina portion that supersedes/abrogates the former) the more likely they’ll exhibit some golden rule characteristics. But it does nothing to negate that which they distance themselves from. Therein lies the dilemma, the conundrum…..the poison pill of Islam

Muslims are more progressive than Tories and the Church on issues such as a gay rights, insists Warsi as she hits out at claims some do not integrate into British life

Sayeeda Warsi hit out at claims that Muslims are failing to integrate into British life and attacked a former equalities chief who said many Muslims ‘do not accept the behaviours that make Britain what it is’.

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Once again it’s yet another example of ideology (Marxism/leftism) trumping reason and logical thinking. 

Leftism is a curse to any representational government and to humanity as a whole. The truly committed (should be committed) couldn’t care less about history and human experience, everything must be fit to conform to their delusional world view. Leftist statism is the underlying destructive force, and it knows no racial, ethnic or religious bounds. Those who buy into it, end up sacrificing their own heritage to it.


The appointment of anti-Israel activist Simone Zimmerman as the Jewish Outreach Director for the Bernie Sanders campaign in New York has met with a great deal of controversy.

There’s no ambiguity whatsoever that Simone Zimmerman hates Israel.

Simone Zimmerman appears to have gotten in bed with JVP, a militantly anti-Semitic organization which views the Jewish community as “the enemy” and has defended terrorism against Jews. Simone Zimmerman has joined the JVP hate group in condemning attempts to fight campus anti-Semitism. In response to Hamas attacks on Israel, Simone Zimmerman said, “We think it’s important to understand the context of occupation”. And declared that she opposed the campaign against Hamas that began after the brutal murder of three Jewish teens by Hamas terrorists.

Simone Zimmerman retweets violently anti-Israel bigots, including Max Blumenthal, who has called for the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Israel and helped inspire the Kansas City Jewish Community Center shooter, along with Hamas apologists like Glenn Greenwald and Yousef Munayyer.

And not to mention…

Last year, Zimmerman promoted a play called Martyr’s Street, whose plot compares an Israeli settler to a Hamas bomb-maker. While a student at Berkeley in 2012, she signed a letter criticizing the University of California system for issuing a report about anti-Semitism on UC campuses. The next year, Zimmerman wrote an op-ed calling on Hillel International, a national Jewish student organization, to sponsor campus events promoting the BDS movement, which seeks Israel’s destruction.

So we’re not discussing whether Simone Zimmerman hates Israel, but the specific accusation that she is supportive of BDS.

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A total fruitloop, nothing can penetrate the thick empty skull of hers.

Problem is, academia is loaded with such factually challenged mediocrity that, even if she were to be removed or simply moves on, another imbecile will take her position.

Fact: Muslims, especially young men, are a symbol of sexual assault because for example Groping is very real.

There is nothing nice to talk to and I am not defending these men also. But you have to analyze the causes. The social order in many Islamic countries is strictly patriarchal. Men and women are strictly separated. There are no ways to deal to learn together. This is sex to a huge problem, because the subject is also an absolute taboo, except in marriage.

Fact: Islamic texts teach the follower that women are less smart than men, more likely to cause men to go astray by sexual enticements, need more than one woman to bring witness against a man, and the husband has complete authority over her, can command her to drop her shorts for rape whenever he feels the urge, if she refuses, he can beat her.

Facts rather than fears: “There must be many more mosques visible and built”

Verena Klemm (59) is a professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies in Leipzig – and now demands that Muslims are allowed to wear their faith more into the public eye. Only in this way could succeed integration and parallel worlds can be prevented, she says.Verena Klemm is the editor of the anthology “Muslims in Saxony”, which has just been published.

Verena Klemm, Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Leipzig

Leipzig . For integration, both sides need to be open: Muslims and Germans.That says Verena Klemm, Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Leipzig. And she asks: The Saxon Mosques should be visible. Together with colleagues and students, she now presents the book “Muslims in Saxony” – for the first time facts and insights are presented in Islamic life in Saxony.

The book can be understood as a response to the hate slogans of Pegida, Legida & Co. Why it is urgently necessary?

The ignorance about Muslims and Islam is simply enormous. We want to educate and represent a minority – a tiny minority, which accounts for just 0.5 percent of the population in Saxony. Muslims are often unified, considered a threat or enemy. But Muslims are not a homogeneous group. And: Most Muslims in Saxony are connected in many ways with the company. Where there are also individuals who are moving on the edge or outside. This is essentially a group of Salafists who have a mosque in Leipzig – they are far from being an example for Muslims in Saxony, and are rejected by them.

