Star Trek star George Takei apologized Friday for calling Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas a “clown in blackface” in remarks he made after the Court’s ruling to legalize same-sex marriage last week.

“I owe an apology,” Takei said in a lengthy Facebook post. “On the eve of this Independence Day, I have a renewed sense of what this country stands for, and how I personally could help achieve it. The promise of equality and freedom is one that all of us have to work for, at all times. I know this as a survivor of the Japanese American internment, which each day drives me only to strive harder to help fulfill that promise for future generations.”

Takei said that the opinion expressed in Justice Thomas’ dissent “really got under his skin,” and he was “still seething” when he used the derogatory expression in an interview with a reporter.

“This was not intended to be racist, but rather to evoke a history of racism in the theatrical arts,” Takei said. “While I continue to vehemently disagree with Justice Thomas, the words I chose, said in the heat of anger, were not carefully considered.”

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The jihad is a 24/7 affair.

Three arrested in Pakistan with ISIS propaganda and London maps over planned 7/7 anniversary attack

Terror: Three ISIS fanatics have been arrested in Pakistan over fears they were planning a terror attack no British soil on the 10th anniversary of the July 7 bombings (pictured)

Terror: Three ISIS fanatics have been arrested in Pakistan over fears they were planning a terror attack no British soil on the 10th anniversary of the July 7 bombings (pictured)

  • Trio could have been planning terror attack on British soil, sources claim 
  • Documents threatening Pakistani army seized but no weapons were found 
  • 52 people killed in a succession of bomb blasts in London on July 7, 2005
  • Security on international flights out of Pakistan has now been tightened

Three ISIS fanatics have been arrested in Pakistan over fears they were planning a terror attack no British soil on the 10th anniversary of the July 7 bombings.

Maps of London and ISIS propaganda were found on their computers during a police raid on a shop in Peshawar, north-west Pakistan.

Documents threatening Pakistan’s army were also seized but no weapons were discovered.

Pakistani news websites have named them as Asmatullah and Abdur Rehman – two Afghan nationals – as well as Mohammad Ibrahim.

Security checks on international flights out of Pakistan have been tightened to prevent terrorists wreaking havoc in the UK next week, ten years after a series of explosions killed 52 in London, sources told the Mirror.

A spokesman for Pakistan’s interior ministry said checks had been intensified, adding: ‘The aim is to secure airports.’

A senior officer of Peshawar police told MailOnline: ‘It was a joint operation by military intelligence and local police over a tip-off that certain elements are involved in anti state activities.

Mohammad Saeed added: ‘When we raided the Urmur area of Peshawar, three persons were arrested along with ISIS pamphlets and other Jihadi literature.

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I personally can’t see a downside to this development, and only if they are no longer allowed back into the U.K.


‘All 12 of us are in the Islamic State': Luton family confirm they ARE in Syria and encourage other Britons to join them

Family: The group which claims to have entered Syria after visiting family in Bangladesh and include (pictured from left to right standing) Rajia Khanom, Mohammed Toufique Hussain, Mohammed Saleh Hussain, Roshanara Begum, Sheida Khanam.  From left to right sitting: Muhammed Abdul Mannan, Minera Khatun)

Family: The group which claims to have entered Syria include (pictured from left to right standing) Rajia Khanom, Mohammed Toufique Hussain, Mohammed Saleh Hussain, Roshanara Begum, Sheida Khanam.  From left to right sitting: Muhammed Abdul Mannan, Minera Khatun

  • Family of 12 from Luton claim they are in Syria and joined Islamic State
  • Believed to include two grandparent and three children aged one to 11 
  • ‘None of us were forced against our will,’ from Mannan family has said
  • It comes as video ‘identifies’ three Bethnal Green schoolgirls in Raqqa

A family of 12 from Luton who were feared to have joined ISIS has released a statement to say they are now in Syria – and urged other Muslims to do the same.

The Mannan family which includes a one-year-old and two grandparents had not been seen since visiting their home country of Bangladesh on May 17.

Muhammed Abdul Mannan, 75, his wife Minera Khatun, 53, their daughter Rajia Khanom, 21, and five sons all went off the radar. Police investigating their disappearance feared they had crossed into Turkey which borders Syria.

