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France: Muslim Attacked By Sharia-Supremacist For Posting Photo of Christmas Dinner Online…….


Recognizing other faiths is a punishable crime in Islam…


French Muslim Attacked After Posting Christmas Dinner Photo Online


A 20-year-old Muslim was subjected to an assault from an acquaintance and several others after he posted pictures of a Christmas dinner on social media and was called a “dirty son of a white man”.


The victim, a resident of the city of Belfort, is also the son of a local police officer and filed a complaint against the individual who made the threats, that are thought to have been motivated by anger at seeing a Muslim celebrating the Christian holiday.


“Dirty son of a white man, son of a snake, son of policemen… I’m going to show you what a real rebeu is,” the message said, newspaper Le Figaro reports.


The term rebeu or beur is French slang denoting a person from a North African migration background who was born in France, and is sometimes used as a pejorative.


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