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NOTE: We know lots and lots about Islam, knowing all too well it’s entirely irrelevant that some individual Muslims, or even communities behave in ways like the non-Islamic host society. It does nothing to change the key core tenets of Islam itself. The more Islamic, sharia compliant the Muslim and beachhead (mosque) become, the more likely they’ll be preaching jihad ideology.

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I won’t dump on the man, but instead juxtapose his story with society in general.

European states are being abused daily by these people, and yet, they feel more responsibility towards them than towards their own citizens. I use the term of Swedicide in depicting the nation-wide psychosis affecting Swedes, it’s also applicable for Norwegians as well.

“A state induced psychosis leading to citizen’s abandonment of reason and self survival instincts.”

NRK (Norwegian state broadcasting) headline reads:

I was raped by a man

I am a heterosexual man who was raped by a Somali asylum seeker. My life fell into a pit, but now I feel guilt for him being sent out of the country.

norwegian politician raped by somali

“Karsten Nordal Hauken participates in NRK’s ​​new documentary “I unto me”, which includes about young people who go to group therapy to help with their psychological problems. Karsten writes here about how it was to be raped by a man: “For me it resulted in years of depression, abuse, loneliness and isolation.” PHOTO: ANDRIS SØNDROL VISDALEN


Norwegian politician, raped by Somali, now begs for THIS

Norwegian politician, raped by Somali, now begs for THIS

Another victim of migrants, this one in Sweden. (Image: Screen grab of video posted at Opixlats Kanal, YouTube)

Leftist Norway politician Karsten Nordal Hauken was brutally sodomized by a Somali and felt so incredibly guilty in the aftermath he subsequently begged authorities not to deport the man.

Hauken has finally come out to tell the public his story of his rape and forgiveness, Norway’s public broadcasting channel NRK reports.

Immediately after the rape first occurred, Hauken was taken to the hospital in Oslo where nurses collected samples for DNA evidence. About six months after the rape, police completed their investigation. They secured the DNA and fingerprint evidence necessary to move the case forward.

In court, the Somali claimed the interaction was consensual, but Norwegian authorities begged to differ. The Somali went to prison for four and a half years.

The story doesn’t end there. Shortly before the sentence was over, Hauken learned the man was about to be deported from Norway and sent back to Somalia.

“I got a strong feeling of guilt and responsibility,” Hauken wrote. “I was the reason he wouldn’t be in Norway, and instead be sent to an unknown future in Somalia. He had already done his time in prison. Would he get punished again, and this time much harder?”

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I don’t even need to parse any of this trash, my readers (the smartest of blog readers) have already learned from years of experience to do it all by themselves. 

Islamic groups: Anti-radicalisation not just the work of Somalis, Muslims, migrants

Islamic organisations in Finland have roundly condemned the deadly terrorist attacks that killed some 35 people and injured hundreds more in Belgium last week. Speaking on Yle’s Aamu-tv, representatives of three Islamic groups emphasised that measures to prevent youth marginalisation are key to countering radicalisation – and are not the sole responsibility of non-Finnish groups.

Anas Hajjar, Abdulrahman Rage ja Abbas Bahmanpour.
Anas Hajjar, Abdulrahman Rage ja Abbas Bahmanpour. Image: Yle

Anas Hajjar of the Islamic Society of Finland, Shiia Muslim Imam Abbas Bahmanpour and Abdulrahman Rage, vice chair of the Finnish Somali League told Yle’s Aamu-tv breakfast programme that preventive work among migrant youths would be the best way to prevent radicalisation among young people.

According to Rage, it is important for such work to be done throughout the entire society. He added that young people must feel that they belong to society and to the cities in which they live.

“It takes a village to raise a child, not just Somalis, Muslims and immigrants,” Rage observed.

“If young people growing up feel that they are a part of this society and that they are accepted, then it is more difficult to recruit them,” he noted.

Finnish society polarised

Shiia Muslim Imam Abbas Bahmanpour said that his religious group had long cooperated with officials to prevent the marginalisation of young people. He noted that youths who fall through society’s cracks are ripe for recruitment by extreme movements.

“Extreme groups offer a place in the world, in the same way that the extreme right here offers a sense of belonging. Unfortunately Finnish society now has now gone in the direction of polarisation, and that should be avoided,” Bahmanpour noted.

“It is fertile ground for radicalisation, if you experience friction and racism at a young age,” he added.

The Imams say that their mission is to share the teachings of real Islam, said Sunni Muslim cleric Anas Hajjar.

