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Egypt: Muslims Murder Christian Shop Owner, Injure Two More…….


The indigenous population always suffer at the hand of Islamic usurper majority…


One Christian killed and two injured in Islamic attack in Egypt

21 December 2020

One Christian was killed and two others injured in an Islamist extremist attack on a Christian-owned shop in al-Wardayan district, Alexandria, Egypt.


Ramsis Boulos Hermina, his brother Adel Hermina, and Tareq Fawzy Shenouda were stabbed and beaten by Muslim extremists armed with clubs, knives and a sword.


All three men were hospitalised and received urgent care, but Ramsis Hermina died from his injuries.


The attack was allegedly carried out by two brothers, one named as Nasser al-Sambo who has a history of harassing and bullying the Christian community.


The Muslim men attacked Ramsis Hermina as he was working in his shop, stabbing him in the neck and abdomen. Adel Hermina was stabbed in the side while Tareq Fawzy Shenouda was hit on the head with a club and stabbed in the chest when the two men came to the aid of the injured shop owner.


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