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Clashes Between Rival Militias in Libya Kill 47

Clashes between rival Libyan militias fighting for control of the capital’s international airport killed 47 people over the last week, Libya’s Health Ministry said, as violence in an eastern city killed five.

The weeklong battle in Tripoli began when Islamist-led militias — mostly from the western city of Misrata — launched a surprise assault on the airport, under control of rival militias from the western mountain town of Zintan.

The clashes resumed Sunday after cease-fire efforts failed. On Monday, the burned-out shell of an Airbus A330 sat on the tarmac, a $113 million passenger jet for Libya’s state-owned Afriqiyah Airways destroyed in the fighting

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21 killed in Baghdad car bombing

PUBLISHED 22/07/2014|22:49

21 people have been killed in a suicide blast in Baghdad

A suicide driver rammed his explosive-laden car into a police checkpoint at the entrance to Baghdad‘s Khazimiyah district killing 21 people, including seven policemen manning the post.

Police officials said there was a long line of cars at the checkpoint at the time of the attack. At least 35 people were wounded, according to police and hospital officials.

Baghdad has been on edge since the Sunni militant blitz led by the Islamic State extremist group seized the northern city of Mosul, vowing to push south to the capital.

The city has seen several small scale bombings in recent weeks, but it has so far been free of the large, coordinated attacks.


Turkish soldiers killed in Syria border clash

Turkey faces growing international pressure to police a major access route for European foreign fighters. (File photo: AFP)

Two Turkish soldiers were killed in a clash with suspected smugglers near the Syria border, a local official said on Tuesday, according to Reuters news agency.

A military patrol confronted a group of smugglers trying to cross from Syria into the southeastern Turkish frontier district of Ceylanpinar, sparking a gun battle, Sanliurfa province governor Izzettin Kucuk said.

“Two soldiers were killed and another was wounded, we know the other group suffered many casualties,” he told journalists.

Security in the area was heightened, with armoured vehicles deployed, Kucuk said.

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Jets pound terrorists’ sanctuaries in NWA, 13 killed

Jets pound terrorists’ sanctuaries in NWA, 13 killed

SHAWAL: At least 13 terrorists were killed as Pakistan Air Force fighter jets on Wednesday again pounded 4 suspected hideouts of militants in Tehsil Shawal of North Waziristan Agency (NWA), Geo News reported.

Sources said in continuation of security forces operation Zarb-e-Azb, terrorists’ sanctuaries located near the Pak-Afghan border in Tehsil Shawal were targeted by jet fighters and 4 of them were completely destroyed, killing 13 suspected militants.

The deceased terrorists could not be identified immediately, as operation in the area is still underway.

More here.

Michigan Ice Cream Man Accused of Killing U.N. Peacekeepers in Lebanon Decades Ago

In this June 16, 2014 photo, Mahmoud Bazzi, who the Irish government calls a suspect in the abduction, torture and killing of two Irish soldiers serving as United Nations peacekeepers in Lebanon 34 years ago, speaks at his home in Dearborn, Mich. Bazzi was arrested Tuesday, July 15, 2014 by U.S. authorities at his Dearborn home for "administrative immigration violations" and not directly in connection to the killings in Lebanon, spokeswoman Gillian Christensen told The Associated Press. (AP Photo/Detroit Free Press, Brian Kaufman)

In this June 16, 2014 photo, Mahmoud Bazzi, whom the Irish government calls a suspect in the abduction, torture and killing of two Irish soldiers serving as United Nations peacekeepers in Lebanon 34 years ago, speaks at his home in Dearborn, Mich. Bazzi was arrested Tuesday, July 15, 2014 by U.S. authorities at his Dearborn home for “administrative immigration violations” and not directly in connection to the killings in Lebanon, spokeswoman Gillian Christensen told The Associated Press. (AP Photo/Detroit Free Press, Brian Kaufman)

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This of coarse depends greatly in how the questions are formulated, ”When’s the last time you beat your wife”.

