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#BrianofLondon Vlog discussing Nick Monroe’s real journalism: Compilation of #MikeStuchbery ‘s vile, hate and violence promoting tweets…….


I just uploaded a post that’s directly related to this one…


It was about Twitter’s highly slanted and biased banning of conservative users for supposedly using abusive language/advocating violence directed at certain individuals or groups of people (minorities).  Here’s just one example by Nick Monroe of Mike Stuchbery’s advocating violence against members of one’s own society with whom they vehemently disagree:



Using both Stuchbery’s and Antifia’s logic, anyone with whom you disagree is deserved of a bike-lock to the side of his/her head. It’s obvious that Twitter UK apparently doesn’t have a problem with Stuchbery’s tweets advocating violence.


Here is Brian of London has an excellent vlog on Nick Monroe’s real act of journalism and the BBC’s lack of it in general. Still unrecovered from the #Sweeneyroast Tommy gave him, the star of #Panodrama is still busier than ever in trying to find dirt on Tommy Robinson. Pathetic.


Also related and worthwhile reading is an article on Tommy Robinson’s new website TR News:

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