A shocking ‘press release’ has now surfaced ‘from the Mannan family in the land of the khilafah’ says ‘We release this statement to confirm that indeed we are in the Islamic State.’

It comes as a video shot in the terror group’s adopted capital of Raqqa in Syria appears to identify two of the three Bethnal Green schoolgirls who quit Britain to join Islamic State in February.

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One islamonazi commander for each former colony!

What a present, dissension from within and killing each other off, a real twofer!

ISIS Executes 13 Top Commanders after Failed Coup Plot to Kill al-Baghdadi

Thirteen top ISIS leaders, including five high-ranking military commanders, have been executed on the orders of the group’s chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi after a failed coup attempt to topple him, a media report has said.

“For the first time there has been an attempt to depose Abu Bakr al-Baghadi,” London-based Arabic language Alaraby Aljadeed newspaper reported, quoting Syrian and Iraqi sources.

It said that ISIS has foiled a serious coup attempt aimed at deposing Baghdadi and executed 13 prominent commanders, including five high-ranking military commanders, for their role in the conspiracy.

“Most of the executed commanders were Arabs from the Arab Maghreb [northern Africa] region, Syria, Yemen and Kuwait. One Kurd and one Chechen were also executed,” the article said.

It said the aborted coup “took place after harsh disputes over the course the group’s military operations were taking and their expansion to include jihadist factions that opposed the group, especially in Syria, Libya and Afghanistan.”

The report comes on the heels of earlier accounts that ISIS had executed Abu Usman al-Hassan – the top ISIS commander in Mosul and a member of the group’s advisory board and also a friend of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – “on charges of conspiracy”.

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Don’t attack an IDF commander and you won’t be shot.

Arab Killed in Rock Attack on IDF Commander, IDF Soldier Hurt at Qalandiya

A Palestinian Authority Arab was shot and killed after he attacked an Israeli army commander driving in near Jerusalem.
Palestinian Authority Arabs climb a section of Israel's separation barrier in the village of Al-Ram, as they try to avoid crossing Israeli-controlled checkpoints to reach the al-Aqsa mosque compound at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem's Old City to attend Friday prayers in the fasting month of Ramadan.

Palestinian Authority Arabs climb a section of Israel’s separation barrier in the village of Al-Ram, as they try to avoid crossing Israeli-controlled checkpoints to reach the al-Aqsa mosque compound at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s Old City to attend Friday prayers in the fasting month of Ramadan.
Photo Credit: Flash 90

An army commander shot and killed a Palestinian Authority Arab on Friday morning who had attacked the brigade commander’s vehicle.

The incident took place northeast of Jerusalem near the Arab village of Al-Ram, security sources said.

IDF Binyamin Region Division Col. Israel Shomer was driving to the Kalandiya checkpoint separating northern Jerusalem from Ramallah when his vehicle was attacked.

An Arab mob began hurling rocks at the vehicle. In response, the commander fired warning shots, but when the attack did not abate he then opened fire at the attackers, killing one of them. According to security sources, it appeared the attack on the commander’s vehicle was a planned ambush.

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Rector of Free University Ignores Extreme Incitement against Israel

The Free University in Amsterdam arranged a public meeting together with Students for Justice in Palestine (SRP). This with the purpose of discussing a boycott of Israel. One of the SRP inciters called Israel “a genocidal apartheid state”.  The president of the university board, Jaap de Winter, concluded the extreme hate-debate by saying that it was a beautiful debate, which fit the purposes of university perfectly.

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Ages ago this wouldn’t be even news, no law office would even consider taking up such a loser of a case, but this is the age of mediocrity and victimhood, which the muslims are taking advantage of wherever and whenever they can.

Woman sues US police over hijab


We can all guess who the rioters were.

The Hague: Riot Police flee for Rioters but return

Major riots have taken place in the Schilderswijk in Den Haag, one of the most problematic neighborhoods in The Netherlands. Earlier in the week an arrested Aruban Mitch Henriquez had died, due to strangling by the police when he was arrested.

The police were attacked with stones, bottles and firework. They fled and so did the tens of members of the special riot police unit. Later the police returned and removed the rioters. Furthermore a hundred people shouted anti-Semitic slogans.


