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Finland: Leftist International Law Professor Compares Muslim Settlers on Greek Border With 1939 Karelian Refugees on Finnish Border…….


Apples and oranges comparison…


Eh, receiving fellow Finnish (actual) refugees, albeit with a distinctly different dialect, during WWII, is completely different from taking in a bunch of freeloading Muslim settlers who are shopping around for the best social benefits in Western Europe. Especially after receiving the last bunch of whom the overwhelming percentage were proven frauds, and of that number committed rapes, murders and other acts of mayhem.


“It was probably wasn’t thought in Finland in 1939 that we could receive half a million Karelians”

How much does the EU have the capacity to receive asylum seekers?


– It was probably not the thought in Finland in 1939 that we could receive half a million Karelians. However, they were placed here. It is just a question of what we are prepared for. We are the richest countries in the world – we and the rest of Europe.


– There is no technical, economic or scientific reason to think that we would not be able to receive the people who are coming here.


– The most important thing now is to change the climate in Europe so that the political players can courageously invest money in things that will enable us to live up to the commitments we have made and the European we boast of.




Leftist academics like, Martti Koskenniemi, are the worst of the worst.


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