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Tim Pool on Joe Rogan Podcast shines badly needed light on #Jack Dorsey’s “safe space” (dhimmi-grooming) agenda for Twitter…….


The grooming of the dhimmi is what’s happening here, whether they know it or not…


Here is Joe Rogan’s podcast with journalist Tim Pool, and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and his legal assistant, discussing the liberal bias on his Twitter platform. #Jack was at pains to explain, let alone defend, Twitter’s record of allowing Leftist tweets advocating violence to stay online unchallenged while almost exclusively banning conservative users for something similar or less serious in nature. It’s a three-hour long podcast, I just present it here as part of the record. Feel free to watch in full or in part.



Real journalist Tim Pool presses Jack Dorsey to explain why the Twitter social media platform, which pretends to be for all diverse opinion, actually is enforcing a very narrow world view (ideology). All those who do not believe in that world view are being forced into conforming to it, or risk being ejected. All Jack can do is spin, deflect, spin and deflect again while his legal assistant repeats “I don’t know, we’ll have to check into that”.


Brian of London and I were just talking about this, and he mentioned a salient point that Tim Pool should mention in the next Rogan podcast meeting with Doresy. What Twitter (and other social media platforms) is legitimizing is de facto victimhood mentality. A certain segment of society is insisting that their sensibilities have no right being questioned, let alone to be criticized. Twitter is in fact trying to make its social media platform into a “safe space”. This is entirely a rejection of the American culture and experience of the “marketplace of ideas”, and eerily consistent with traditional Islamic thinking, where the giving of offense alone is enough to exact retribution. Facts do not matter.


IMHO, the victimhood driven Left is in fact grooming society to be complacent towards traditional Muslim victimhood mentality.  The grooming of the dhimmi is what’s happening here whether they know it or not.


“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”



NOTE: And for the record Joe Rogan, “The Hippy Dippy Weatherman”, George Carlin, could, in fact, do his more raunchy routine on television, but only in the context of what Steve Colbert did, he’d have to level it at conservatives. If there were any conservative comedians hosting a “Tonight Show” on television, saying something about, lets say, a Barak Obama, in the same vein, he’d be yanked off the show.

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