Night of serious violence in Schilderswijk

THE HAGUE – Schilderswijk in The Hague has a night of brutal violence sit on.There were the worst riots since Monday was restless because of the much-discussed death of the Aruban Mitch Henriquez.


Sweden dances for joy.

sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land

June record month for children seeking asylum

Published fredag 3 juli kl 10.18
Child seeking asylum in Sweden. Photo: Yvonne Åsell / SvD
Child seeking asylum in Sweden. Photo: Yvonne Åsell / SvD

In June a record number of unaccompanied children applied for asylum in Sweden and more are expected, according to a press release from the Migration Agency.

There were 1,447 unaccompanied children who applied for asylum in June, which is the highest number ever for a single month in sweden.

Kjell-Terje Torvik, from the Migration Agency, told Radio Sweden that Sweden is the country that receives the most asylum applications from children. One possible explanation is that Sweden grants permanent residency to minors, which is something many other European countries do not do. Torvik said that there are going to be delays processing the large number of applications.

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Because in Islam 101 (the basic fundamental Islam that mohamed spread) nothing un-islamic that existed before, can exist now.

Like him or not, at least Mubarak had no intention of destroying one of the cash cows plying money into the Egyptian state.



ISIS “caliph” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi told followers of his terror group that destroying Egypt’s national monuments, such as the pyramids and the sphinx, is a “religious duty” that must be carried out by those who worship Islam, as idolatry is strictly banned in the religion, according to reports.

UK radical Islamist Anjem Choudary echoed Baghdadi’s sentiments, telling The Telegraph: “When Egypt comes under the auspices of the Khalifa [Caliphate], there will be no more pyramids, no more Sphinx, no more idolatry,” saying that the ancient statues’s destruction “will be just.”

Another Islamist preacher, Ibrahim Al Kandari, agrees that the cultural monuments need to be destroyed to comply with the Shariah.

“The fact that early Muslims who were among prophet Mohammed’s followers did not destroy the pharaohs’ monuments upon entering Egypt does not mean that we shouldn’t do it now,” he told Al-Watan.

The jihadi terror threat to Egypt has steadily increased following the fall of its Muslim Brotherhood regime and the installation of President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi, who has pledged to rid the country of its radical elements.

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There are indeed hierarchies in culture.

But only 2 years???? The sentence is grossly unfair and unjust towards the victim here. Also, the father was involved, having knowledge of the son’s intent and agreed that she had to die, but no word on why he was not charged as well. Honor murders generally involve the larger family and at times, the local Islamic community.

HS: Iraqi planned to kill his 16-year-old sister to restore the family honor

The man reached out his sister in the vicinity of the Vuosaari metro station in April this year.
The man reached out to his sister in the vicinity of the Vuosaari metro station in April this year. (PHOTO: Donald Isotalo )
The man believes that his sister did not follow the traditions of the family in accordance with the culture and the religion of Islam.
The Helsinki District Court has sentenced a 20-year-old Iraq man to prison for planning the killing of his sister, says Helsingin Sanomat.
According to the newspaper the man was sentenced to two years and one month-long imprisonment.
The District Court’s judgment was for the preparation of a crime of gross bodily assault with the intent to commit murder.
The man believes that his 16-year-old sister did not follow the traditions of the family in accordance with the culture and the religion of Islam. The Court stated that a man planned the homicide to restore the family’s honor. According to the Helsingin Sanomat the case is apparently the first time in Finland that a judgement was handed down for the preperation of a family honor-related homicide. The crime took place in April this year in Helsinki.
Helsingin Sanomat:

Iraki was going to kill the girl for honor reasons

The District Court stated that the young man had agreed with his father about killing his sister killing in Helsinki. In the men’s view, the girl had taken from the family’s honor.


The man sent many people messages that told of his intent to kill his sister and buying a gun.

“If I catch her, I’ll kill her right away. Oh God, if I don’t kill her. If my mother is against killing her, I’ll kill my mother. I do not mind, even if I have to go to jail,” he wrote.

