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Finnish Communist Kontula Writes Book On Attempt To Break Into Gaza, Says “She Trained To Cut The Fence”…….


This Finnish Communist miscreant MP should never be allowed back into Israel…



Do take note that the Turun Sanomat journalist, and by default, gatekeeper, repeats the Leftist activist parliamentarian’s antisemitic propaganda that the Gaza Strip is solely blockaded by Israel.


“We had been training for cutting the fence” – Parliamentarian Anna Kontula intends in her book to tell the background of the sensationalized journey to Israel

Parliamentarian Anna Kontula was caught in mid-January by the Israeli authorities. Kontula was involved in an activist group that sought entry into the embargoed territory of Gaza. Kontula says that she reveals the background of the trip in her book.


Jussi Orell

MP Anna Kontula (left) plans to reveal details of her troubled Israeli trip early this year in a book to be published at the end of February. Kontula was apprehended by Israeli authorities in mid-January as part of an international activist group targeting Gaza’s Palestinian Territory.


The Kontula was detained for about ten hours. The purpose of the activist group was to draw attention to the situation in Gaza, which is blockaded by Israel. Kontula says he also wanted to raise the ethical issues in the Finnish-Israeli arms cooperation.


Kontula’s involvement in activism sparked a debate in Finland about the politician’s right to disobedience in a politically explosive area. During the storm, the Left Alliance leadership gave its support to Kontula.


Kontula says that in her book she tells exactly how she prepared for the trip and what happened on the ground.


– We had trained on cutting the Gaza fence, among other things. I was also prepared to be arrested before the fence.


Activists were caught and access to the blockaded area failed.


– I do not see it as a failure, as we intended to bring discussion to the situation.


The book is published by Into Publishing and is based on journal entries. Includes general information on the situation in the area.


– The text of another author has been in the oven for a while. However, he does not want to be profiled as the book’s writer.


Kontula’s involvement in Gaza activism made the Israeli state nervous. The Israeli Embassy in Finland said in a statement that the country does not approve of the MP’s attempt to violate Israeli law.


Kontula has not received any contact from her forthcoming book, for example at the Embassy.


Kontula says she is not planning a new activist trip to Israel, at least for the time being. However, she does not consider participation in such activities impossible in the future.


She sees the situation in Gaza as unfortunate.


– Unlike crises in general, there is no way out of the situation in Gaza. The area is inhabited by people who have been there all their lives and who have not been in contact with Israelis living a normal life. The risk of radicalization is high.

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