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US: “Odd Squad” demands Trump be impeached for daring to offer actual criticism of their behavior, something the radical Dem party refuses to do…….


They’re anti-American and the president has had it with them…


Ayaan Hirsi Ali has a point: 


Islamists have understood well how to couple Muslim anti-Semitism with the American left’s vague notion of “social justice.” They have succeeded in couching their agenda in the progressive framework of the oppressed versus the oppressor. Identity politics and victimhood culture also provide Islamists with the vocabulary to deflect their critics with accusations of “Islamophobia,” “white privilege” and “insensitivity.” A perfect illustration was the way Ms. Omar and her allies were able to turn a House resolution condemning her anti-Semitism into a garbled “intersectional” rant in which Muslims emerged as the most vulnerable minority in the league table of victimhood.


‘It is time for us to impeach this president’: Omar, AOC and radical ‘squad’ fire back after Trump tells them to leave America if they don’t like it – but he’s thrilled the Democrats are ’embracing them’


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her ‘squad’ fired back at Donald Trump on Monday, calling on House Democratic leadership to bring impeachment proceedings against the president.


‘He would love nothing more than to divide our country based on race, religion, gender orientation or immigration status, because this is the only way he knows he can prevent the solidarity of us working together across all of our differences,’ she added.


‘This means supporting an impeachment inquiry of this president and his actions by his administration and his appointees,’ echoed Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib, who this weekend repeated her call to ‘impeach the m*fer.’


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