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US: Democrat congresswoman (Muslim Brotherhood operative) Rashida Tlaib spews her bile on the ever willing late night talk shows…….


She’s spewing pure poison…

Rashida Tlaib’s only mission (as well as Ilhan Omar’s) is to inundate the public with MB/Islam talking points, making them a recognized feature in US politics. Familiarizing the average citizen with their lies, misquotes, obfuscations while using the victim-card to dampen/quash justified criticism.



NOTE: Tlaib and her MB handlers are banking on the fact that most Americans are completely ignorant of the facts surrounding what the Arabs did before, during and after the Holocaust of the Jews in Europe. Using a tried but true axiom, that the first thing that you hear, and believe to be true, will prove to be the most difficult to counter. Pro-Israel voices need to be louder and more active than their lying opposition. It’s exactly how the Marxists proved to be so successful in times past, lie, and lie hard, faster and more effective than the voices of liberty can muster. Islam apologists use the same methodology.

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