Presently, a honest Italian journalist.

Bringing out the old stuff produces more dead Arabs, fortunately they don’t make it into Israel to cause terror and death there.

Italian Journalist Defies Hamas: ‘Out of Gaza Far From Hamas Retaliation: Misfired Rocket Killed Children in Shati’

JULY 30, 2014 9:53 AM 31 COMMENTS


Joshua Levitt

Gabriele Barbati, Jerusalem Correspondent for Radio Popolare Milano. Photo: GB.

Italian journalist Gabriele Barbati said he was able to speak freely about witnessing a Hamas misfire that killed nine children at the Shati camp, confirming the Israel Defense Forces version of events, but only after leaving Gaza, “far from Hamas retaliation.”

On Twitter, Barbati, Jerusalem Correspondent for Radio Popolare Milano, and a former reporter for Sky Italia, in Beijing, said, “Out of #Gaza far from #Hamasretaliation: misfired rocket killed children yday [yesterday] in Shati. Witness: militants rushed and cleared debris.”

He said, “@IDFSpokesperson said truth in communique released yesterday about Shati camp massacre. It was not #Israel behind it.”

On Tuesday, the IDF released aerial photos showing how a rocket from Gaza targeting Israel hit the Shati camp, run by the UNRWA, and Al Shifa Hospital, which has become a de-facto Hamas headquarters, against international rules of war.

Barbati said he was unable to speak about the Al Shifa hit, but he was certain that it was a Hamas rocket that hit the Shati camp, and a witness saw militants rushing to clean the debris.

Blogger Elder of Ziyon, who praised Barbati for telling the truth in a war where many journalists have been intimidated by Hamas, noted that “When Hamas made the area off limits to reporters, it was cleaning the area from any debris that could show the truth.”

More here.

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Push back.

sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land

SDU girls provokes Left with new video

DOMESTIC. Sweden Democrats’ youth SDU releases a new video in which several of the League’s young women explain why they have decided to turn against the so-called community development in Sweden.

The new film contains many statements which are expected to arouse indignation on Twitter shortly.

“We are the girls who stand up for what we think., We are Swedish and we are proud of it,” provides, inter alia in the film.

SDU girls finds that Sweden is changing beyond recognition. But now they say from the left-liberal social experiment.

“In our country you should feel safe even if you are young girl and are out late at night” and “In our country, the girls get to be girls and guys get to be guys without being questioned for it,” is shown the film.

The left had at 19 o’clock on Tuesday, have not yet had time to react to the film.

h/t: Kit Nam via

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h/t: Buck

Palestinian flag flies outside Tower Hamlets town hall

Palestinian flag flying at Town Hall in solidarity with #Gaza and in support of a ceasefire & peace
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They should just read Nicolai Sennels excellent book, Among Criminal Muslims. A Psychologist’s Experience from the Copenhagen Municipality here’s an excerpt from a article written by Sennels at New English Review:

After having consulted with 150 young Muslim clients in therapy and 100 Danish clients (who, on average, shared the same age and social background as their Muslim inmates), my findings were that the Muslims’ cultural and religious experiences played a central role in their psychological development and criminal behavior. “Criminal foreigners” is not just a generalizing and imprecise term. It is unfair to non-Muslim foreigners and generally misleading.

A FPM interview is available here.

Dutch Media Discussion on “Gangster Islam”

In some Dutch media, a discussion has started on a phenomenon called, “Gangster Islam”.  The psychologist, Timon Dias, writes that the synthesis between criminality, street life and Islamic religion is a unique European phenomenon.  One of its characteristics is that its members are criminals with a Muslim background who are not very religious, yet see themselves as part of the Muslim community.

However criminal they are, they will never say anything negative about Islam.  The Muslim ex-politician, Ibrahim Wijbenga, who warns of the growing influence of the Gangster-Islam, points out that many of the jihadis and the young Muslim extremists have a criminal past.  Wijbenga has often been threatened with physical violence, and has had to have police protection.


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Once again the islamofascists and their enablers win the public square.

egyptian tards

The proper response would be for the police to quietly beef up their presence and resolve not to hand over the public square to the totalitarians.

H/T: Scottish Infidel

Gaza: Israeli performers axe Edinburgh Fringe show

Underbelly said it had been reluctantly forced to pull the plug based on police advice. Picture: Joey Kelly

Underbelly said it had been reluctantly forced to pull the plug based on police advice. Picture: Joey Kelly


AN ISRAELI arts company has been forced to axe its entire run of performances at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe after facing an angry protest before its first show in the city.

