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Daniel Greenfield: Sen.Warren Accuses Jews of ‘Chilling’ Public Debate With False Accusations of Anti-semitism…….


One side note about this development. It sure renders the notion of the highly vaunted “Jewish Lobby” being this all-powerful organization easily bending politicians into promoting its policies, as pure nonsense…


Dem. Rep. Omar from Minnesota (originally from Somalia) is a sharia-supremacist, which means by default she harbors disparaging views of Jews which at times burps out when she can’t control herself. That Democrats are racing to defend this antisemite tells me that there’s a major shift happening in traditional Democrat party identity politics. One day you’re in, and then the next day you’re not. Blacks, along with Jews throughout the 60’s till 2000 were important minority blocks for the Dems, no longer, Latinos and Muslims are the new kids on the block.


My advice for both Blacks and Jews, is to seek liberty and join the conservative movement and forget being hyphenated-minorities, and just be Americans in the land of liberty and freedom. That’s the winning ticket. Leftism is poison.



Senator Elizabeth Warren has identified her base. Bigots. And she’s pandering to them.

“In a democracy, we can and should have an open, respectful debate about the Middle East that focuses on policy. Branding criticism of Israel as automatically anti-Semitic has a chilling effect on our public discourse and makes it harder to achieve a peaceful solution between Israelis and Palestinians,” Warren claimed. “Threats of violence — like those made against Rep. Omar — are never acceptable.”

Mondoweiss or the 2020 Dem field, is there even a difference anymore?


After an initial condemnation of “anti-Semitism and Islamophobia”, Senator Warren gets down to aggressively defending Rep. Omar, picking up the anti-Israel lobby’s claim that Jews falsely accuse them of anti-Semitism to chill public discourse, and somehow linking that with threats of violence against Rep. Omar.


To recap, Rep. Omar is the victim. Jews have falsely accused her of anti-Semitism and are implicitly linked to threats against her.

So far we’ve got three of the top 2020 Dem candidates competing with each other to defend Rep. Omar and accuse Jews of attacking her. I’m sure they won’t be the last.

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