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Daniel Greenfield: The Judiciary vs. the Leftist Mob…….


There are but a few of those in black robes who dare do the right thing, at a time when Leftist full-blown tyranny is rocking the nation…


The Judiciary vs. the Leftist Mob

Patriots won’t bend to the mob — even if the judges do.


Over two centuries ago, Alexander Hamilton pointed out that due to the “natural feebleness of the judiciary”, it’s “in continual jeopardy of being overpowered, awed, or influenced.”


Jeopardy long ago became reality. Now our nation’s future is in jeopardy.


As mobs fill the street, the Roberts Court shows the weakness of a conservative judiciary that is willing to issue conservative rulings only on those issues that won’t infuriate the mob too much. Faced with blatant election rigging, judges across the country have retreated from having to make the hard choices and safeguard our constitutional republic against political gangsters.


Or rather conservative judges have.


Judge Leslie Abrams Gardner, Stacey Abrams’ sister, is happy to intervene on behalf of her sister in Georgia’s Senate rolls and protect the dirty voter rolls from being cleaned up by Republicans. Throughout the Trump administration, the Democrat judges appointed by Clinton and Obama haven’t been shy about blocking every administration move on specious grounds.


Democrats then seized on the pandemic to rig elections in key states. This wasn’t just gaming the system like gerrymandering or using dirty census figures that include illegal aliens: both traditional Democrat means of rigging elections. Instead Democrat governors, judges and secretaries of state bypassed legislatures to unilaterally change how elections were conducted.


This wasn’t just crooked or dirty. It violated the plain text of the Constitution which put the power into the hands of state legislatures in Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania to determine how elections would be conducted. Federal judges and the DOJ have spent two generations monitoring elections in southern states because of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.


It wasn’t until seven years ago that the Roberts Court finally limited the reach of the VRA that forced states to get preclearance from the Department of Justice or the Attorney General before making changes to their elections because it was a mere 40 years out of date.


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  1. The USA is in more trouble than ever before. Can we save our land ?
    Depend on the Republican Party to save us?

  2. Yes…we are in a fight for our existence. The Marxist hoards are like wolves after a deer. Only good people can unite and save our beautiful country from these evil-doers.

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