Underbelly, the London promoter which had booked Incubator Theatre into one of its main venues, said it had been reluctantly forced to pull the plug based on police advice.

However, it has vowed to find the company – which is part-funded by the Israeli state – another venue, despite threats from campaigners to continue to disrupt its “hip hop opera” wherever it is staged.

More than 50 leading cultural figures in Scotland have called for the company’s shows to be boycotted, although the stance has been criticised by culture secretary Fiona Hyslop.

More than 150 protesters turned up outside Edinburgh University’s Reid Hall before the first preview of Incubator’s production got under way.

Talks were held later with the theatre company, the police and university officials.

More here.

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This interview was recently published at INN, and republished here with the author’s consent.




Manfred Gerstenfeld interviews Ricki Hollander and Gilead Ini

Dr.Manfred GerstenfeldThe New York Times (NYT) is guilty of advocacy journalism. Both its editorial pages and news reporting lean heavily toward an anti-Israel perspective. This is in blunt contravention of its directive to journalists in the Ethical Journalism handbook it publishes, ‘to cover the news as impartially as possible’ and ‘tell our readers the complete, unvarnished truth as best we can learn it.’

Without employing the type of crude incitement against Israelis that is rampant in Palestinian society, the NYT poisons the public’s mind against Israel by shaping the perception of the Jewish state as responsible for many, if not most, of the region’s ills. It does this with double standards in reporting about Israel versus her enemies and recounting only half the story. It sanitizes the role of Israel’s adversaries, including terrorist organizations, and obsessively indicts Israel at every turn.

Ricki Hollander and Gilead Ini are senior analysts at CAMERA, where they co-authored the major long-term studyIndicting Israel: New York Times Coverage of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict. 

In addition to news coverage, CAMERA’s study looked at the newspaper’s opinion pages over a period of 9 months in 2011-2012. NYT editorials are written by a board of journalists who adhere to an apparent formula in their columns about Israel. First they pay lip service to Israel’s right to defend itself. Then after the ‘but,’ they devote the bulk of the column to condemnation of any self-defensive action by Israel. They ignore facts, statistics, and anything else that would provide readers with a deeper understanding of, or sympathy for Israel’s actions.

“We found that 6 out of 7 NYT editorials addressing the Arab-Israeli conflict were negative toward Israel, while none were positive. Opinion columns by NYT staff followed the same pattern of condemning Israel: 5 out of 6 were negative toward Israel, while none were positive. As for invited Op-Eds on the topic, 15 out of 20 were negative toward Israel, while only one was positive.

“An earlier 19-month CAMERA study conducted in 2006-7, also found a preponderance of columns critical of Israel, many of which were written by Arab leaders and even some by a Hamas representative. By contrast, there were no columns by any Israeli leaders.

“In the past, there were columnists who wrote positively about Israel, namely William Safire and Abe Rosenthal. But since their retirement and passing, there is no one to balance the largely negative opinion of Israel on the newspaper’s editorial pages.

In the global context, Israel faces discrimination through NYT’s disproportionate scrutiny of its conflict. The paper also holds the Jewish State to a much harsher standard relative to the Palestinians. Author Virgil Hawkins in his book Stealth Conflicts, shows that the media’s focus on Israel came at the expense of reporting on conflicts up to a thousand times more deadly than ones between Israel and its neighbors.

“The newspaper’s disproportionate focus is also reflected in its headlines. Our study identified 12 headlines implicating Israel for killing Arabs. None implicated Arabs, although 14 Israelis were killed by Arabs during the same period.

One among many examples of the NYT’s double standards can be found in its disparate treatment of violent attacks. When in 2012, several Jewish teens beat an Arab teenager in Jerusalem resulting in injuries that required hospitalization, the newspaper covered the story on its front page above the fold. The attack was framed as reflecting negatively on Israeli society as a whole. A second front page story informed readers that the attack, ‘revealed festering wounds regarding race, violence and extremism.’ Has there ever been a beating by teenage thugs anywhere else in the world that made the front page of the NYT twice?

