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Red Ken wades back into Labour’s toxic anti-Semitism row and discusses Hitler on live TV AGAIN as the bitter row smashes the party’s support among Jewish voters

Ken Livingstone appeared on Sky News today to defend Labour's election results amid claims his allegedly anti-Semitic remarks had hurt Labour at the ballot box. He repeated his claims about Hitler 

Ken Livingstone appeared on Sky News today to defend Labour’s election results amid claims his allegedly anti-Semitic remarks had hurt Labour at the ballot box. He repeated his claims about Hitler

  • Livingstone ignited toxic row with claims Hitler supported Zionism in 1932
  • He’s repeatedly stood by the claim and went even further in new interview 
  • Elections now reveal Labour lost votes in wards with big Jewish population
  • Councillors in Bury blame the ‘grotesque’ anti-Semitism row for defeats
  • Despite the row Livingstone again discussed Hitler on live television today 

Ken Livingstone has waded back into Labour’s toxic anti-Semitism row as councillors defeated in a town with a large Jewish population today said they had been hurt by the ‘grotesque’ scandal.

Mr Livingstone admitted today the row over his remarks has left Labour facing a closer race than expected in yesterday’s elections – as live results showed the London Assembly contest in Barnet and Camden, home to many of London’s Jewish people, was neck and neck.

The confession did not stop Mr Livingstone again discussing the policies of Hitler in a live television interview on today’s results.

And in a new interview with Memri TV, which broadcasts in the Middle East, Mr Livingstone branded the creation of Israel after World War II as ‘fundamentally wrong’ and a ‘great catastrophe’.

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Dr.Gerstenfeld’s writes about Bernie Sanders being a strong promoter of antisemites. The article was first published at INN and republished here with the author’s consent.


Bernie Sanders, a strong Promoter of extreme anti-Semites

Manfred Gerstenfeld

In 2014 the Anti-Defamation League undertook a study of anti-Semitism in a hundred states and entities. The leading ten, each with at least 80% of the population holding anti-Semitic views, all come from the Arab and Muslim world. The West Bank and Gaza, headed the list with 93%.1 Yet US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has gone on record saying that positive relations between the United States and Israel hinge on Israel improving its relationship with the Palestinians.2

Sanders also stated that the United States should not limit its friendship to Israel alone, but should also be friendly toward the Palestinians.3 In other words, if he is elected his country will seek friendship with the most anti-Semitic entity in the world. He furthermore stated that Palestinians need to be treated with “dignity and respect.”4 Perhaps interviewers should ask him why genocide promoters and inciters to murder deserve to be treated that way. An American Jewish leader once said privately to me “Sanders doesn’t have a gram of anti-Semitism in his body.” That may be true, yet he is a strong promoter of extreme anti-Semites.

Much attention has been devoted to Sanders’ being Jewish. This while avoiding any mention of his wish for friendly relations between the US and an entity whose majority party, Hamas, has publicly declared its genocidal intentions against all Jews. Perhaps Sanders should first ask them whether, in view of his desire for this friendship, Hamas will agree not to murder him if it succeeds.

Another much discussed subject is Sanders’ inflation of the number of Palestinian civilian dead in Israel’s 2014 Protective Edge campaign against Hamas in Gaza. He mentioned “10,000 innocents” when in reality it was a fraction of this number.5 But this remains a side issue in comparison with his affinity for extreme anti-Jewish hate mongers. Sanders calls this a “balanced position.”

What is far more important to understand about Sanders is his self-definition as a socialist. Americans, including American Jews, are not very familiar with what many socialists stand for nowadays. For a better understanding of contemporary socialists, one has to look at Europe.

Sanders is a great admirer of the Nordic countries.6 It is there that anti-Israelism, the newest form of anti-Semitism, has been frequently promoted by socialists. Sweden is the most populated Scandinavian state. Its best known social democratic Prime Minister Olof Palme was one of the first mainstream European leaders to call Israel a Nazi state.7 Under its social democratic mayor Ilmar Reepalu, the third largest Swedish town Malmö became Europe’s capital of anti-Semitism.8 Not surprisingly in Sweden more Jews than anywhere else in Europe conceal their identity in public.9

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Once again it’s yet another example of ideology (Marxism/leftism) trumping reason and logical thinking. 

