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Germany: Protestant Church (EKD) Declares Koran as “Third Testament”…….


This is why the Almighty did not entrust the Torah to European tribes…


German Protestant Church (EKD) claims: The Holy Qur’an is the “third Testament”


In a review in the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the cultural representative of the Protestant Church in Germany (EKD), Johann Hinrich Claussen, declares the Holy Qur’an to be a ‘third Testament’”.


Jesus Christ is thus no longer the Son of God, but is downgraded to a prophet. The Trinity, which from the Muslim point of view is polytheism, is also invalidated. The EKD handout “Klarheit und gute Nachbarschaft: Christen und Muslime in Deutschland” (Clarity and Good Neighbourliness: Christians and Muslims in Germany) published in 2006 still contains an unambiguous Christian confession, with an affirmation of the missionary mandate, according to which the message of God’s justification is to be communicated to all the world.


Apparently, the EKD has revised its position in the meantime. The theologian Margot Käßmann is mentioned, who sees the relevance of Luther today in the fact that we can learn from other religions that there are other ways to reach God besides Christ. Although Luther himself did not really practise this, fortunately, we are much further ahead today, argues Käßmann. The EKD is also adapting to this new trend: “The challenge is to speak of Christ, but in such a way that the faith of others is not devalued or declared to be untrue”. The church renounces “one-way communication”, no longer wants to act as “organiser” and “provider”, but will profile, concentrate and, if necessary, reduce its own offers in close and sustainable coordination with civil society partners.


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