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Finland’s Marxist government allowing rejected asylum seekers (frauds) to remain, can seek employment…….


This government is working against the people…

Some asylum seekers who have received a negative decision can get a work permit “Skip the queue” – government seeking more relief

So far, no political decision on possible changes to the law has been made.


In its government program, the government outlined that it “will develop legislation and practice to promote greater flexibility in obtaining a residence permit based on work for those who have been denied asylum. ”


According to Minister of the Interior Maria Ohisalo ( Green ), more detailed means are currently being explored in the Ministry of the Interior.


– Current practice still has problems in some situations and we are looking for solutions to these. The goal is to find the point of view of society and the individual, rational, inclusive and employment-promoting solutions, Ohisalo says via e-mail with the Iltalehti.


The Finnish Immigration Service ( Migri ) has already increased flexibility in obtaining work permits for asylum seekers who have previously been denied. Migr and police have used more flexible practices, at least from 2018 onwards.


Migri now has a practice whereby an asylum seeker who has received a negative decision can be granted a residence permit for a worker if he has presented a genuine national passport to the Finnish authorities and has a positive TE  office decision.


A positive partial decision requires, among other things, that the terms and conditions of employment are lawful and that consideration of availability has been made. The availability assesses whether an appropriate workforce is available in the EU or EEA within a reasonable period of time for the vacancy.


If the passport has expired and the applicant has not been able to acquire a new national passport, Migri shall grant the alien a passport for a limited period of time. With an alien passport, a person can travel to the nearest country’s representations to acquire a new passport.


Similarly, a person has not been guilty of committing crimes in Finland, i.e. the general conditions for residence permits must be met, says Anna Hyppönen from Migra, director of the result area.


Each case does not mean a “skipping of the queue”

Police and Migri are working together to ensure that those who have applied for a worker’s residence permit and who have been refused a negative asylum decision are not removed before the decision is taken.


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