Iran released 70 000 prisoners because of Wuhan Corona Virus scare…….


So, we’re not supposed to be worried about whether these criminals are among the migrants massing at the border of Greece..?


Iran released 70,000 prisoners due to Corona virus

The epidemic is feared to be much worse in the country than officially reported.


Iran has freed 70,000 prisoners in the country following a devastating coronavirus epidemic, says Ebrahim Raisi, Iran’s Supreme Court President.


Tells referring to Iran’s judiciary Mizan news site.


– The release of prisoners will continue as long as it does not create insecurity in society, Raisi says.


Raisi did not specify whether those released should return to prison or not.


According to official Iranian reports, there are 6,566 confirmed crown cases in the country. The dead are said to be 194.


Iran has been suspected of masking the actual number of virus infections in the country.

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