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Finland: Helsinki Deputy Mayor Nasima Razmyar condemns “honor violence” but fails however to mention what community it’s a phenomenon in…….


She’s still protecting Islam…


  • Nasima Razmyar’s Stopping Assessment of the Situation of Migrant Women in Helsinki: Honor Violence Forces Many to Live in Fear


In the IltaSanomat article, Deputy Mayor Nasima Razmar says that “the threat of violence must be taken seriously”. Using the highly publicized honor murder of immigrant, Fadime Şahindal, in Sweden in 2002, The immigrant Deputy Mayor of Helsinki hopes to highlight the phenomenon of (almost exclusively Muslim) “honor” related violence in Finland, which she deems as “a shame on the Nordic countries”.


Well over a week ago an Iraqi asylum seeker, Hayder Al-Hmedavia , 33, was suspected of attempted murder of his ex-wife (and children) for failing to cover herself with an Islamic veil during a planned family visit. The ex-wife had yet to exit the meeting place before her husband arrived. Attempting to stab her to death in Helsinki’s North Haaga district, Al-Hmedavi has been on the run ever since.


The Deputy Mayor Nasima Razmyar, who is now worried over the emergence of parallel societies popping up in Helsinki, and wants it to be taken seriously, has been a highly vocal advocate for these same Muslim communities. Now she’s all in, finally, in highlighting what the rest of us have been reporting for years.

— With a “parallel reality”, Razmyar refers to the communities, groups, generations, and sects of the immigrant population, who accept honor violence, and in particular women who are controlled and condemned on the basis of old religious norms.

Here the article fails to mention exactly what community and religion/ideology is in question, it’s just the “immigrant population”, and the entire article goes on in the same exact way. Islam and Muslims are not mentioned, who appears to be the only Middle East group prone to such barbarity. We do not see or hear about ME Jews or Christians who live in the West committing these same acts of barbarism, just Muslims, so it means something else is at work here. The tribe/clan dynamic steeped in Islamic thinking and culture.

– A large majority of immigrants and asylum seekers understand what it means to adapt to a new society. Yet we have a small minority who wants to live according to their own standards, settle crimes themselves and make judgments in their own court.  – A huge number of ethnic communities act as bridge builders in Finnish society, but a small part builds walls instead of bridges.

Again, no mention of what “small minority” is in question here. It’s not the American diaspora that’s responsible for these heinous acts, and forming a clique to enact it’s own laws and safeguard its unique brand of rituals. No, it’s the Muslim immigrant community that’s to blame here, yet, there’s the drive to label all immigrants as possible culprits in this phenomenon.


The IS continues:

Razmyar is concerned that this minority will grow in the future. The number of foreigners in the Helsinki metropolitan area has grown at a brisk pace.
Example: At the beginning of 2018, almost 100,000 people with foreign background lived in Helsinki.
It means that every seventh person in Helsinki has a foreign background.
The growth is illustrated by the fact that, according to Helsingin Sanomat, the majority of the total migration in the region – 85 per cent – has been of foreign background in this decade.
– Although I do not have statistics for you, I dare say that we currently have a large mass of women and young girls in Helsinki who cannot live a free life.
Razmyar says that the topic is being circulated in large parties in fear of stigmatization against immigration.
– Silence does not save any girl or woman. There are many examples of the most serious form of honor


Everything she says is true, yet she belongs to the party that pushes this mass migration of mostly unassimilable people to Finland, championing the “diversity” of the city, all the while knowing full well what that “diversity” means for the future of women and other minorities in the area, both unrelated and inside the Muslim community. Our freedoms have been whittled away by people like Razmyar, their sudden “come to Jesus” moment is appreciated, but the lack of honesty surrounding their “awakening” is a bit disconcerting.


The knee-jerk approach by progressives and their pseudo-conservative lackeys is predictable, and though she (Razmyar) admits to honor-related sentiment in her own family (she once was on dancing with the stars) she refuses to condemn Islamic thinking and culture that drives the honor-shame phenomenon in these Muslim communities.


RAZMYAR says that he often collides with the counter-argument that domestic violence does not differ from the murder of a Finn in his jealousy.

It differs in many ways, says Razmyar.

The most important difference is that glorious violence is seeking Community approval, and it is not uncommon for the community to exert pressure on honor.


I agree, it’s a very disingenuous argument that many use. Finnish domestic violence is real, but it’s not condoned by society, abused women are treated as victims and their spouses are condemned. The husband does not enlist the help of his paternal family members to reign in his wife, let alone murder her for offending his sensibilities. There is no glorification of the perps whatsoever.

– I’m the same lines Arman Alizade who tweeted about the Haaga case that this is just the same shit that our families left Iran and Afghanistan from. It must not come after us.

I agree with her, we must not let it into our societies, but that means being very discriminatory on who is allowed to remain in our countries, something of which Razmyar and like-ilk are not willing to do.


NOTE: I contacted the safe house organization mentioned in this article, “Monika-Naiset”, over 5-6 years ago, because they were quoted in an article saying that violence towards women is not Islamic. I called them to inform them that the statement was not true, and quoted verse (4:34) to the woman who answered, she responded by saying that “the imam she talked to said nothing about that verse”.

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