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The wonderful J.E.Dyer: ‘Racism’ canard is a lie, and that’s why it won’t bring Trump down……..


It’s a civil war of words, the battle for the hearts and minds of the average American…


Lying, deception, and subversion is the hallmark of the statist, socialist Left. Anything goes in achieving their goals. The ends justify the means.


‘Racism’ canard is a lie, and that’s why it won’t bring Trump down

Trump didn’t say anything racist in his rants against the radical progressive congresswomen he tweeted about and then fulminated against on Monday.


The charge of “racism!” has been a convenient shorthand for silencing opposition, deployed almost exclusively by the political left for the last 30 years.  But it has become such a reflexive allegation that it has lost all meaning for good-faith political discourse.


It’s not racist to say that people who hate America should go somewhere else and see if they like it better.  It’s not racist, regardless of whether or not those people ostentatiously identify as “victimized” minorities.  It may be impolite; I certainly don’t think it’s useful or necessary myself, as part of political discourse among public officials.  But it’s not racist.


It’s not as if Trump has given time heretofore to talking about or apparently noticing Ilhan Omar’s race, naturalized immigrant status, or religion.  What he notices and talks about is what she says and does.


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It would be one thing if Ilhan Omar could open her mouth without proclaiming how much she has been victimized in America because she’s – in her view – a marginalized minority.  But she can’t.  It’s all she ever talks about: her victimization, and that of others.

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