It also might be due to the indoctrination/inculcation of greedy socialist principles over the decades, where success is seen as greed, and redistribution (stealing of wealth) seen as virtue.

Finns on Finns: “We’re hard working, but greedy and intolerant”

A new survey of how Finnish people characterise themselves has yielded few surprises, with long-held beliefs that Finns are diligent and work-centred continuing to dominate Finland’s self-image. The poll, by business think tank EVA, paints a picture of a country where nationalism and a fixed sense of what it means to be Finnish are still widespread, even among the young.

Suomen maajoukkueen kannattajia Suomi-Slovakia -pelissä 4. toukokuuta.
Suomen maajoukkueen kannattajia Suomi-Slovakia -pelissä 4. toukokuuta. Image: Jussi Nukari / Lehtikuva

The majority of respondents to a survey of Finnish self-image continue to hold deeply ingrained and even stereotypical notions of what it means to be a Finn, a new report has found.

An attitude survey published on Tuesday by business think-tank EVA found that most people considered Finns to be hard working, yet also greedy and intolerant.

Respondents were asked how much they agreed with a series of 21 statements describing Finnish people and Finland. Replies therefore relate to the views that Finns have of themselves and their countrymen and women.

Most Finns described themselves as work-centred, with 84 percent of those polled saying they thought of Finns as hard working. 77 percent said they believed Finns value work.

In a sign that long-held notions of “Finnishness” are continuing to dominate Finland’s self image, the report’s authors say there were no significant differences between the views of different age groups, with attitudes of young respondents also very much focused around the value of work.

“If our own image of our relationship with work is true, then we’re in good shape,” EVA’s head of research Ilkka Haavisto said.

Greed more common than generosity

When it comes to teamwork, Finns do not rate themselves so highly, the study found. Only 43 percent of those polled said they saw being co-operative as a national characteristic.

”Even fewer people defined being generous or charitable as Finnish traits. You could say that people think greed is more common than generosity for Finns,” Haavisto says.

According to the survey, over half of people polled – 56 percent – saw their compatriots as greedy and self-serving. Only 41 percent thought that charity and generosity were Finnish characteristics.

Many respondents, however, saw room for improvement in the so-called Finnish national character. 68 percent of those polled said they thought self-interest had too much of an effect on society. Only four percent said they would like to see Finns being more greedy.

Tolerance isn’t our strong point

73 percent of respondents said they believe Finns respect basic values. Patriotism and nationalism were also described as defining traits by 81 percent of those polled.

Far fewer people, however, thought that Finland is a nation of tolerance and open-mindedness, with only 37 percent of those questioned by EVA  ascribing these qualities to the Finnish national character.

Haavisto says the results suggest that Finns are less tolerant than their Nordic cousins – though they do at least recognise this fact in themselves.

”Tolerance clearly isn’t our strong point,” He says.

As for whether this is a problem, opinions of the public were evenly divided.  One in two respondents said that there is too little tolerance in Finnish society, with women being more likely than men to see shortcomings in this area.

Over 2,000 people responded to EVA’s survey in January. The margin of error is between 2 and 3 percentage points.

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Another feather in the cap of Obama.


Islamic State crushes and coerces on march towards Baghdad

(Reuters) – Using its own version of “soft” and “hard” power, the Islamic State is crushing resistance across northern Iraq so successfully that its promise to march on Baghdad may no longer be unrealistic bravado.

While conventional states try to win hearts and minds abroad before necessarily resorting to military force, the jihadist group is also achieving its aims by psychological means – backed up by a reputation for extreme violence.

The Islamic State, which in June captured a vast stretch of territory in the north including the largest city Mosul, used this strategy when its fighters met armed resistance from the town of al-Alam for 13 days running.

They kidnapped 30 local families and rang up the town’s most influential citizens with a simple message about the hostages: “You know their destiny if you don’t let us take over the town.”