Contrast this with the newspaper’s treatment in 2011 of a gruesome massacre perpetrated by Palestinian teens in the Israeli town of Itamar. The NYT buried news of this murder of a Jewish couple and three of their young children, including a three-month old girl, deep inside the paper. Nor did any articles about the attack focus on what it indicated about Palestinian society’s morals and racism.

The NYT‘s news pages are, at times, indistinguishable from its opinion pages. In one month, the NYT used the following subjective and hostile adjectives about Israeli leaders in its news reporting: ‘shrill,’ ‘strident,’ ‘stubborn,’ ‘abrasive,’ and ‘cynical.’ One reporter asked ‘whether Israel is guilty of “hopeless hypocrisy”’ because the country opposes nuclear enrichment by Iran, a country sworn to Israel’s destruction.

Unfortunately, turning to the NYT’s public editors (ombudsmen) is not a solution. Their columns tend toward general platitudes about the conflict being a hot-button issue that generates criticism ‘from both sides,’ as they equate thoughtful and evidence-based complaints with those of Israel’s most virulent and hateful enemies, for whom nothing is anti-Israel enough.

To inform passersby of NYT’s extreme bias, CAMERA has hung up a large billboard on a building opposite the newspaper’s editorial offices in Manhattan.”


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ugly european

Europe  has indirectly paid ransoms to al-Qaeda 

European governments had “inadvertently made a surety of al-Qaeda,” 

According to a report in the “New York Times” the terrorists of al-Qaeda have received since 2008 ransoms amounting to 94 million euros. Even Germany is said to have ransomed the kidnapped in Mali.

European governments support, according to a report by the “New York Times” indirectly the terrorist network al-Qaida, by paying ransoms in kidnapping cases in the millions. My research had revealed that the terrorist group since 2008 have taken in ransom totalling at least $ 125 million (approximately 94 million euros) , the Journal reported on Wednesday.

Last year alone, the payments would have amounted to 66 million dollars. The U.S. Treasury had even estimated the payments since 2008 at $ 165 million. Thus, European governments had “inadvertently made a surety of al-Qaeda,” the paper wrote in an analysis.

“Declared as a development aid”

The money was paid indirectly and through intermediaries. It is sometimes referred to as having been declared as development aid , the newspaper reported, citing former hostage negotiators, diplomats and representatives of European governments.

Among other things, an alleged payment of five million dollars from Germany was mentioned, reportedly in 2003, for more than 32 Europeans detained in Mali were ransomed with. European governments, including Germany, denied the report says that they have paid a ransom.

The main field of operation for al-Qaeda is currently in Syria. At least since 2012, sends the tip of the terror network management cadre to Syria to organize the jihadist groups there according to his specifications. Of particular concern to the West are the efforts of al-Qaeda to obtain chemical and biological weapons in their hands.

More here in German

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It stands to reason that they have expended much of the newer arsenal, and are now more reliant on limited shelf life weaponry as TINSC explains below.

From my buddy TINSC: 

Some of the civilian targets hit as of late MAY have been hit by HAMAS rockets. The standing rationale is that HAMAS wants to generate civilian casualties and blame them on Israel.

While it is a habit for HAMAS to blame everything on Israel, I have another theory. These civilian casualties are being caused by HAMAS but they are not deliberate. My theory is that HAMAS has used up so much of its newer and better ordinance that they are using their older and less-reliable ordinance. This older ordinance fizzles out in flight and hits targets in Gaza.

So the Gaza civilian casualties are not caused by Israel but they are not being caused by a deliberate act by HAMAS. HAMAS has depleted its weapons stockpile to the extent that HAMAS is using their less reliable ordinance. It is this less reliable ordinance that is landing on civilian targets in Gaza.

As we all know, the Jews get blamed no matter what. I just question whether HAMAS is deliberately targeting their own civilians.

From YNET: 

“We can see that the volume of long and medium range rocket fire is gradually decreasing, and more and more fire is falling within Gaza, directed at IDF forces. Much of this fire is falling in Palestinian territories,” the officer said. He explained the change in the pattern of fire with IDF forces activity in the Gaza Strip, as well as, aerial activity against rocket launching sites, and Hamas’ intention to manage their ammunition for prolonged combat. According to IAF data over 4,000 targets were attacked, nearly four times more than were attacked by the IAF during Operation Pillar of Defense.

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Protest organizers:



h/t. Vlad

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They’re evil.

With Hamas using the building as an armory, of course they were firing rockets from its yard, and bear full responsibility for the deaths of any civilians.