“The teachings can be misused, as the recruiters are doing. Our message is that peace is the way,” he added.

Marginalisation driving youth to join IS

Finnish officials have estimated that roughly 100 individuals have left the country to join the extremist militant organisation Islamic State. There are different reasons why people have left, said Finnish Somali League vice chair Abdulrahman Rage. However one reason is marginalisation.

“In my view many young people have an identity crisis that may be caused by marginalisation,” Bahmanpour said.

The Shiia Imam said that he personally knew some of the individuals who had gone abroad to join IS. However he said he only became aware of the departures after they had left the country.

“This information has caused sorrow and horror, as to how people can get to this point. Confusion as to what justifies this action,” Bahmanpour said.

Hajjar said that very often the people who had left to join the extremist organisation had become estranged from the mosque before they left.

“Or then they never attended [the mosque].”



That would be like fighting influenza with a Kleenex……

Ending Muslim migration into Europe would be one step in the right direction, naming the enemy, Islam 101 (basic fundamental Islam), is another. Coordinating a coherent, comprehensive strategy between all Western states finally on board with reality in dealing with these two, is the only way forward. Making Sam Solomon’s (former muslim, and sharia scholar) A Proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding the de facto tool in ferreting out Islam 101’ers, a litmus test for legitimacy, is a must.

Abba star calls for cameras to fight terrorism in Europe

Abba star calls for cameras to fight terrorism in Europe

Björn Ulvaeus pictured in Stockholm last year. Photo: Claudio Bresciani/TT

Björn Ulvaeus says that European security forces need to work more closely together and argues that national safety should be prioritised over personal privacy.

More here.

NOTE: Not listening to the incoherent mumblings of ideological boobs is another giant step in the right direction as well.


The anti-Enlightenment regressives……

Thousands protest against refugee policies in Vienna


Thousands protest against refugee policies in Vienna

Published: 20 Mar 2016 09:15 GMT+01:00

According to police reports, around six thousand people participated in the organized demo, which took place under the slogan “Welcome to Refugees, No to Fortress Europe.”

Photo: EPA/Christian Bruna

NGOs participating in the peaceful demo included SOS Mitmensch, Amnesty International, VSStÖ (Socialist Students) and the Greens.

The mass protest started with a rally at Karlsplatz, and walked around the ring to the Parliament, where a ceremony was held to commemorate those who lost their lives while attempting to cross to Europe from Turkey on inflatable boats.

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The Leftist-Islamonazi nexus……..

And the media is worried about Tommy Robinson and Pegida UK? Really? The worst of the worst heads the nation’s second leading political party and chums it up with known Jew hating islamonazi fascists. Sick, sick sick.

UK Labour leader adds to list of anti-Israel ‘friends’

 Jeremy Corbyn

Britain’s leader of the opposition Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn. (photo credit:REUTERS)

British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn considers Mohammed Kozbar, a prominent London Muslim community leader with a history of controversial positions, a “friend,” the UK’s Telegraph reported on Saturday.

Kozbar has blamed UK foreign policy for the rise of ISIS, called for the destruction of Israel, participated in fundraising for Hamas-fronting charities such as Interpal, and praised extremist Muslim Brotherhood cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi.

Al-Qaradawi, who’s application for a visa to the the UK was rejected in 2008, has claimed that Hitler was sent by Allah to punish the Jews, supports suicide bombings against Israeli civilians, and has spoken out in favor of female genital mutilation among a plethora of other extremist positions.

Corbyn, who infamously called terror groups Hamas and Hezbollah his “friends,” and outraged his party’s pro-Israel base by neglecting to mention Israel once during a speech to the Labour Friends of Israel caucus, has reportedly met at least 15 times with Kozbar, and even called the Finsbury Park mosque chairman “legendary.”

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In radical Sweden, even Quilliam is too much for them.

I have stated time and again that the connection between traditional Islamic anti-Semitism and the Nazis (Dr.Andrew Bostom has the go-to material on both, here also) is nothing but a symbiotic relationship of Jew hatred. A joining of irrational soulmates against their common enemy the Jew.

koran koran koran koran


Mohamed Omar

On March 7, Expressen published an article entitled “How to be inspired by the IS Hitler Youth” . It tells how the Islamic state, which sees itself as the true Islamic caliphate, has built up an army of child soldiers. It is believed to be understood that you should find out how IS has been inspired by Hitler. Ýou should not. Simply because IS is not inspired by Hitler. There is no evidence for it.