Leftism is a curse to any representational government and to humanity as a whole. The truly committed (should be committed) couldn’t care less about history and human experience, everything must be fit to conform to their delusional world view. Leftist statism is the underlying destructive force, and it knows no racial, ethnic or religious bounds. Those who buy into it, end up sacrificing their own heritage to it.


The appointment of anti-Israel activist Simone Zimmerman as the Jewish Outreach Director for the Bernie Sanders campaign in New York has met with a great deal of controversy.

There’s no ambiguity whatsoever that Simone Zimmerman hates Israel.

Simone Zimmerman appears to have gotten in bed with JVP, a militantly anti-Semitic organization which views the Jewish community as “the enemy” and has defended terrorism against Jews. Simone Zimmerman has joined the JVP hate group in condemning attempts to fight campus anti-Semitism. In response to Hamas attacks on Israel, Simone Zimmerman said, “We think it’s important to understand the context of occupation”. And declared that she opposed the campaign against Hamas that began after the brutal murder of three Jewish teens by Hamas terrorists.

Simone Zimmerman retweets violently anti-Israel bigots, including Max Blumenthal, who has called for the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Israel and helped inspire the Kansas City Jewish Community Center shooter, along with Hamas apologists like Glenn Greenwald and Yousef Munayyer.

And not to mention…

Last year, Zimmerman promoted a play called Martyr’s Street, whose plot compares an Israeli settler to a Hamas bomb-maker. While a student at Berkeley in 2012, she signed a letter criticizing the University of California system for issuing a report about anti-Semitism on UC campuses. The next year, Zimmerman wrote an op-ed calling on Hillel International, a national Jewish student organization, to sponsor campus events promoting the BDS movement, which seeks Israel’s destruction.

So we’re not discussing whether Simone Zimmerman hates Israel, but the specific accusation that she is supportive of BDS.

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This is how the Left describes…”progress”.

Corbyn in race row as anti-Semitic candidate is readmitted: Activist was suspended after sending series of tweets attacking Israel 

  • Vicki Kirby was suspended from Labour Party in 2014 after Twitter tirade
  • She was the party’s candidate for Woking and described Israel as’ evil’
  • Labour bosses have now decided to readmit her to the political party 
  • Jeremy Corbyn under pressure after he said anti-Semitic abuse had ‘no place in our society’  

Labour has been plunged into another racism storm after re-admitting an activist despite a series of anti-Semitic tweets.

Vicki Kirby was suspended in 2014, when she was the party’s candidate for Woking, for a Twitter tirade in which she described Israel as ‘evil’.

Her re-admittance emerged just minutes after Jeremy Corbyn said ‘vile’ anti-Semitic abuse had ‘no place in our society’.

Miss Kirby also suggested that Adolf Hitler might be the ‘Zionist God’, said Jews had ‘big noses’, and questioned why Islamic State has had not yet attacked Israel.

Earlier, Mr Corbyn spoke out after shadow cabinet minister Luciana Berger was subjected to a volley of hate messages on Twitter after posting that she was attending a global anti-Semitism conference in Berlin

Earlier, Mr Corbyn spoke out after shadow cabinet minister Luciana Berger was subjected to a volley of hate messages on Twitter after posting that she was attending a global anti-Semitism conference in Berlin

Yesterday it emerged she had been elected the local party’s vice-chair after being readmitted following the offence.

Last night, Labour said it would only take action to expel her if ‘new evidence’ came to light.

Earlier, Mr Corbyn spoke out after shadow cabinet minister Luciana Berger was subjected to a volley of hate messages on Twitter after posting that she was attending a global anti-Semitism conference in Berlin.

Miss Berger – previously the subject of a 2014 campaign of abuse that led to one man being jailed – posted examples of the latest messages as ‘a reminder of why it’s necessary’.

Mr Corbyn said: ‘The vile anti-Semitic abuse being directed at Luciana Berger is completely unacceptable. It has no place in our society.’

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The Leftist-Islamonazi nexus……..

And the media is worried about Tommy Robinson and Pegida UK? Really? The worst of the worst heads the nation’s second leading political party and chums it up with known Jew hating islamonazi fascists. Sick, sick sick.

UK Labour leader adds to list of anti-Israel ‘friends’

 Jeremy Corbyn

Britain’s leader of the opposition Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn. (photo credit:REUTERS)

British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn considers Mohammed Kozbar, a prominent London Muslim community leader with a history of controversial positions, a “friend,” the UK’s Telegraph reported on Saturday.

