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Finland: Greens’ Youth League Supports Islamic Misogyny, Says “Muslim Men Entitled To Multiple Wives”…….


When you go crazy, go full crazy…


Notice how these Green Leftists stuck strictly to sharia guidelines, they didn’t dare support Muslim women having multiple husbands.


Green youth: Muslim men entitled to several wives



According to the organization, the state should no longer define the quality of human relations in the 21st century.



– In our opinion, in the 21st century Finland there is no need to leave the government to determine precisely what kind of relationships or relationships people have. Neither do we see that the marriage between a man and a woman would be one that would be particularly supported by the government, commenting on the statement of the president of the organization Veli-Matti Partanen

According to Partanen, polygamy would also be allowed, for example, in Muslim families, where a man would like to marry several wives. 


– Of course, here one has to take into account that it happens with the consent of everyone, Partanen reminds.




H/T: Jani Räsänen

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