More here. H/T: Fjordman

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I’ve been saying it for years, for many of the same reasons as Brian.

arabs.waving.entrails.butchered.israelis.ramallahWhat they (Hamas) recently did to Tel Aviv, resulting in the U.S. FAA’s suspension of all flights to Israel, proves Israel CANNOT allow a similar situation in Judea and Samaria to be created. The two state solution is dead.

H/T: Brian of London

Two States For Two People Is Dead

This is not Ben Gurion Airport. The remains of a burnt airplane is pictured at the Tripoli international airport in the Libyan capital on July 16, 2014

So. Farewell
Two State Solution. 

Impractical and
Little loved
Source of
Untold corrupt wealth

Yes. Diplomatic

Gravy Train.

And after Madrid
And Oslo
And Camp David

All it really took
To kill you
Was a single boom

E.J. Thribb (17½)

Yesterday a single, solitary Hamas rocket got through our multi layered defences and landed near our airport. And the American FAA and then the Europeans ran screaming to their keyboards to BAN flights to Israel.

Kabul airpot in Afghanistan remains open. Flights to and from the Ukraine are even largely unaffected (more on this in the piece I’ll link to).

Tripoli is having trouble: 47 dead two days ago in battles actually at the airport (I wonder if they took their shoes off). Pictures from last week show that every plane on the ground when fighting started a week or so ago has been destroyed or damaged beyond flight.

But the biggest casualty is the preposterous concept that the Palestinian people can ever have a modern state within the borders of Israel. That another state could exist in Judea Samaria as it is today is unthinkable. As long as there is the chance that people with the same ideology as Hamas (who cares what Jihadi name they pick next) can come to power on the hills overlooking Tel Aviv and our airport, they can’t have a state.

The entire population of that mythical state, to a man, woman, child and donkey would need to renounce Jihad forever. And we’d have to make sure they didn’t have their fingers crossed behind their backs. As I’ve said before, absent an effort to “de-Islamize” in line with the denazification of Germany, there isn’t a snowball’s hope in hell of trusting these people with what they believe a state should entail.

More here.

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It’s a rhetorical question, but it’s worrisome that it even has to be asked. An increasing number of people don’t believe that they do, or at least give half hearted support to the notion of Israel’s right to fight back.

Does Israel Have The Right To Self Defense: Continuing The Lethal Narrative Against The Jewish State





Special Report by Nidra Poller – Paris, July 22, 2014 – Israel, they say, harumph, has the right to defend itself, but… But not entirely. Both sides are asked to act with restraint. Not exactly both. Because the conflict is lopsided: 37 then 58, 102, and now more than 200 Palestinians killed. The vast majority, according to Palestinian sources, are civilians. Women, children and the elderly, to say nothing of the thousands of wounded. On the other side, zilch. That’s it, the stage is set, the lethal narrative has wheels and it’s going to be fueled daily, automatically, unapologetically.

How might Hamas act with restraint? Its goal is to kill all the Jews and occupy all the territory from the Jordan to the sea. Whereas the Israelis want zero dead, zero wounded, and the pursuit of a productive life in an intact nation. So what would restraint amount to? Hamas would kill half the Jewish Israelis? There is no justification for this cooking-the-books vision of a confrontation with worldwide ramifications: The frontier between civilization and savagery runs along the Gaza-Israel border.

Mourners at funeral for Jewish victims of terrorism.

Mourners at funeral for Jewish victims of terrorism.

The Israeli army could crush Hamas in the space of 24 hours, simply by disregarding the fate of civilians caught in the interstices of a war machine built instead of a decent place for living creatures. Israel doesn’t use its power that way.

