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Peter Navarro on Election Fraud Evidence: “This Should Haunt This Country”…….


And we need to correct what happened by instilling the right President and convicting those who carried out the fraud…


Immaculate Deception: Election Fraud Evidence “Should Haunt This Country”


On Thursday, Dr. Peter Navarro, Assistant to President Trump and Director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, released a 36-page “chess-board look” at the entire terrain of the 2020 election. During the question-and-answer portion of the invitation-only press conference, Navarro scolded members of the press for their lax approach to journalism.


Jeremy Peters of the New York Times asked why so many of the court cases are being dismissed and why so many people, including Attorney General Barr, do not seem to agree that there was widespread, significant evidence of fraud. Peters also seemed to insinuate that the investigation is a sham designed to undermine election integrity, and said that investigations are just an “ever-widening effort by people to undermine the integrity of the election that’s grown from the Democrats to Republicans and state legislatures, many of whom supported and voted for Trump, to Trump’s own justice department and his own attorney general and his own three Supreme Court justices, which he has hand-picked.” 


Navarro responded to Peters with what few in the press seem to be willing to acknowledge: The Texas case that went to the Supreme Court was dismissed on standing, not evidence. Few of the other courts looked at anything but procedure. He added that few in the media have done their homework.


“I’ve literally read thousands of affidavits, I’ve read every single court case,” Navarro said. “I’ve looked at all the testimony that was done at the state legislature level and I can count on one hand the number of people who’ve done that in this country.”  He added, “The New York Times has the most power of any news organization in the world to do effectively a hard investigation of all of this. It simply has not done that . . . The knee-jerk reaction these days is to, if you’re on the left it’s like something that comes out that doesn’t fit your narrative, you knock it down.”


When asked by reporter Penny Starr from Breitbart News whether he thinks the report will change the outcome of the election, Navarro said that he hoped the report would “be a catalyst for a full investigation of all of these alleged election irregularities on a fast track and done before Inauguration Day.”


Sam Stein with The Daily Beast asked Navarro if the “political futures” of politicians like Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp should be “haunted” because of how they have handled electoral irregularities in their states. Navarro’s response was simply, “It should haunt this country.”


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