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P.A.: Inquiry Launched Over Arab Youth Using Inactive Mosque In Judean Desert As Mixed Dancing Hall, Serving Alcohol…….


Sounds like the youth just want to have some fun…


But there is no fun in Islam, no individual liberty, no personal wants or desires, just Islam 24/7.


The dance party which infuriated Ramallah

PA launches commission of inquiry after young Arabs organize a party with a DJ, mixed dancing and alcohol inside an inactive mosque.


Palestinian Authority (PA) police on Sunday night arrested a Palestinian Arab DJ who played at a trance party held at the site of the Nabi Musa mosque on the weekend.


The arrest comes after a group of young Palestinian Arabs organized a dance party on Saturday at the site of the Nabi Musa mosque, located east of Jerusalem in the Judean wilderness. The site contains an inactive mosque that is defined as sacred by the PA “ministry of religious endowments”. Before the party, a sound system and a stand for distributing alcohol were placed at the scene.


Hundreds of Palestinian Arabs took part in the party and posted videos of the festivities to social media. This provoked outrage due to the fact that men and women danced together and the fact that alcohol, which is forbidden in Islam, was sold at the scene.


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