Kozbar has blamed UK foreign policy for the rise of ISIS, called for the destruction of Israel, participated in fundraising for Hamas-fronting charities such as Interpal, and praised extremist Muslim Brotherhood cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi.

Al-Qaradawi, who’s application for a visa to the the UK was rejected in 2008, has claimed that Hitler was sent by Allah to punish the Jews, supports suicide bombings against Israeli civilians, and has spoken out in favor of female genital mutilation among a plethora of other extremist positions.

Corbyn, who infamously called terror groups Hamas and Hezbollah his “friends,” and outraged his party’s pro-Israel base by neglecting to mention Israel once during a speech to the Labour Friends of Israel caucus, has reportedly met at least 15 times with Kozbar, and even called the Finsbury Park mosque chairman “legendary.”

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He’s an idiot pandering to anti-Semites for their vote with screwing Israel as a sop.

This is basically what Manfred Gerstenfeld talked about in a piece I posted a few days ago, about blaming Jews for anti-Semitism. Quoting  the late Elan Steinberg, senior advisor to the World Jewish Congress:

“Let’s understand things clearly: Anti-Semitism is not caused by Jews; it’s caused by anti-Semites. One can certainly be critical of Bush’s policy or Sharon’s policy, but any deviation from the understanding of the real cause of anti-Semitism is not merely a disservice, but a historic lie.”6

Middle-East violence over the past 6 decades is caused by Muslims themselves, with one faction rising up against the other for a multitude of different reasons. Israel has nothing to do with that, only with what touches its own borders. The moronic marxist is a clueless baboon, or cold hearted panderer.

sanders maroon

Sanders To Dearborn Muslims: Israel’s Existence To Blame For Mideast ‘Hatred And Warfare’


“For decades now, there has been hatred and warfare in the Middle East,” Sander said. “All I can tell you is I will make every single effort to bring rational people on both sides [of the Israel/Arab conflict] together, so that hopefully we can have through a level playing field – the United States treating everybody in that region equally – hopefully, and I know that there are people of goodwill in Israel and the Arab communities,”

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Tzofar This Week

Anti-Racist” Intersectionality Equals Antisemitic Hate

By Tzofar

In liberal circles now, the buzz word is “intersectionality”, better defined as “co-opting”. For example, according “feminist” Sara Ahmed, if you point out the abuse of women in Muslim society, you are a racist. Anti-racism has co-opted and subjugated the women’s movement. This is intersectionality—or angry moral spinelessness.

Women’s rights are secondary to the fight against racism, because Islam (a religion and not a race) has been defined by leftist academia as “non-white”. Therefore, mostly–Muslim Palestinians are also defined as “non-white” and the Jewish population of Israel can then be neatly termed “European colonialists”. Never mind that Jewish Israelis are a multi-ethnic group including Africans, Asians, Europeans, and Middle Easterners. Those Jews who came from Muslim states where they lived for millennia were thrown out after being stripped of their personal and communal assets. The left is unconcerned about this human rights issue because it is more important to define Jews “intersectionally” as “whites” to justify their anti-Zionist agenda.

Real human rights violations are systematically ignored. While feeling morally superior, what feminist at the National Women’s Studies Association or its UK counterpart now dares to protest Islamic child marriage, stoning, or FGM?

In a clear-sighted article titled “The pleasures of antisemitism”, Eve Garrard describes the love of hate that permeates antisemitism. Her definitions parallel those of Natan Sharansky’s three D’s of antisemitism: demonization, delegitimization, and double standards.

We can integrate Sharansky’s terms with Garrard’s explanations of why antisemitism is so emotionally satisfying. Demonization gives the raging anti-Israel left the thrill of superiority. Delegitimization, an inheritance of traditional religious antisemitism, allows anti-Jewish actions—because what happens to Jews is what always happens to Jews and, after all, what they deserve once they are properly demonized.

Double standards allow the antisemite to feel not just superior, but morally superior. The selective nature of the “moral” criticism levelled at Jews and Israel is what allows them to maintain their false righteousness. It is glaringly obvious that the vast majority of leftist assertions about Israel are purposeful lies or sins of omission. But accuracy is not the issue here. This is a seething, emotional attachment to a set of beliefs re-enforced not logically, but in a fevered hysteria. These beliefs are prevalent in Islam and intersect with leftist memes.

