Muslim persecution of Christians

More Than 50 Christians Refusing to Recant Their Faith Were Murdered By Islamonazis…….


These are the real martyrs for their faith…


‘More Than 50 Christians Refusing to Recant Their Faith Were Killed’

The persecution Christians experienced in just one month at the hands of Muslims.

The following are among the abuses that Muslims inflicted on Christians throughout the month of November, 2020:

The Slaughter of Christians

Indonesia:  On Nov. 27, Islamic terrorists beheaded a Christian priest and killed three other Christians by slitting their throats in Lembantongoa village.  A Salvation Army church and six Christian homes were also torched during the raid.  While acknowledging that an Islamic militant group was responsible, authorities claimed that the attack was not “religiously motivated.”  One human rights researcher said that this “latest strike was a ‘clear escalation’ of violence against Christians.”


Democratic Republic of Congo: Between November 20-25, members of the Islamic State-linked Allied Democratic Forces slaughtered approximately 20 Christians in a number of villages.  According to a clergyman who lost his family in the massacres:


They tried to force some of our Christians to convert to Islam.  They also tried to force my wife and our four children to convert to Islam, but when they refused to convert, they shot my wife in the head while our four children were cut into pieces with a Somali sword.


The clergyman, who was not present during the attacks, added that “the rebel militants intend to establish an Islamist state ruled by sharia (Islamic law).”  Two days after the raids, a journalist reported that the people were still in a state of terror and bewilderment:


There was a throng of Christians flooding the streets in a helpless situation, as well as radical Muslim extremists surrounding five churches.  Ten girls had been raped and 15 girls abducted from the Anglican Church and Roman Catholic Church, with 14 Christians admitted to a hospital in critical condition with injuries to their heads, and others with fractured hands and legs due to the use of guns, machete, clubs, Somali swords and axes.

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