He also told the police of his plan to kill his sister, if she does not return home and submit to the rules. The girl had been out of his home for five days, when the brother heard that she was at a McDonald’s restaurant in Vuosaari. A friend of the brother took the girl from the restaurant to her brother at the nearby Vuosaari metro station.

According to witnesses, the man was trying to hit his sister, but another man prevented it.

And also a security guard and a police officer arrived. The police sent the girl into care through social welfare authorities because she was afraid to go home.

The man denied in court that it planned to kill his sister or had acquired weapons. He was only talking big out of anger.

However, the district court was convinced that the man had drawn up a viable plan for the murder and it planned to implement it.



It’s entirely true that America presently is in dire straights, but the resilience of its people are greater than the problems that face it. What’s needed is a true conservative to lead the people in jettisoning the constraints that bind the nation, statist legislation, bloated welfare state, debt, divisive racial politics and a porous border. And above all, a return to virtue in both public and private life which is crucial in maintaining the civil society.


Americans celebrate the 4th of July with fireworks, barbecues, picnics and all other kinds of enjoyable festivities. It’s wonderful that we live in a free country and are able to enjoy the fruits of our prosperity and freedom. However, merely wearing red,white, and blue, shirts with bald eagles on them, and other patriotic symbols is only a superficial way to celebrate America’s hard-fought for independence.

On top of the enjoyable celebrations of America’s birth, some time should be dedicated each Independence Day to recognizing and coming to a better understanding of the noble traditions that we have inherited from the founders. The sacred torch of liberty is a precious gift that has been passed down by generations of Americans, it is our duty to keep it alive and pass it on to the next.

On July 5, 1926, the 150th anniversary of the birth of our country, President Calvin Coolidge delivered an address at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Coolidge spoke about the causes of the Revolution and the curtailment of rights that occurred at the hands of the British government. He explained how in separating from the British, America created a new government, with new principles; a far more profound act than than simply creating a new country out of the ashes of the old.

“It was not because it was proposed to establish a new nation, but because it was proposed to establish a nation on new principles, that July 4, 1776, has come to be regarded as one of the greatest days in history,” Coolidge said. He described the origins of American institutions as grounded in Western philosophy and in the American colonial experience. He spoke about how the timeless truths and rights “endowed by our creator,” articulated so eloquently in the Declaration, became cemented by the wise construction of the Constitution.

Coolidge said that the Constitution was created, “to establish a free government, which must not be permitted to degenerate into the unrestrained authority of a mere majority or the unbridled weight of a mere influential few,” he continued. “They undertook to balance these interests against each other and provide the three separate independent branches, the executive, the legislative, and the judicial departments of the Government, with checks against each other in order that neither one might encroach upon the other. These are our guarantees of liberty.”

Finally, Coolidge stressed how America must not fall into the trap of pure materialism, how the grand Declaration came from the “influence of a great spiritual development.”

Coolidge concluded:

No other theory is adequate to explain or comprehend the Declaration of Independence. It is the product of the spiritual insight of the people. We live in an age of science and of abounding accumulation of material things. These did not create our Declaration. Our Declaration created them. The things of the spirit come first. Unless we cling to that, all our material prosperity, overwhelming though it may appear, will turn to a barren scepter in our grasp. If we are to maintain the great heritage which has been bequeathed to us, we must be like-minded as the fathers who created it. We must not sink into a pagan materialism. We must cultivate the reverence which they had for the things that are holy. We must follow the spiritual and moral leadership which they showed. We must keep replenished, that they may glow with a more compelling flame, the altar fires before which they worshiped.

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Now hopefully all calls to get these tards back will end.

Clad in Niqabs and brandishing machine guns, the London schoolgirls who fled Britain to join ISIS are identified in new video shot in terror group’s capital Raqqa

Bethnal Green schoolgirls who fled Britain to join ISIS identified in Raqqa video

The footage filmed in Raqqa, Syria, purportedly shows at least two of the teenagers dressed in niqabs (pictured main). The girls – Amira Abase, 15, Shamima Begum, 15, and Kadiza Sultana, 16, (top right) who attended Bethnal Green Academy in Tower Hamlets went missing in February and it later emerged they had boarded a flight to Turkey during half-term to marry ISIS fighters in Syria. The video shows three women, including one carrying a Kalashnikov (bottom right), walking through the streets of the city.