If the heroic Iron Dome were struck with a malediction and all eight batteries suddenly went dead, if ever Hamas got the upper hand, the rockets launched from Gaza could quickly balance the books. Would that be okay? 200 victims on each side. A draw? The competing teams shake hands and go home happy to have played a good game? No. Hamas would pursue its genocidal enterprise without the slightest restraint. What would they say then? The president of the United States, his secretary of state, European leaders, the General Secretary of the United Nations, journalists and readers eager to comment on the “conflict.” If ever Israel became weak like the helpless people of Iraq or Nigeria, what would public opinion say? Sorry, guys. It turns out you should have hit the enemy with all your might. Contemporary public opinion has taken a strong stand on that old-fashioned genocide, the Shoah. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out: it was a terrible tragedy that is sincerely regretted Or almost.


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H/T Brian John Thomas , who notes: That makes them terrorists as well.

UN agency handed rockets back to Hamas, Israel says

Palestinian children attend a class at the UNRWA elementary school in the Shati refugee camp in Gaza City, in April (Illustrative photo credit: AP/Hatem Moussa)
Palestinian children attend a class at the UNRWA elementary school in the Shati refugee camp in Gaza City, in April (Illustrative photo credit: AP/Hatem Moussa)

UNRWA says it gave 20 missiles found in Gaza school to ‘local authorities’ that are under the ‘government of national consensus in Ramallah’

By Raphael Ahren July 20, 2014,

Palestinian children attend a class at the UNRWA elementary school in the Shati refugee camp in Gaza City, in April (Illustrative photo credit: AP/Hatem Moussa)

A United Nations agency that last week found rockets in a Gaza school operating under its auspices has handed that weaponry over to Hamas, Israeli officials said Sunday, accusing the organization of actively helping the terrorist organization potentially attack Israeli civilians.

“The rockets were passed on to the government authorities in Gaza, which is Hamas. In other words, UNRWA handed to Hamas rockets that could well be shot at Israel,” a senior Israeli official told The Times of Israel.

More here.

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All the more reason to wipe them out completely.

FAA Suspends All U.S. Flights to Israel for 24 Hours

July 22, 2014
The Federal Aviation Administration has suspended all U.S. flights to Israel for at least 24 hours.

The official advisory Thursday came not long after two major U.S. airlines—Delta and American—decided to suspend their flights to Israel independent of FAA instructions. Earlier Tuesday, a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip landed about one mile from Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport. According to the Associated Press, the rocket damaged a house and injured one in Yehud, a Tel Aviv suburb.

The FAA advisory reads:

The notice was issued in response to a rocket strike which landed approximately one mile from Ben Gurion International Airport on the morning … [and] applies only to U.S. operators, and has no authority over foreign airlines operating to or from the airport

After the rocket landed near the airport, Delta diverted a flight en route to Tel Aviv and landed the plane in Paris. The U.S. State Department issued a travel advisory Monday for Americans in Israel. “The Department of State recommends that U.S. citizens consider the deferral of non-essential travel to Israel and the West Bank and reaffirms the longstanding strong warning to U.S. citizens against any travel to the Gaza Strip,” the notice read.

International airlines are now starting to ground flights to the country as well. According to CNN, Germany’s Lufthansa has suspended flights to Tel Aviv. These cancellations are coming just several days after a passenger jetliner was shot down over Ukraine, increasing international tensions. That flight, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, was traveling through an area with no international restrictions, and its downing has raised questions about whether commercial airlines should fly over conflict zones.

In a statement earlier Tuesday, before the FAA announced its suspension, Israel Transport Minister Yisrael Katz said keeping flights out of his country was an overreaction. “There is no reason for these companies to stop flights,” he said. “They have given a prize to terror.”

More here.

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Like the twerp never knew.

Watch: Netanyahu Presents UN Chief with Hamas Rockets

During Ban Ki-moon’s visit to Israel, PM Netanyahu presented him with the rockets and operating methods of Hamas terrorists.

, Today, 3:15 AM

During United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s visit to Israel on Tuesday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu presented him with the rockets and operating methods of Hamas terrorists.

Netanyahu showed Ban, among other things, some of the long-range rockets that Hamas has used to target central Israel. Netanyahu also showed the UN chief some proof that Hamas has been using civilians as human shields.

