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Finnish Amnesty International insists “human rights” trumps security concerns of al-Hol ISIS Islamonazi “moms and tots”…….


What about the human rights of the civil society which the government is sworn to defend..?


The primary duty of any government is to safeguard the civil society from which it gains legitimacy. Full stop, failure to do so is a breach of the public’s trust. Handing over decision making on who gets into the country to unelected bureaucrats is an abdication of governmental responsibility. The bureaucracy is never up for election, how can the public hold them to account?


Also, let it be known that Frank Johansson hates Israel which stems from his being a pro-Palestinian supporter and a big Islamophile. He’s a clueless stooge.


Finnish Amnesty International Chairman: Security Discussion on al-Hol Finns is overkill – “Human rights can not be reset due to security concerns”

According to experts who visited the morning show, it would be easier to assess the interests of children in Finland, but it would also require the repatriation of mothers.

Al-hol camp

Frank Johansson, Executive Director of the Finnish Department of Amnesty, says the security debate around Finns in the al-Hol camp is overkill. He thinks it is strange to think that the security of every citizen would be jeopardized if 5 to 10 women were brought to Finland from the al-Hol camp.


[TT: It’s not just about what terrorist activity they might commit, but about their connections, influence and underground activism]


– If this is the case, then I’m a little worried about the security work of Finnish authorities, Johansson said to Yle.


[TT: You better be, they’re no different than UK security officials who have decades experience with IRA terrorism, and yet, a terrorist with a leg tag has just committed an act of terror in London. Plus, how many jihadis already known to police officials have engaged in terror attacks? Lots.]


Johansson also observes that human rights are above the safety concerns.


[TT: No they’re not, says who…you?]


– It is never possible to draw the alignment with human rights is reset due to security concerns. Human rights must always be taken into account and security policy based on it. It would be in favor of getting home (for women and children).


– There can never be a policy in which human rights are reset due to security concerns. We must always take human rights into account and make a security policy based on it. It should favour (women and children) being repatriated.


[TT: Wrong. As I have stated before, the safety of the civil society is a first and foremost concern of any government, not ndividuals who take up arms against it.]


The longer the children live in the al-Hol camp, the stronger the radicalization and the harder it is to raise them, says Hanna Markkula-Kivisilta , Secretary-General of Save the Children.


[TT: A cluebat for Hanna, they already are indoctrinated with Islam 101, trying to rid them of it would violate the sensibilities of the present government, who reject any rational debate on Islam. Who is kidding who here?]


– It’s quite clear that the kids are being massively brainwashed in the camp. But it is possible to grow them out of it. Brainwashing is not removed by more brainwashing, but by creating safe experiences for the child and believing that there are other options.


[TT: As I said in the above, Who is kidding who here? As long as Islam is a taboo subject, criticism of it is punishable by law and aggressively so, there can be no real “de-radicalization”. All this know-nothing is doing is fooling people who know just about as much as she does. Zero.]



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