19 Palestinians killed in IDF shelling near UNRWA school

IDF says terrorists were firing mortar shells at soldiers from the vicinity of the school, and the soldiers returned fire; UNRWA finds rockets hidden in one of its schools for the third time.

Reuters, AP Published: 07.30.14, 13:49 / Israel

At least 19 people were killed and some 90 wounded when IDF tanks reportedly shelled a crowded UN school in the Jabaliya refugee camp, where hundreds of Palestinians had sought shelter from the intense fighting, Gaza health officials and a UNRWA spokesman said Wednesday.

Starting at around 4:30 am, several tank shells hit the school compound, a few minutes apart, said the school principal, Fayez Abu Dayeh. He said shells hit two classrooms and a bathroom.

The IDF, in an initial response the incident, said militants near the facility had fired mortar bombs and Israeli forces had shot back.

“Earlier this morning, militants fired mortar shells at soldiers from the vicinity of the UNRWA school in Jabaliya (refugee camp). In response, soldiers fired towards the origins of fire, and we’re still reviewing the incident,” a military spokeswoman said.

Four of the dead were killed just outside the school compound, two in their home and two who were struck in the street after returning from pre-dawn prayers, their relatives said.

Abu Hasna, the UN agency spokesman, said the international community must step in.

“It’s the responsibility of the world to tell us what we shall do with more than 200,000 people who are inside our schools, thinking that the UN flag will protect them,” he said. “This incident today proves that no place is safe in Gaza.”

 More here.

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Absolutely nothing.

mo tunic 29.12.2011

The way to understand the Arab/Muslim Middle East, is to understand their mindset, as well as to read reports on the various political players within the proper context. What goes for ‘moderation’ in the M.E., would be considered criminal offences in the West.

Labelling an Israeli PM as a ”hardliner” for defending his people from criminal terrorist assaults, and a Paleostinian leader as a ”moderate” for being more pragmatic in the timing of murdering Jews, is moral outrage. But this is how the two sides are protrayed by a fake media that’s in bed with these Islamonazis.

‘Moderate’ PA Leader: Jews Brought the Holocaust on Themselves

Senior member of Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah party, Jibril Rajoub, calls Israelis ‘the new Nazis’, says Israel committing a ‘holocaust’ in Gaza.

By Ari Soffer

First Publish: 7/30/2014, 5:16 PM
Jibril Rajoub

Jibril Rajoub
Flash 90

Former Palestinian Authority security chief Jibril Rajoub, often touted as a “Palestinian moderate”, has accused Israel of inflicting a “holocaust” on Gaza – while saying that Jews deserved the genocide inflicted on them by the Nazis.

In an interview with Palestinian Authority TV, translated by MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute), Rajoub – who is a senior member of the Fatah party’s Central Committee – labeled Israeli society as “a fascist society”, adding that “the racism of this fascist society is unparalleled throughout history.”

One parallel that Rajoub could find, however, was with Nazi Germany, claiming that Israelis were “the new Nazis”, and that “Israel, (especially) the Israeli right wing, constitutes a replica of Hitler, Eichmann and Goebbels.”

His statements followed a long introduction by his interviewer, who also equated Israeli actions with the holocaust, accusing “the people who today evoke the spirit of Nazism” of “master(ing) the art of genocide.”

Towards the end of the interview, Rajoub made the oft-repeated claim by Palestinian officials and their supporters that the establishment of the State of Israel was the result of European guilt over the holocaust, intentionally ignoring the indigenous status and nearly 4,000-old ties of the Jewish people to the land of Israel.

More here. H/T TROP

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Question is, was she one of the Christian girls kidnapped?

Nigerian forces find 10-year-old girl wearing a bomb after pulling over two Boko Haram suspects

National Post Staff | July 30, 2014 | Last Updated: Jul 30 3:37 PM ET

A screengrab taken on July 13, 2014 from a video released by the Nigerian Islamist extremist group Boko Haram shows the leader of the Nigerian Islamist extremist group,

AFP Photo/Boko HaramA screengrab taken on July 13, 2014 from a video released by the Nigerian Islamist extremist group Boko Haram shows the leader of the Nigerian Islamist extremist group,

When government forces in Nigeria arrested two suspected Boko Haram militants, they were reportedly travelling with a 10-year-girl with a bomb attached to her.

