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Baghouz Syria: ISIS women leaving former caliphate held area attack uncovered female journalists, rip at hair, mock clothing…….


Yet another reason as to why we shouldn’t allow these 7th-century rejects back into the West…


Women escaping from Isis areas were attacked journalists at a Kurdish checkpoint – tearing at the hair of uncovered female journalists 


A group of women escaping from the shrinking area of the extremist Isis organization, visited a checkpoint of the SDF corp group.


Women who arrived at a checkpoint near Baghouz tried to stone the photographers on the spot and lashed out at the journalists with insults, says AFP.


One of the women grabbed at the hair of one of the female journalists and other women mocked her clothing.


Women themselves were dressed in black robes.


Many women interviewed by the AFP, escaping from Isis areas, have also expressed their intention to raise their children according to Isis’ ideology.

More than 7,000 people have fled from the Isis areas over the past three days. 


More here in Finnish.

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