The Expressen article refers to a new report by Quilliam, a think tank that counteracts extremism and is based in the UK. The article says that the report’s authors believe that the terrorist group “seems” to have studied Nazism. They also pointed to the similarities between the IS and Nazi methods.

I have looked at the report from the Quilliam. No where can I find any evidence that IS should have learned from, or inspired by or even studying Hitler or Nazism. The report is 100 pages long and Hitler is mentioned only three (!) Times. It is said even that IS “seems” to have studied Nazism. It is obvious that Expressen journalist have not read the report.

In contrast, the Qur’an is mentioned many more times in the report and it is found that the children in the Islamic state are taught in the Quran, the Muslim holy book, and therefore not in Mein Kampf. It is also mentioned that the children are taught hadith texts about what the Prophet Muhammad said and done.

In the Expressen article neither the Koran or hadith are mentioned , which makes it misleading rather than informing, the readers of the IS ideology. But not only that, the author also distort the research report to which it refers. The report details the actual IS-ideological basis in Islamic texts and makes no claims about the “inspiration” from the Hitler Youth.

More here.



He’s an idiot pandering to anti-Semites for their vote with screwing Israel as a sop.

This is basically what Manfred Gerstenfeld talked about in a piece I posted a few days ago, about blaming Jews for anti-Semitism. Quoting  the late Elan Steinberg, senior advisor to the World Jewish Congress:

“Let’s understand things clearly: Anti-Semitism is not caused by Jews; it’s caused by anti-Semites. One can certainly be critical of Bush’s policy or Sharon’s policy, but any deviation from the understanding of the real cause of anti-Semitism is not merely a disservice, but a historic lie.”6

Middle-East violence over the past 6 decades is caused by Muslims themselves, with one faction rising up against the other for a multitude of different reasons. Israel has nothing to do with that, only with what touches its own borders. The moronic marxist is a clueless baboon, or cold hearted panderer.

sanders maroon

Sanders To Dearborn Muslims: Israel’s Existence To Blame For Mideast ‘Hatred And Warfare’


“For decades now, there has been hatred and warfare in the Middle East,” Sander said. “All I can tell you is I will make every single effort to bring rational people on both sides [of the Israel/Arab conflict] together, so that hopefully we can have through a level playing field – the United States treating everybody in that region equally – hopefully, and I know that there are people of goodwill in Israel and the Arab communities,”

More here.

H/T: Brian of London


Trans: “Women are warned to move out. some apartheid introduced. Remember that feminists were demonstrating for Islamisation”


He’s outraged, outraged I tell you!

And of course, the supporter of multiculturalism for you, not for him, is ‘outraged’ that the journalist at Avpixlat, Björn Norström, would dare call him out on it. This is the mindset of the cultural/ruling elite, they dictate and we live with what they throw at us.

Shame on you Expressen Niklas Svensson!

Björn Norström

CHRONICLE In Sweden, it is more or less impossible to enter into a civilized discussion with politicians and journalists, with very few exceptions. Expressen’s Niklas Svensson is no exception, but recently it confirmed what many of us already know about the politically correct elite – that they are extreme hypocrites who can not stand to be questioned.

Avpixlat reported recently that Expressen’s Niklas Svensson on Twitter noted that his daughter can no longer go to the bathhouse because of the widespread and structural sexual harassment, which is exercised by immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa and is based in these cultures vile women.

Given that Smith works for Expressen, a hatsajt actively advocating this type of multicultural development in Sweden, Svensson ought reasonably to send his daughter to the multicultural baths with joy. If multiculturalism is good enough for a “normal” Smith family it should of course be reasonably even good enough for the elite and Expressen’s Niklas Svensson family.

Since Svensson been a faithful follower of me on Twitter and in addition gratefully received tips from me how he can protect themselves from fake Twitter accounts show up in his name I thought he had some kind of honor and integrity.

For obvious reasons, I tweeted to Svensson and questioned his obvious prejudices, xenophobia and racism, which he expresses in his tweet. Smith, however, was not keen on being questioned or that his hypocritical came to the surface. Integrity and honor turned out not to belong to his character traits and strong side, to say the least. His response to me was an immediate Twitter block.

Furthermore, I contacted also Expressen’s managing editor Thomas Mattsson and asked whether it is appropriate to have Smith as an employee given that he clearly has prejudices about immigrants and exhibit racism and xenophobia, and therefore can not possibly share Expressen values. Mattsson course chose not to answer my question.

More here. (google trans) H/T: 

sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land