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Good job Vlad!

On Saturday, June 27 2015, Dan Park gave a short speech at a PEGIDA rally in Malmö Sweden at which, a couple of dozen liberals were there demonstrating for individual rights and against sharia law, and several thousand self named ‘Anti-fascists’) but are, more likely by their own definition than the correct one) themselves fascist.

Right after he spoke, the police approached him and considered arresting him again for holding a banner which reads: “Islam – Fascism”

Here it is below:

Dan parks islam fascism


What an outrage.

Monument to the Dutch.

American Artists Tried to Abuse the Name of Anne Frank

The American artists’ collective, Ghana Think Tank, has exposed a small building at an exhibition in Leiden. It was initially called the “Anne Frank Mosque”.  After much protest, however, the name was changed to “Monument to the Dutch”.  Yet protests from Christians, Jews and Muslims continued.


Religious organizations protesting artwork

Ghana Think Tank studied the gap between Muslims and non-Muslims in the Netherlands. In the Anne Frank House, the artists found a symbol for tolerance.So they built a house in the Flour Mill, including bookshelves, but then furnished it as a Muslim prayer room.

[…] On the bookshelf was a Koran, but no Bible or Torah. By that guiding interpretation we protest. Respect the other and push him away! ”


No wonder Germany is a magnet for muslims, they are kindred spirits in Jew hatred.


Manfred Gerstenfeld

Dr.Manfred GerstenfeldAt the beginning of the 1990s, I interviewed a board member of one of Germany’s largest banks. The interview took place within the framework of research for my first book which dealt with the future political and economic potential of Italy.1 When I mentioned that I lived in Israel, he remarked that his contemporary German co-citizens were capable of perpetrating the same evil as they had done during the Holocaust. At the time, and until today, his statement seemed to me to be an exaggeration. Yet there are many factual indications that the German reality is far more negative than its image in the world.2

Two recent polls provide much insight into the highly problematic German attitudes toward Jews and Israel. The most important one was published by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in September of 2014. Much of the polling information is devoted to other issues, yet the findings concerning the Jews are both insightful and worrisome. The pollsters were asked five questions relevant to Jews. The first two dealt with classic anti-Semitism, questions that could already have been asked before Hitler came to power. The first one was, “Do Jews have too much influence in Germany?” Almost 14% of Germans answered this question in the affirmative. The second question asked respondents whether Jews are partly guilty for being persecuted. In June 2014, more than 10% agreed to this statement, and in September 2014 – after the Protective Edge campaign — the number increased to 18%.3

Another study, conducted by the Bertelsmann Foundation and published in 2015, asked somewhat similar questions. 28% of German respondents agreed with the statement that Jews have too much power in the world.4

These figures express how anti-Semitic stereotypes, promoted extensively before and during the Nazi rule remain, very significant, in spite of mandatory Holocaust education and many history lessons.

Answers to a second series of questions of the Ebert Foundation study indicate how anti-Israelism and anti-Semitism are interrelated. In September 2014, 20% of the German population agreed with the statement that “Jews are increasingly unlikeable due to Israeli politics.”5 The Bertelsmann study asked whether people agreed with the statement “I find the Jews increasingly less likeable because of Israel’s policies.” Here 28% of the respondents agreed.6 This is a typical contemporary expression of anti-Semitism; Jews abroad are not Israeli citizens and have no influence on Israel’s behavior.

The response to an additional question further clarifies German attitudes. Almost 28% of Germans agree with the statement “Due to Israel’s policies, I can well understand that one has something against the Jews.”7

The answers to a third series of questions provide a profound insight into the criminal mindset of many Germans. In the Ebert Foundation poll of September 2014, 27% agreed with the statement that “what Israel does today toward the Palestinians is no different than what the Nazis did toward the Jews.” Respondents were then asked if they agreed with the statement that “Israel conducts a war of extermination against the Palestinians”, and almost 40% of Germans polled answered in the affirmative.8

The Bertelsmann Foundation study asked a similar question: “Do you agree or tend to agree with the statement that what the State of Israel is doing is essentially the same thing as what the Nazis did to the Jews during the Third Reich?” 35% of those polled agreed.9

