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US: Democrats’ Impeachment “Law Professor” Noah Feldman Architect of Iraq’s Sharia-Based Constitution, Also Defender of Hijab Wearing…….


Like I’ve always said to those insisting that “we need for Islam to reform itself”, (I believe an impossibility for many reasons) we simply haven’t the time. The west is caving to Islam on record level, the west is the only side changing, and for the worse…


Feldman is yet another crank Leftist “constitutional lawyer” who places ideology over rational thinking and factual jurisprudence. Check out this breathtaking, ahistorically-based rumination:

In his book, After Jihad: America and the Struggle for Islamic Democracy, he argued in 2003, that mainstream Islamists don’t want jihad, they want democracy: “The Islamists’ call for democratic change in the Muslim world marks a fundamental shift in their strategy.”

Detached from reality much? Yes.


It was this thinking that guided much of Obama’s failed strategy vis-a-vis the Islamic world. It also depicts a mind unwilling to learn from Islam’s past, something of which both learned men, Andrew Bostom and Robert Spencer, have spent years revealing to the greater public. Islam has a track record. Feldman is a fraud scholar, someone who shouldn’t be let near a classroom, let alone the presidential Oval Office.


H/T: Richard Landes

Why is the NYT allying with Islamists against women?

And who is Noah Feldman? What does choosing him as an expert in the impeachment hearings tell us about the current Democratic Party?


Harvard Law Professor Noah Feldman last week stated in his testimony before the star chamber style impeachment hearing that:


  • “The framers provided for impeachment of the president because they feared that a president might abuse the power of his office to gain personal advantage; to corrupt the electoral process and keep himself in office; or to subvert our national security.
  • High crimes and misdemeanors are abuses of power and public trust connected to the office of the presidency.
  • On the basis of the testimony and evidence before the House, President Trump has committed impeachable high crimes and misdemeanors by corruptly abusing the office of the presidency. Specifically, President Trump abused his office by corruptly soliciting President Volodymyr Zelensky to announce investigations of his political rivals in order to gain personal advantage, including in the 2020 presidential election.”


Who is Noah Feldman? And what does choosing him as an expert tell us about the current Democratic Party?

I once challenged Feldman to a debate about the Islamic headscarf. He did not rise to the occasion. I suggested that the New York Times, his bully pulpit, sponsor the debate.  I did not hear from the Gray Lady either.
In 2008, Professor Feldman praised hijab, the Islamic headscarf, and claimed that if Erdogan (!) could lift Ataturk’s ban on it, that he’d bringing Turkey that much closer to democracy. Allowing the Islamic headscarf would be a “case study of religious freedom against coercive secularism.”
Feldman wrote this article in the New York Times, the very venue that devotes three separate  front page articles about the impeachment hearing (favoring it of course), and four full pages about it continued within.


Thereafter, the New York Times published an article by a Turkish woman lawyer, Fatma Benli, titled “Under a Scarf, a Turkish Lawyer Fighting to Wear It.”


Feldman and the Times are totally out of touch with the reality of Muslim girls and women who are routinely beaten and sometimes honor killed because they refuse to wear hijab. To Feldman, the politically correct narrative is one which is pro-Islam and anti-Judaism.
Feldman once wrote a long and bitter article in the Sunday New York Times in which he excoriated his own Orthodox Jewish brethren for (accidentally, as it turns out), not including a photo of himself together with his non-Jewish, non-Orthodox, non-convert wife at a class reunion. He presents Judaism as primitive, xenophobic, hateful. To the best of my knowledge, Jews do not honor kill the girls and women who become dissidents nor do they murder apostates. Only Islam does that.


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