The pair were caught driving in a Honda SUV in northern Nigeria, government spokesman Mike Omeri told Reuters. He said the two suspects tried to escape, but were stopped by “concerned Nigerians” nearby and arrested.

The girl was wearing an “explosive belt,” Mr. Omeri said.

The arrests come after bombing at two mosques in northern Nigeria killed 13 and injured 35 Tuesday night at the close of Eid al-Fitr, the Muslim holiday marking the end of Ramadan.

Abdul Maidala said that the first bomb went off by a mosque near the palace of a local emir at about 7:30 p.m. and the second exploded a few minutes later in Yobe State, one of three northeastern Nigerian states that have been under emergency rule for more than a year.

No one immediately claimed responsibility for the attacks but Boko Haram militants are widely blamed, having killed thousands of people this year alone.

Boko Haram wants to impose its extreme version of Islamic Shariah law and it frequently targets moderate Muslim clerics, civilians, mosques and children.

More here.

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This is the same tunnel visited by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, but it goes to show that once the log jam has been broken, others will follow.

H/T: Vlad

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Actually, there are a dozen ways Israel can deter these ships from ever making their way to Gaza without boarding the ship(s) at all. Ensuring that they don’t leave the harbor(s) is the best way.

gaza flotilla peace activist

YLE: Meanwhile an international group of peace activists is planning to take supplies to Gaza by sea as soon as possible, but the Finnish Foreign Ministry warns against taking part in the mission. The Swedish organisation Ship to Gaza told Turun Sanomat on Wednesday that it is readying a vessel to sail to the region. Those taking part are from the US and various European countries. The foreign ministry recommends that Finns stay away from Gaza, citing “an enormous security risk right now”.


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Vlad sends me this hilarious piece of Muslim (has to be) subterfuge.

VLAD: NYC: Hate Crime Cops Investigating Anti-Muslim Fliers Distributed In Bath Beach Apartment Building

(Does the English look a little funny to anyone else here?)

(I can’t help but notice that these sorts of things nearly never say anything actually insulting to Islam. Nothing blasphemous. Nothing bad about the Pirate Mohamed or his imaginary fiend.)

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The Allied Forces during WWII (forever grateful to them) would have preferred carpet bombing.

explosion Gaza1

VIDEO: Footage relays how IDF carries out pinpoint strikes in Gaza

07/30/2014 14:44

Using precision guided missiles, Israeli forces are able to pinpoint targets to size of a window; troops discover Hamas military gear in tunnels.

The IDF has continued pounding targets in Gaza throughout Wednesday and the previous night. Targets included 5 mosques which were being used by Hamas for militant purposes. Army sources revealed one to have been used as a command center while another was employed as an observation point to track Israeli troop movements.

Israeli naval forces have relentlessly struck targets on the Gaza Strip’s coastal west with guided cruise missiles launched at sea. The missiles can be guided and relay video footage showing IDF personnel guiding the missiles at specific buildings and even designated points such as a window.

On Wednesday IDF troops discovered several tunnel shafts in Gaza buildings which held weapons and tactical gear used by Hamas.


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Amazingly similar.

Three years ago there was a Saudi princess (Deema Turki al-Saud)  that unleashed her lawyers on me her in Finland, for publishing a former employee’s birds eye account of what it was like for her to work in her service. Beatings, bitings and ill-mannered behaviour was the order of the day. This following article is amazingly similar.

Vile abuse, vicious beatings and constant intimidation from the religious police: Shocking extent of cruel treatment meted out to expat staff by Saudi royals revealed 

  • Cay Garcia, from Cape Town, worked as a butler for a Saudi princess
  • Was disgusted by extent of the abuse, mostly directed at Filipino maids
  • Eventually left after confronting her employer about treatment of staff
  • Incidents included beatings and rooms being trashed as punishment
  • Also saw one maid being forced to tip a bucket of ice over her own head
  • Expats cannot leave without being given an exit visa by their employer
  • As a result, maids with whom Cay worked are trapped in Riyadh
  • Cay has chosen not to give the name of her blue-blooded employer


But less than four months after she arrived in the Saudi capital Riyadh, she was hustled on to a plane and thrown out of the country – all because she stood up to her abusive employer.

Now back in South Africa, she has written a book laying bare her experiences at the hands of the Saudi royals – and sheds light on a side of Riyadh life that is rarely seen by outsiders.