The two later made statements to the press. During the press conference, Ban condemned Hamas’s rocket attacks against Israel, but also urged Israel to exercise “maximum restraint.”

More here. H/T Worlock

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Like Doris said on FB: “Abbas and the rest of the Paleostinians should follow them as well.”


H/T:Doris Wise Montrose

Abbas’s family abandons West Bank for Jordan

07/22/2014 19:29

The PA president’s wife and grandchildren were among the family members who left Ramallah

Members of the family of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas have secretly left Ramallah for Jordan, according to the online newspaper Rai Al-Youm.

“For the first time and secretly, all the members of President Abbas’s family have left to their residence in Amman,” the report said.

It said that Abbas’s wife and grandchildren were among the family members who left Ramallah recently.

The newspaper said that Mohamed Shehadeh, who is in charge of Abbas’s security detail, has decided to beef up security around the PA president’s office and residence in Ramallah.

The departure of Abbas’s family and the tight security measures came in response to growing resentment among Palestinians with the PA president and his policies in wake of the current war between Israel and Hamas.

More here.

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What he should be calling for is the end of Hamas.


Obama wanders into Gaza conflict, calls for ‘cessation of hostilities’
[See first portion at link]… Hamas isn’t giving up this time: isn’t retreating behind a strategic ceasefire agreement with one eye on the future.  As I wrote 10 days ago, Hamas is going for broke.  The Hamas leadership knows it has lost importance in the post-Arab Spring environment.  Too many alternatives are possible now: scenarios in which there will be other ways for radical Islamists to come at Israel besides supporting Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah, or some combination of them.  Hamas needs to get something started now, if the terrorist group is to remain relevant.
So as ceasefire after ceasefire is proposed, Israel agrees to consider them and Hamas does not.  Critics of the Obama administration will justifiably ask if the president also urged Hamas’s leaders to cease hostilities today – or if his appeal was only to Israel.  The critics would point out that Israel has started a job that needs to be finished, if there is to be a basis for a lasting truce of some kind.

And none of these criticisms is unfair.  But there’s a bigger picture to consider: one that may actually cause Netanyahu to seek a negotiated ceasefire earlier, and after accomplishing less, than Israel’s well-wishers might prefer.

That bigger picture can be outlined very simply.  The whole reality of the Middle East has changed in the last three years, and no one knows what comes next.  Hamas can’t just be destroyed.  That would create a vacuum in Gaza, and there’s no one who is ready with a plan to fill it.

Each interested party knows two things: first, that there is no plan ready to be implemented for any follow-on arrangement; and second, that any obvious proposal would be unacceptable to other important parties.  Now isn’t the time to hash this out: to try to implement a sustainable

More here

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Here are some links for use regarding Operation Protective Edge:

Grad Rocket Launchers Discovered Next to Gaza School 

Last night, IDF soldiers discovered 3 underground rocket launchers outside a school in Gaza. These launchers were already used to fire many rockets at Israel, and were ready to be be fired again.


IDF Thwarts Hamas Infiltration into Israel

Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israel via a tunnel from Gaza. While the terrorists hid in bushes, IDF forces engaged them. As the terrorists attempt to return to the tunnel, they are killed by IDF fire.


Evidence of Hamas Shooting from Within Homes

In this video, Hamas terrorists can be seen shooting from within homes. Once the terrorists are located, they are struck by IDF fire.


Hamas Social Media Rules: Describe Terrorists as Innocent Civilians

Hamas is employing a new tactic to conceal its true terrorist nature from the world. It has begun asking Gaza’s social media users to disseminate lies throughout the West and the Arab world. 


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Hey You in Washington! This is What Life in Israel is Like.

Lori Lowenthal Marcus

Even people who are closely following the news about the current conflict in Gaza and Israel tend to focus on the rockets, the bombs and the casualties, but few focus on what it is like to race to a bomb shelter, and fewer still consider what it is like inside those shelters, for the lucky ones we make it to one.