We also have the results of earlier studies with similar questions. Although they indicate that there is a declining trend of people agreeing with such hate statements, the figures remain extremely high. In a 2011 study by the University of Bielefeld for the Ebert Foundation, covering seven different EU countries, 48% of Germans agreed with the statement that Israel conducts a war of extermination against the Palestinians.10 In 2004, 68% agreed.11

Another series of questions in the 2014 Ebert Foundation poll concerned statements which were presented as a negative attitude toward Israel rather than as anti-Semitism. The first statement was “I am getting furious when I think about how Israel treats the Palestinians.” Here 60% of respondents agreed. With the claim that, “It is unjust that Israel takes land away from the Palestinians”, almost 69% agreed. While these answers by themselves are not anti-Semitic, they derive from anti-Semitism.

Another study found that Germans who grew up under the Nazi regime and who were exposed to Nazi indoctrination are currently still far more anti-Semitic than the average German.12 Though the original research was published in 2012 it suddenly got media attention in 2015.13

The continuous incitement against Israel by European and German media has played a major role in encouraging these kinds of attitudes. The fallacy drawn up mainly by the EU that the West Bank is occupied land instead of disputed land, the continuous condemnations of the settlements and of housing construction, the almost systematic way media ignore and are silent about rampant Palestinian criminality and about the Islamo-Nazi character of their largest party, Hamas, have all laid the basis for these opinions to be cultivated.

An issue which is particular to Germany is what is called secondary anti-Semitism – Germans do not want to be confronted with their past. Another series of questions asked respondents whether they agreed with two statements; the first, “I am annoyed that Germans, until today, are confronted with their crimes against the Jews”, and the second, “I am fed up with always hearing about the German crimes against the Jews.” 55% agreed to the first statement, and 49% agreed to the second.14

These findings raise major concerns for German Jews, for Israel but also for Germany. One can conclude that anti-Semitism is still significantly present in Germany, both in its pre-war classic manifestations as well as in its anti-Israel mutation.

These polls are proof of widespread prejudice against Jews across the country with the most criminal past in Europe. A survey by the European Jewish Association found that despite such pervasive attitudes, most Germans do not feel that German anti-Semitism merits particular attention. Four out of ten Germans believe that the European Union is doing an adequate job in combating anti-Semitism on the continent, and 15% consider that the German government should be doing less.15

In September 2014, when Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke at a huge rally at the Brandenburg gate, she said “Jewish friends, neighbors and colleagues: consider yourselves at home here.”16 The findings of these recent polls, however, demonstrate that there are many Germans who do not think that Jews are at home in the country. Much to the contrary, many Germans have learned little or nothing from the extreme criminal history of their country. They still are full of major prejudices against the Jews and Israel.


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They should be sent to an equivalent of GITMO, with hard labor until they pay for their flights back home.


Imprisoned Swedes from Ship to Gaza to be sent home

Published kl 09.25
On board Ship to Gaza's Marianne 1. Photo: Thomas D Johansson / Ship to Gaza.
On board Ship to Gaza’s Marianne 1. Photo: Thomas D Johansson / Ship to Gaza.

The six Swedes sitting in an Israeli prison, after Ship to Gaza’s boat was commandeered by Israeli military, are going to be released and sent back to Sweden this weekend.

Early Monday morning the Israeli military boarded the ship illegally (TT: Not illegal, but in accordance with international law) in international waters and brought it to Israel, something the Swedish Foreign Ministry has protested.

The Ship to Gaza was on its way to bring medical supplies and solar panels to the Gaza Strip, which is under blockade by Israel.

According to Gaza’s Israeli lawyer Lymor Goldstein, the Swedes will be deported two at a time on three different flights on Sunday and Monday.

More here.

NOTE: As soon as the ships left national waters with the full intention of running a legal blockade known, they can be intercepted and escorted to an Israeli harbor for inspection and impounding. That’s a fact. The Sweddish state news service is spreading false information.


Their sharia trumps the MB’s.

Don’t be confused, the islamonazis of sowdy barbaria won’t to remain atop of the dung pile, andf will use whatever means to remain there.