Poorly treated: Cay saw the princess' Filipino servants being cruelly treated and subjected to vicious beatings

Poorly treated: Cay saw the princess’ Filipino servants being cruelly treated and subjected to vicious beatings

In charge: King Abdullah is the current ruler of Saudi Arabia and took charge in 2005

In charge: King Abdullah is the current ruler of Saudi Arabia and ascended to the Saudi throne in 2005

‘Life in Riyadh for a woman is harsh,’ she explains. ‘A single woman cannot even go for a coffee on her own – it’s deemed immoral.

‘You are allowed to walk around a mall but walking around one’s neighbourhood for exercise is heavily frowned upon.’

Difficult though living up to Saudi Arabia’s strict moral code proved – a code enforced by religious police known as the Mutawa – her difficulties were nothing compared to what she would experience within the palace itself.

There, as the head of a team of five staff members including two Malawians and two Filipinos, she was forced to watch as the princess, who Cay has decided not to identify, doled out harsh punishments that included beatings and having their rooms turned upside down, in addition to dealing with the capricious moods of the princess herself.

‘In the beginning the princess seemed to be on her best behaviour although the abuse escalated over time,’ she remembers.

‘It was difficult, at times, not to retaliate when the princess, who was half my age, was screaming at me and telling me what an imbecile I was because she didn’t approve of the shoes I was wearing.’

Read more:

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Tundra Tabloids Exclusive:

Yes, once again, a Scandinavian state with a highly vaunted ‘humanitarian’ cottage industry, is involved with anti-Semitism on the state level.

NOTE: This is on par with the anti-Semitic statements by Finnish politician Pertti Salolainen, that ”Jews in America have to a large extent, both the money and media in their pockets.”

NRK antisemitism

The Simon Wiesenthal Center has asked the Norwegian state broadcaster NRK to recall its correspondent from the U.S.

NRK: It is no secret that Jewish capital and people with Jewish backgrounds are strongly overrepresented in the major U.S. media conglomerates. The biggest of them all, Disney Company, owns among other organizations ABC Television Network and is chaired by Robert Iger.
CNN Worldwide has Jeff Zucker who came from rival NBC, and CBS is led by Leslie Moonves.
The latter’s uncle was also David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister.
Jewish share of the U.S. population is about two percent, so there is no doubt that they are over-represented as owners and top managers in the media. Perhaps it is not so surprising that relatively few Palestinian voices are given access when Israel is attacked. 

1swc norway


NRK article translated from Norwegian:

Demonstration in New York - pro-Israeli protesters showed last Sunday his support for the Israeli war during a demonstration in New York.  - Photo: Eduardo Munoz / Reuters
Pro-Israeli protesters showed last Sunday their support for the Israeli war during a demonstration in New York.PHOTO: EDUARDO MUNOZ / REUTERS 

Strong Israeli dominance in the American media

I had originally intended to write a light and cheerful correspondent letter this time. But that will have to wait. The events in Gaza are so staggering, both because they are about life and death for so many, and also because here in the U.S. such strong feelings and interests in how the story is conveyed.

Speaking of humor, political satirist Jon Stewart had the war in Gaza as a theme in his Daily Show the other day. He referred ironically about the IDF practice of calling Palestinian families to warn them that soon will be bombed – so they get the chance to evacuate.

- Evacuate to where? Have you seen Gaza? Israel blocks the boundary here, Egypt closes the border here, are they supposed to start swimming? 

Said Stewart, who has a Jewish father, pointing to a map. A few days later, a conservative ratio host Mark Levin responded in an interview on the conservative television channel Fox News. – Stewart is a clown, he’s not funny, was Levin’s preface.

If Hamas had the weapons Israel had, including nuclear weapons and others, Israel would cease to exist. If Israel wanted to, it could destroy the entire defense system, actually of Gaza in thirty minutes. But Israel does not, said Levin, which apparently was to prove how humane the country’s government is.

Reports were removed

The major television channels are cautious. The Israel lobby’s influence on U.S. media is enormous. But several of them have tried to convey the Palestinians’ suffering.

In the first few days, NBC had their award-winning Palestinian reporter Aymam Mohyeldin inside Gaza.

He is himself born in Rafah, near Gaza’s border with Egypt, and conveyed through close interviews civilian population’s heartbreaking suffering and despair.

