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BBC celebrates (Soviet originated) “Women’s Day with glorious tribute to sharia-supremacist Islamo-fashion as an example of “rebellion”…….


H/T: Katie Hopkins: “Let’s play… what item did the @BBCNews (The Islamist Daily) choose to represent a ‘wardrobe of rebellion’ … Clue –🧕



The Wardrobe of Rebellion

Five items that women
have worn for change




Sarah Ali was walking down the street with her eight-year-old son. “If the police stop us, don’t get afraid,” she reminded him. “We just don’t have the same rights as other people.”
Sarah lives in Denmark, where the niqab – a veil covering the face, leaving only the eyes visible – is banned in public. But she still wears hers.


The Leftist agenda-driven media are the worst of the worst.


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