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Finland: State Broadcaster YLE pimps story on Marxist “Herring” group patterned off of Italian version…….


A more appropriate name would have been “ants” or even “drones”…


The al-Hol camp created by Kurdish militias for ISIS family member detainees has been a big issue here in Finland, since 8-10 or so wives of these animals, and mothers of their  + 30 offspring have Finnish passports. The current Finnish government, a reshaken version of the former SDP run government whose PM resigned, now reconstituted with an all-female leadership, tried to sneak these people back into Finland without the public or parliament’s notice.


The shadowy move by the Sanna Marin government/bureaucracy enraged the two main opposition parties of the Finns (PS) and the National Coalition (Kok), calling the move “a crisis in confidence”. The new government which has continued to have its legitimacy questioned was forced to hold a special session of parliament to examine the issue. The government survived a confidence vote along party lines.


The appearance of the “Silikat” movement (Baltic herring) headed by the Marxist, Johannes Koski, (also a radical feminist) is a direct response to certain social media actors insisting on knowing exactly what children were being brought to Finland from the al-Hol jihadist ISIS camp by the government. It’s patterned off of Italy’s “Sardine movement”, which is meant to signify a “safety in numbers” position to counter supposed “right-wing” bigotry and racism against these children.



What I’m hearing from backchannels is that the movement, regardless of what the propagandists at YLE are stating, is fracturing into pieces as the supposed “non-poliitcal” movement is proving to be overtly… political. It’s already on board in promoting “climate-change” as a man-made existential threat and blocking people who do not check every box from joining. Yours truly has already been blocked by Koski on twitter, and I do not even know the man. Immigrant Anter Yasa, a former Muslim who checks off many of their boxes, except for harboring a simplistic view on Islam, is also barred from joining the group, of which he’s observed has now become a radical-Marxist movement backed by other radical-Marxist organizations.


That this movement wraps itself in anti-racism due to the outrage by many Finns over the repatriation of ISIS jihadist’s children is beyond the pale. While there are a number of people who are indeed bigots or racists, the majority who are worried about the safety and security of their own children who will be forced to mix with these kids (and who knows, eventually their parents) are not racists or bigots. Being revolted over 7th-century reprobates allowed to mingle with the civil society in which they’re at war with, is not racism, but common sense.


The Leftist loons that inhabit the halls of the state broadcaster are spinning a story to fit their ideological narrative. There is nothing in their article about the political background of Johannes Koski, he’s a radical Marxist nutcase who is pushing his political agenda against the Finns party, dressed up in this supposed, apolitical movement. Many sympathetic Finns are surprised when they’re not able to join or simply booted out due to not passing their purity test.


This is not journalism, it’s activism and should be treated as such.



Backlash against hunt for evacuated al-Hol kids spawns anti-racism movement

Finland’s “Silakat” movement is a nod to Italy’s anti-nationalist Sardines and aims to combat racism and hate speech.


Silakkaliikkeen Twitter-sivu.

Screenshot of the Silakat movement’s Twitter account.
 Image: Twitter


Thousands of people in Finland have joined a new social media movement opposing efforts to reveal the identities of two Finnish children repatriated from the al-Hol refugee camp in Syria.


Known as “Silakat” or Baltic herring, the grassroots social media movement is a nod to the Sardines in Italy who oppose the rise of right-wing politics and related ethno-nationalist and anti-immigrant policies.


The Finnish movement currently has the support of 10,000 Twitter followers and more than 11,000 on Facebook.


The Silakat group said they represent a peaceful force that opposes policies that promote inequality, racism and hatred. It is said to be politically non-aligned and aims to use demonstrations to spread its message.


The movement was founded on 25 December and has snowballed since.


Movement sparked by treatment of al-Hol orphans


Johannes Koski, a user experience specialist with a Finnish game firm, wrote in his blog (in Finnish) that he founded the movement with friends, adding that the discourse around the recent evacuation of children from al-Hol influenced the decision to create the movement.


When the children were brought to Finland, the event was live-streamed on YouTube. According to Silakat, the children were recognisable in some parts of the video. Members of the movement said they fear that officials involved will be targeted and persecuted.


“Hundreds of people watched the streams and wrote derogatory comments about the children, directed the video operators to capture the children and as a group they tracked down the names of the officials involved,” Koski wrote in his blog.


Silakat said that Finland cannot be a nation that hounds children under the age of seven, especially during the Christmas holidays.


Another well-known blogger, Saku Timonen also addressed the issue (in Finnish) of the video of the children in a post on Christmas Day.


“The children can be clearly recognised, and their names and whereabouts were feverishly sought after on social media. The name of a Finnish official was revealed and judging by the threats posted, he will be targeted and will receive a mountain of hate mail,” Timonen wrote.


Italian protest movement popular among youth


Italy’s Sardine movement has said that it seeks to inspire as it opposes the right-wing rhetoric and policies of politician Matteo Salvini and his La Lega party.


The group was founded by four young adults from Bologna and in just a few weeks it grew to become a mass movement that was active on social media and engaged in peaceful “flash mobs” as a form of protest.


One founder, Andrea Gareffa, told Yle that the movement rejects mud-slinging in politics and the simplistic answers that populism proposes for complex problems.


The Sardine metaphor was adopted to represent the power of a shoal of fish, although individuals may appear to be weak and small.


Pushback against hateful language


Finland’s Silakat aim to act in a similar manner to combat racist comments on social media, since they said they are also concerned about the degeneration of political discourse.


“Even within the blue walls of parliament we hear racism and other inappropriate language on a daily basis. This kind of bad example has a direct effect on how people communicate with each other. Hate breeds more hatred,” Koski said.


Although the Italian example has been an inspiration, the Silakat said they want to be a politically independent Finnish movement. They also advocate to combat climate change and to inspire respect for responsible journalism and scientific research.


The group already stirred up controversy last weekend when Finnish Chambers of Commerce chief executive Juho Romakkaniemi said on Twitter that he had been removed from Silakat’s Facebook group. The group administrator later said that it was done in error.



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