Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Lord Ahmed Lying Bastards Lying Muslims

Killer Ahmed (Lord of Lard) Lies About Israeli Defensive Actions Resulting From Hamas Islamonazi Rocket Attacks…….


“Lord” Ahmed is someone who ran over a bicyclist and killed him while driving his car and speaking on his phone. He only served a few weeks of a ridiculously short sentence…


That this disgusting little fart of a man dares lecture Israel while he himself should still be in jail for manslaughter, is grotesque to say the least.

Israeli, Yisrael Medad, someone who actually knows something about the Arabs’ conflict (dirty terrorist war) against the Jewish state, has the following to say about the “Lord of Lard’s” entirely disingenuous claim:

a. the first rocket attack was from Gaza to Ashkelon, a city with civilians, schools, hospitals etc.
b. no hospital, school or mosque was targeted.
c. any damage was caused by exploding stores of Gazan rockets.

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