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Katie Hopkins: The Shuttering of Europe, For what purpose? To what end……?


For totalitarian ends…


The Shuttering of Europe

For what purpose? To what end?


At the risk of sounding like a small child being scolded by its mother for fighting, it was Germany who started it – and I am not talking about WWI. Or even WWII, though I will always hold a deep-seated grudge against the country for both of those events.


I am talking about the complete shuttering of Europe for Christmas.


One day Merkel was on German TV screens wringing her hands and imploring her people to be more cautious. (I wondered what was going on; Merkel does not do emotion.)


The next day she reverted to type and threw Germany into a hard lockdown, closing shops, schools and everything in between. (I felt some relief; at least this was the woman I knew.)


Merkel is the ginger German equivalent of Mark Zuckerberg. And by that I mean very odd.


I swear that woman could impound Santa’s sleigh and still be back in the European Parliament by 7 am in a pant suit, calmly discussing Fiscal Stimulus while little children wake to empty stockings.


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