Report: Saudi king censors TV host, pro-Muslim Brotherhood scholar and orders their trial

A government-linked Saudi news website says that King Salman has ordered an investigation and trial against a pro-Muslim Brotherhood scholar and a television host after an episode that was critical of King Abdullah’s policies toward the outlawed Islamist group.

Sabq news website, quoting unnamed Information Ministry officials, reported Thursday that the king also banned talk show host Abdullah al-Modifer and his guest Mohsen al-Awaji from appearing in the media. The episode had aired on the privately-owned Saudi television channel Rotana Khalijia, which has reportedly stopped broadcasting the show.

More here.H/T; Fjordman


Promoters of Islam 101.


Islamic State should be used because that’s how they define themselves, and one would be hard pressed to prove that they’re not living up to their name. If mohamed was alive today, he’s be joining with them.

Next you’ll be ‘impartial’ about the Nazis! Cabinet fury as BBC refuses to stop using ‘Islamic State’ to be FAIR to the terror group

  • Petition signed by 120 MPs asked BBC to stop using name in reports
  • Said term was offensive to Muslims and gave group legitimacy
  • But the corporation’s director general Tony Hall has rejected proposals
  • He said using alternative would ‘give the impression of support’ for those fighting the terrorist group and could ‘bias BBC coverage’
BBC director general Tony Hall has refused to stop using the term Islamic State to refer to ISIS, saying the alternative of Daesh was 'pejorative'

BBC director general Tony Hall has refused to stop using the term Islamic State to refer to ISIS, saying the alternative of Daesh was ‘pejorative’

The head of the BBC sparked fury today after rejecting a demand by MPs to stop using the name Islamic State to refer to the terror group – because it would ‘give the impression of support’ for its opponents.

Tony Hall, the corporation’s director general, rejected the call from a cross-party group of 120 MPs to use the name ‘Daesh’ instead, saying it would ‘bias their coverage’.

The decision was widely criticised in Parliament today. Commons leader Chris Grayling said it was like being ‘impartial’ to Nazi Germany during the Second World War.

Muslim Tory MP Rehman Chisti, who started the petition to stop using ‘Islamic State’, said the BBC’s response was ‘not worth the paper it’s written on’.

Daesh is a commonly used Arabic abbreviation for ISIS which the terrorists consider to be offensive because it sounds similar to the word ‘Dahes’ meaning ‘one who sows discord’.

The extremists are variously known as Islamic State, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and Daesh, based on the Arabic acronym for the group.

The government official uses ISIL as an alternative.

Mr Chishti, the Tory MP for Gillingham and Rainham, said Muslims are offended by the use of the word ‘Islamic’, as they do not consider the bloodthirsty group representative of their faith.

Mr Chishti added that the name also served to legitimise the fanatics by including the word ‘state’.

The petition was widely backed in the House of Commons, with signatories including London Mayor Boris Johnson, and former SNP leader Alex Salmond.

But in a response to the MP, Lord Hall said that the word Daesh risked giving the ‘impression of support’ for the group’s opponents and ‘would not preserve the BBC’s impartiality’.

In the letter, seen by The Times, he said the BBC would use terms such as ‘the Islamic State group’ to ‘distinguish it from an actual, recognised state’.

He added: ‘We will also continue to use other qualifiers when appropriate, eg extremists, militants, fighters etc.

‘To avoid overuse we will also usually revert to IS after one mention of the Islamic State group.’

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UK to aid French efforts to stem flow of migrants

UK to aid French efforts to stem flow of migrants

Riot police push migrants away from trucks on the outskirts of Calais. Photo: Philippe Huguen/AFP

Published: 03 Jul 2015 08:20 GMT+02:00

Britain vowed Thursday to increase its funding to deal with migrants camped out around the northern French port of Calais and
trying to cross the Channel.

Home Minister Theresa May met her French counterpart Bernard Cazeneuve in Paris to discuss the issue which has created friction across the Channel.

“Taking into account the worsening migration crisis in the Mediterranean and the repercussions on Calais, where 3,000 migrants are currently based, the two ministers decided to reinforce their cooperation,” a joint statement issued after the meeting said.

More here.