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Finland: State Prosecutor Raija Toiviainen Says She’s Victim of “Targeting”, Critics Attempting To Derail Her Investigations of Päivi Räsänen…….


It’s more likely that Finns are enraged over the highly corrosive, misuse of government power by State Prosecutor, Raija Toiviainen, against the free speech and freedom of religion of Christian Democrat, Päivi Räsänen…


Targeting (Maalittaminen) is a relatively new word added to the Finnish lexicon to describe “targeted criticism” of a public figure. It’s supposedly a coordinated effort to silence government officials and the media from pursuing their proscribed duties. The term, however, is actually used as a means to shield themselves from their critics.


These public figures are now to be viewed as “victims”, not as guilty parties who promote bad policies or decisions, and in the case of journalists, shoddy, sub-par hack journalism. So she supposedly received “heated” emails or “mean” tweets about her victimization of Päivi Räsänen, but when has that never happened in modern history, whether by phone calls, snail mail or from a crowd of angry people gathered at a public building? ”


No, the term of “targeting” is a lazy, apparent way in trying to claim victimhood in order to shield the person from justifiable scrutiny. Don’t fall for it.


LM: The Prosecutor General was subject to feedback


State Prosecutor Raija Toiviainen feels that the messages are intended to disturb her acting as an authority.


State Prosecutor Raija Toiviainen says in an interview with Lännen Media that she has been the subject of feedback after she decided to open a preliminary investigation of MP Päivi Räsänen ( vol .).


According to Toiviainen, the messages have been designed to interfere with her function as an authority.


– Personally, the feedback I have received has been on a completely different scale than anything else I have dealt with, Toiviainen tells Lännen Media.


Toiviainen says she has received messages through a variety of media. The messages, she says, contain features that can be interpreted as attempts to disrupt her authority. Toiviainen assures Lännen Media that the messages have not influenced her decision-making.


– It is clear that an official must withstand harsh criticism in his or her work and that the official’s actions are subject to legality review and that criticisms are also made in public. However, the phenomenon of targeting goes well beyond what can be considered acceptable.


Toiviainen has ordered a total of four pre-investigations of Päivi Räsänen’s writings/statement. This week, Toiviainen ordered two preliminary investigations into Räsänen’s statements on television and radio programs.


The Seurakuntalainen magazine reported on Friday that Mika Yrjölä, director of the Pentecostal Church of Finland, has filed a complaint with the Chancellor of Justice, Prosecutor General  Raija Toivinen. The complaint concerns the activities of the State Prosecutor in the case of MP Päivi Räsänen.

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