But then, when on day four Palestinian children were killed by an Israeli bomb while they were playing on the beach, Ayman was taken off. Officially because NBC was concerned for his safety. 

But they were no more concerned than that they sent a new reporter who took up where Ayman left off. Unofficially discussions within and outside the social media speculate that he had shown to much empathy for the Palestinians.

CNN brought in their senior reporter Jim Clancy, who said he had previously worked with Ayman Moyheldin. Ayman was very passionate, said Clancy.

Implying – he may not have enough distance in his reporting. But then he continued to say that being affected by the suffering of those you cover is inevitable, and that neither do Jews avoid being criticized for one-sided reporting.

It should be added that Ayman Moyheldin was sent back to Gaza to report for NBC, because the criticism was too overwhelming, and because NBC’s leadership failed to explain why he, who was from Gaza was less able to take care of his own safety than his colleague without his background. 

Ayman is unique, because American media hardly ever uses Palestinian or Arab reporters to cover conflicts involving Israel. But also others are subject to criticism.


One of them is CNN’s Diana Magnay. She reported directly from the Israeli side of the border with Gaza, from the hills of Sderot, which has been the target of many of the Hamas rockets into Israel.

From there, she also had a good view of the Israeli bomb hits inside Gaza. But she was not alone, there were also many Israelis who came because they wanted to follow the macabre theater of war.

Following completion of the live broadcast she sent out one twitter message with the following text:

“Israelis on the hill above Sderot rejoicing bombs that land in Gaza. Threaten to destroy our car if I say one wrong word. Scum. “

Diana Magnay no longer covers Israel and Gaza. She was immediately moved to Moscow, where she of course is free to report critically about a political leadership that is currently totally demonized in the U.S. media. 

Previously worked for the Jerusalem Post 

CNN’s main correspondent in the area now is Wolf Blitzer, from Jerusalem. Blitzer is himself a Jew, born in Germany and has worked as a journalist for the Jerusalem Post and AIPAC, the powerful Jewish organization whose main task is to lobby the U.S. Congress.

Blitzer usually has its own daily political talk show on CNN. But now, he’s in Jerusalem, where he has interviewed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s defense minister and other senior Israelis. Again and again, they explain why it is necessary to destroy Hamas tunnels, and why it is necessary to hold on a little longer, civilian sufferings notwithstanding.

The moral responsibility for the suffering belongs to Hamas, because they use civilians as human shields. Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan, is occasionally heard from in Qatar, but Israeli voices are the overwhelming majority.

Another Palestinian, lawyer and former adviser to the PLO, Diana Butto, is also used occasionally. But on one occasion she went to great lengths to explain why Hamas fires rockets at Israel, which caused the TV reporter to interrupt with aggressive, critical questions to restore balance.

The clip is published onthe American Jewish sites as a warning, where the CNN anchor Jake Tapper gets praised for having put her in her place. I have yet to hear equally critical question from CNN’s regular commentators to Israel’s former U.S. ambassador, Michael Oren.

He does not believe Hamas will destroy Israel with rockets, but fears that “they could create a legal and international situation in which Israel can no longer defend themselves in a legitimate manner”, in other words that international opinion turns against Israel as a result of the large civilian casualties.

Overrepresented among media executives

It is no secret that Jewish capital and people with Jewish backgrounds are strongly overrepresented in the major U.S. media conglomerates. The biggest of them all, Disney Company, owns among other organizations ABC Television Network and is chaired by Robert Iger.

CNN Worldwide has Jeff Zucker who came from rival NBC, and CBS is led by Leslie Moonves.

The latter’s uncle was also David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister.

Jewish share of the U.S. population is about two percent, so there is no doubt that they are over-represented as owners and top managers in the media. Perhaps it is not so surprising that relatively few Palestinian voices are given access when Israel is attacked. 

That said, there are clear Jewish voices that are critical to Israel in the American public sphere, especially in the written media.

Bernard Avishai was born in Canada’s Zionist environment and has since worked as a professor in both the U.S. and Israel.

In an article in last week’s The New Yorker, he describes Israel’s bombing of Gaza as a war crime. He refers to the fact that Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel’s military tacticians openly consider any home where a known Hamas member lives, as part of Hamas’ infrastructure, and thus legitimate targets.

The liberal Jewish organization J Street recently withdrew the support of a pro-Israeli demonstration in Boston, because it didn’t take into account the losses on both sides.