Artists 4 Israel, a collective of creative geniuses who approach issues differently than do you or I, saw that gap and have done something quite inventive to fill it. They built a Bomb Shelter Museum, and then they took it on the road.

For those lucky enough never to hear the “Tzeva Adom” (Code Red) alert and have to race to the nearest shelter, the Bomb Shelter Museum provides the opportunity to approximate that situation.

Craig Dershowitz is one of the founders of Artists 4 Israel. He explained to The Jewish Press that the BSM is a multi-media, fully immersive experience that simulates living through a rocket attack in Sderot or Ashkelon or, sadly, pretty much throughout Israel.

More here.

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Sadly, two more heroes fallen.

Every single non-combatant killed in the fighting is the sole responsibility of Hamas and the Paleostinian society.

Two more soldiers killed in Gaza, bringing IDF fatalities up to 27

LAST UPDATED: 07/22/2014 07:38

IDF destroys 23 tunnels, kills 183 terrorists since start of the ground operation; suspected terror attack in Nablus leaves Israeli seriously wounded; IDF intercepts arms shipment in Dead Sea.

wounded gaza idf

IDF extracts wounded soldiers from Gaza Photo: REUTERS

Two IDF soldiers were killed on Monday in clashes with terrorists in the Gaza Strip, the IDF announced on Tuesday morning. The number of Israeli military fatalities since the start of the ground operation stands at 27.

The IDF named one of the soldiers killed on Monday as Nahal brigade soldier St.-Sgt. Oded Ben Sira, who was 22. Ben Sira was from Nir Etzion. Late Monday and early Tuesday, three soldiers were seriously injured, and four were moderately hurt, during battles in Gaza.

The IDF launched a large-scale wave of air strikes in Shejaia, northeast in Gaza overnight, hitting 100 targets there in the past 24 hours, including weapons, and Hamas infrastructure sites.

In some of the strikes, secondary blasts, indicating the presence of Hamas arms, were detected.

Since the start of the ground offensive last week, 23 tunnels have been destroyed and 183 terrorists killed, a senior military source said. Twenty terrorists are in custody.

IDF sensor to shooter cycle centers, which coordinate air strikes against terrorists, were behind successful Israeli attacks that killed 66 terrorists since the start of the ground operation, the source added.

Ground forces “are moving and scanning areas. They are dynamic, and are not standing in place,” the source said. Hamas is trying to defend its tunnel network, often opting for close combat with the army, he added.

More here.

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Think about it my fellow Americans, think about it very hard. 

There is actually a legal requirement stipulating that patients should not be forced to wait ”longer than 6 mos”. Really. Socialized medicine in the raw. Health insurance (heh…free) does not mean actual health care.

Dentists in capital report huge differences in waiting lists


Increased pressure on dental services at the start of the year has put further pressure on the capital’s dental services, health cheifs say. Helsinki health authority reports that over 13,000 patients are queuing for an appointment, with some waiting times exceeding the six-month legal requirement. Meanwhile residents of neighbouring Espoo can find and book an available slot straightaway over the phone.

Image: YLE Etelä-Karjala

Health authorities in the capital region are reporting large differences in waiting times for dental care.

In Helsinki, health chiefs report that demand for dental care increased noticeably at the start of the year, with long queues also reported in Vantaa.

Patients needing to see a dentist are continuing to face long waits in Helsinki. The city reports that the backlog of non-urgent appointments currently runs to over 13,000 people. Some of those have been queuing for over six months for an appointment, exceeding the maximum waiting time set down by law.

The waiting list grew at the start of the year, according to chief dentist for the Helsinki health authority, Merja Auero.

“In Helsinki demand for dental services at health centres has grown massively. Earlier this year we were seeing around 1,000 new requests to see a dentist every week, compared to around 700 the year before,” she said.

More here.

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Chicago, hub of the ”all inclusive, humanitarian” Democrat party.

