Daniel Greenfield US Election fraud

Daniel Greenfield: Person of the Year – The Disenfranchised American Voter…….


On January 6th we shall see if we still have a country/constitution, a Republican Party…


Person of the Year – The Disenfranchised American Voter

The elites can steal an election. But they can’t steal a movement.

When the Constitution formed this nation, we were a country of around 4 million. But in 2020 at least 74 million Americans have had their votes tossed in the trash along with the Constitution.


More Americans had their votes discarded, stolen, nullified, corrupted, and obstructed in this election than existed in the entire United States when it fought for its independence from monarchy and tyranny, when it brought into being a “more perfect union”, when it expanded westward, and when brother against brother fought in a civil war to preserve that union.


There were more Americans who voted for President Trump than were living in the United States in 1890. The entire nation, as it was in 1890, had its vote usurped by a corrupt oligarchy.


While the battles go on across cable news and social media, these are the forgotten men.


They were the forgotten men and women who rallied to Reagan and to Trump, falling behind in a nation whose elites can’t wait to leave 1787 and 1890, along with old mill towns, steel plants that made a nation’s skyscrapers, rusting factories that once supplied her people, port cities on whose ships cargoes once flowed to the world that are now filled with Made in China junk ships.

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