Moreover – the large liberal newspapers press now publishes more Israel-critical articles. Anne Barnard in The New York Times describes Gaza as an open prison, where the majority of residents are trapped, unable to seek refugee status outside. 

Washington Post Wednesday had a large article describing how Israel will return to the practice of collective punishment against the families of Palestinian activists, because destroying homes is considered as an effective deterrent.

This form of collective punishment was officially abandoned in 2005, partly because the Israeli military said it created more Palestinian insurgents.

Now it happens again, but humanely. The families in Gaza, after all, get a telephone warning first, or a small bomb, if they do not have a phone.

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A mixed up deck of cards in search of a re-shuffle.

Finkelstein is the kind of whiny kid you knew in school who continuously got pummelled because he wouldn’t shut his yap.

Norman gives the seig heil:


Twenty to thirty people were arrested “for Hamas” today at midday in New York City. They lay down in the street opposite the Israeli Mission to the United Nations and blocked traffic for miles around. They chanted nothing and simply lay there in silence. The police asked them to get up—and thirty people did so—but when the remaining lie-in protestors refused to do so, the police arrested them.

Their leader was none other than Norman Finkelstein,” the known and proud supporter of Hamas and Hezbollah, a man who defends their right to target Israeli civilians.” Finkelstein is the troubled and troublesome Jewish anti-Zionist activist and author who is also the son of Holocaust survivors.

He is living proof that Hitler’s evil lives on in the lives of both Holocaust survivors and their descendants.

More here.

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Disgusting non-journalistic practices at work.

finnish media cycle_of_violence1

It’s because they have taken sides, they are not impartial, they’ve become de facto participants in the conflict, siding with Islamonazis, using their talking points in interviews with Israeli leaders and supporters and refusing to report on the facts. Once again, here is Brian of London, blogger at Israellycool talking about exactly this.


The Israelis are so sure about the location of the Hamas bunker, however, not because they are trying to score propaganda points, or because it has been repeatedly mentioned in passing by Western reporters—but because they built it. Back in 1983, when Israel still ruled Gaza, they built a secure underground operating room and tunnel network beneath Shifa hospital—which is one among several reasons why Israeli security sources are so sure that there is a main Hamas command bunker in or around the large cement basement beneath the area of Building 2 of the Hospital, which reporters are obviously prohibited from entering.

Top Secret Hamas Command Bunker in Gaza Revealed

And why reporters won’t talk about it

A displaced Palestinian woman hangs washed laundry to dry near makeshift tents on July 27, 2014 in the garden of Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City. (Getty Images)

The idea that one of Hamas’ main command bunkers is located beneath Shifa Hospital in Gaza City is one of the worst-kept secrets of the Gaza war. So why aren’t reporters in Gaza ferreting it out? The precise location of a large underground bunker equipped with sophisticated communications equipment and housing some part of the leadership of a major terrorist organization beneath a major hospital would seem to qualify as a world-class scoop—the kind that might merit a Pulitzer, or at least a Polk.

So why isn’t the fact that Hamas uses Shifa Hospital as a command post making headlines? In part, it’s because the location is so un-secret that Hamas regularly meets with reporters there. On July 15, for example, William Booth of the Washington Post wrote that the hospital “has become a de facto headquarters for Hamas leaders, who can be seen in the hallways and offices.” Back in 2006, PBS even aired a documentary showing how gunmen roam the halls of the hospital, intimidate the staff, and deny them access to protected locations within the building—where the camera crew was obviously prohibited from filming. Yet the confirmation that Hamas is using Gaza City’s biggest hospital as its de facto headquarters was made in the last sentence of the eighth paragraph of Booth’s story—which would appear to be the kind of rookie mistake that is known in journalistic parlance as “burying the lede.”

But Booth is no rookie—he’s an experienced foreign reporter, which means that he buried the lede on purpose. Why? Well, one reason might be that the “security sources” quoted whenever the location of the Hamas command bunker is mentioned—which, as evidenced by this 2009 article by the excellent and highly experienced foreign correspondent Steven Erlanger of the New York Times, happens every time there’s a war in Gaza—are obviously Israelis, not members of Hamas. It might be hard to believe the Israelis, the simple logic might run, since they obviously have an investment in arguing that Hamas is using hospitals and schools as human shields.

More here

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