This is a direct result from the Left’s continued attack against the U.S. civil society, which has been accentuated with increase in numbers of unassailable antisemites from the Islamic Middle East. The multi-culti statism threatening the US shows its face in party politics, where Islam is now becoming the pet project to catered and pampered to. This is what happens when politicians cater to race/ethnicity based (balkanization) politics, there is always some new group to supplant the ones taken for granted.


The Times of Israel reports that a day after hundreds of anti-Israel protesters demonstrated in downtown Chicago, leaflets threatening Jews with violence were found on a half-dozen cars. The hate crime unit of the Chicago Police has already opened an investigation.

The demonstration and the threatening leaflets are in reaction to Israel’s recent push into Gaza. Israel’s move was one of self-defense after dealing with countless rocket bombardments fired by Hamas terrorists determined to murder innocent Israeli civilians. The Gaza terrorists are dug in intentionally in civilian areas and civilians are being used as human shields to up the casualties and sway moral illiterates in the media.

The threatening letters promised violence against Jews in the Pulaski Park neighborhood if Israel doesn’t end its work of self defense against a group of barbaric terrorists determined to destroy the small Jewish country.


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Just like on the U.S. border with Mexico, illegals in Africa pile into Spanisjh territory as well.

3,500 migrants get through barrier to Melilla in Morocco
Number doubles over 2013, but plummets after anti-climbing fence

21 JULY, 15:42

(ANSAmed) – MADRID, JULY 21 – Out of more than 10,000 who have made the attempt since the beginning of the year, 3,500 migrants have managed to enter Melilla, the Spanish enclave in Morocco, surpassing its double-barrier fence, Spanish Interior Minister Jorge Fernandez Diez said Monday.

The number marks a 203% increase over the same period in 2013.

Most are from sub-Saharan Africa, who often make attempts ‘en mass’ to overcome the barriers. Diez spoke from the inauguration of the course “Foreigners deprived of their freedom” at Melilla. Diez underlined the effectiveness in the fight against clandestine immigration of a new anti-climbing fence, recently installed along the nine-kilometre border between Morocco and the Spanish enclave, media reported. The fence prevents putting fingers through or grabbing hold. In addition to the anti-climbing fence, there is also a preexisting, 6-metre tall, double metal protection barrier.

More here

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France, continuing its tradition of antisemitism with a new group of ‘Frenchies’.


Gaza-Israel Dateline Paris: Dispatch No.2 by Nidra Poller


It’s on all the lips, in all the media: burning Jewish shops in Sarcelles is anti-Semitic. PM Manuel Valls declared, in an excellent speech at the commemoration of the rafle du Vel d’Hiv [mass roundup of Parisian Jews in 1942], that anti-Semitism was trying to hide behind anti-Zionism. Florian Philippot, VP of the Front National (FN) accused the PM of promoting French self-hatred.  Because he acknowledged the dishonor of Vichy France’s  compliance with orders from the German occupation that resulted in the deportation of 76,000 Jews from France to the death camps; 2,000 returned alive. Valls added a long tribute to the honor of the Résistance and courageous French people who risked their lives to hide Jews. Why would Philippot, speaking for the party that was supposedly going to liberate France from Islamization, prefer to lash out at the PM than to condemn the Islamic thugs? Valls defended the decision to ban further pro-Palestinian demonstrations that deteriorated into attacks on synagogues, in the Marais where Jews had been rounded up and sent to the death camps, and on rue de la Roquette, not far from the Japy Gymnasium where Jews were held before being sent to the Vel d’Hiv. Making the junction between the dishonor of 1942 and the intolerable assaults of 2014, the PM accurately measured the level of the threat hanging over the French Republic today.

Why is the FN so skittish? Who is the blatantly pro-Putin anti-American FN trying to protect? At the other end of the political spectrum, aging militants from the NPA or even more obscure fringe groups pop up in the media to defend the right to demonstrate. While videos of the authorized July 13th operation are freely available to refute all apologetics, these gentlemen place the blame on a repressive government. By denying the right to demonstrate they kept us from providing our own security service that would have prevented these unfortunate marginal acts of violence [like you did when they rushed to the synagogues last week?] No journalists were on the TVscreen to question the rationality [sic] of this discourse thrown at the public like a rock. The balding apparatchik warns us: You have to understand their anger.

The other day, Minister of Foreign Affairs Laurent Fabius flew to the Middle East  with stops in Jordan, Egypt, and Israel, determined to impose an immediate ceasefire. He emerged, disappointed, from a half-hour conversation with Israeli PM Netanyahu. The French plan apparently is based on some kind of security guarantees that would reassure the Israeli government and convince it to lay down its arms and retreat, leaving Hamas victoriously intact. French forces can guarantee security at the Erez Crossing?  Riot police in Paris can’t even thwart a crowd of 3,000 punk jihadis in Sarcelles! Dozens of police were wounded, a pitiful handful of assailants have been arrested, shops were looted and torched. French authorities cannot prevent an anti-communist party from defying a perfectly legal ban and leading violent attacks on French citizens, their property, and law enforcement.

Gaza – Donetsk

Keep reading:

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It’s all for the jihad.

uk jihadistsAs I recall, the pop-tard that messed the streets of Stockholm with his guts, was also married to a Brit convert as well.


by ANDRE WALKER 21 Jul 2014,

A boy was paraded on twitter to advertise jihad by a woman who claims to be his British mother, meaning that he too is a British national. The child, thought to be about four years old, was pictured with an assault rifle as part of a series of tweets to encourage more British women to join ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

The mother, who uses the names Umm Isa and Muhajirah fi Sham, is married to the ISIS fighter Abdur Rahman, from Sweden, according to the Daily Star. She took to twitter saying: “Wer r all da sisters dat want 2 join us in Sham nd marry nd support a mujahid?”
In a further tweet that has now been taken down she posted the picture of the young boy saying: “Look at my little mujahid this kid is the funniest man love him to (sic) much”. She refers to the boy as Isa, which is the Arabic version of the name Jesus, and claims he has a younger brother that she calls “mini mujahid” or holy warrior.

She is widely believed to be a former student of film, media, psychology and sociology. It is thought that she converted to Islam and began attending a Mosque in South London. If she is British and is indeed married to a Swedish radical, then the two children would have the right to reside anywhere in the European Union if they make it out of the warzone alive.

Whilst ISIS is not beneath fabricating claims to encourage more British nationals to join their jihad, the sheer number of people now saying they are from Western Europe makes it improbable that all are lying. Also, as previously reported on Breitbart London, the security services now admit that there are at least 400 – 500 British nationals fighting in Syria and Iraq.

To add to the woes of the British authorities, a well-placed Muslim MP has warned that the figure is much higher, at least 1500. Khalid Mahmood believes that young people in cities like Birmingham are being attracted to jihad by pop-up restaurants and social media recruitment campaigns.

This raises the possibility of large numbers of highly trained veteran terrorists returning to the United Kingdom at some point in the future and continuing their fight here. This was described by David Cameron as the “biggest national security threat to the United Kingdom in decades”.

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Or should I say pop-turd?


Baghdad suicide bomber ‘was German’

Baghdad suicide bomber 'was German'

The remains of a cafe in Baghdad after one of the five bombings on Saturday. Photo: DPA

Published: 21 Jul 2014 07:59 GMT+02:00

The man’s German nationality was reported by Iraqi media on the back of a statement by ISIS.

The man had the warrior name Abu Al-Kaakaa al-Almani, but no further details were given about him.

The five bombings were one of the worst attacks in Baghdad this year by the Sunni terror group which has laid claim to huge areas of Syria and north-eastern Iraq. As well as the 24 dead, 70 people were injured, according to Iraq news site Al Mada.

More here. H/T: Fjordman

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