Islamic thought holds an all-or-nothing belief that there is either a winner or a loser—everything is a zero-sum game. The ideal is total Islamic domination and nothing else. Zero-sum thinking dovetails neatly with Communist economic theory in which every capitalist who makes money must be stealing from the poor. There is no concept of wealth creation; whatever is in the pot is up for grabs. A recent clip of a Palestinian cleric speechifying at al-Aksa includes his rant on how global wealth totals only $950 billion, and the Rothschilds (read Jews) control most of it.

Anti-Israel activists were satisfied that the Soda Stream plant over the 1949 Armistice Line closed, leaving hundreds of Palestinians laborers out of work, but happily free from the oppression of working for Israelis (read Jews). Likewise, glorification of terrorists and continuous incitement create an emotional fever pitch and aspirations to kill Jews, actions which are justified by the Israel’s leftist opponents as “understandable” reactions to “occupation”.

None of this makes sense to the pragmatist. In the pragmatic view, in comparison to other Arab states, higher standards of living and greater personal freedoms characterize the Arab population of Israel, and the West Bank PA population is not far behind. Certainly Syrians and the non-Muslim victims of ISIS are demonstrably in the direst condition in the Middle East. Yet anti-Zionist antisemites still contend that the Palestinians are the most abused, obviously because their “oppressors” are Israelis (Jews again), and accusing Muslims of anything is “racist”.

Israel’s leadership is perpetually blamed for failing in “hasbara”, the Hebrew term for public relations. The term, which translates as “explaining”, immediately shows its flaws. As anyone who has ever watched “I Love Lucy” knows, once you start “splaining” you are by definition in trouble. And on the pro-Palestinian and Islamic front, no one is listening to reason.

To hear the facts would burst the self-righteous bubble of superiority of the left-wing pro-Palestinians, and even worse, make the “oppressed” and their supporters accountable for hate crimes and promoting terror. That would not be a “feelgood” moment. But there must be a strategy to discredit hate and get to that moment. If not, Israel and its supporters will not be able to defeat the snowballing movement to delegitimize Israel and legitimize social, governmental and terrorist actions directed against Israelis and Jews everywhere.


 An Israel-hating Muslim now Canada’s junior foreign minister.

Omar Alghabra: Justin Trudeau’s new anti-Semitic Foreign Affairs pick

Ezra Levant Rebel Commander

We’ve all seen those pictures of Justin Trudeau, praying at a mosque, dressed up like a medieval desert tribesman.


Hypocrites of Germany and of Europe, you disgust me. 

The Germans and Europe in general have longed for a way out of their moral culpability for the destruction of European Jewry during WWII in the Holocaust, and slinging arrows at the Jews of Israel (who are only defending themselves against total annihilation) provides them with that in spades.

This is why I insist that those who labor tirelessly for 363 days out of the year in measures that work against the Jewish state of Israel, are not to be taken seriously in Kristallnacht and Holocaust commemoration ceremonies. In fact, they should be publically marginalized and banned from future participation.

Analysis: The mood in Germany: Kristallnacht ‘nein,’ BDS ‘ja’

Each year on November 9, Berlin remembers the lethal anti-Semitic pogroms carried out by Germans against Jews and synagogues in 1938 – the so-called Kristallnacht anniversary. The commemoration events punctuate German cities and towns and are largely decoupled from Israel.

“If Israel’s existence is up for consideration, that is actually a scandal that we must deal with today. But we are, so to speak, now present to stop the 1938 Kristallnacht,” German- Jewish journalist Henryk M. Broder said sarcastically.

Broder neatly captured the ongoing absurdity in segments of German society that seek to dismantle Israel while immersing themselves in Kristallnacht remembrance.

This year, Israel took an atypical diplomatic step to breathe some change into Holocaust remembrance in Germany.

In response to the city of Munich sponsoring a Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions lecture against Israel, the head of Israel’s consulate in Munich, Dan Shaham, told The Jerusalem Post: “The racist, anti-Semitic character of this movement, which calls for a boycott of Israel, was again made clear two days before the Kristallnacht remembrance.”

More here.

NOTE: I remember reading a Finnish Leftist blog some ten years ago, an exchange between anti-israel nutjobs lamenting the fact that while they were in Germany visiting with their political allies, the German Leftists stated that they wouldn’t dare move against Israel like the Left does elsewhere in Europe (BDS etc) because of Germany’s history during WWII. Boycotting Jews was still too taboo of an act to consider, I guess that’s now changing.




The Jew hating FDR couldn’t have given a toss about the Jews, and he didn’t. The Dems didn’t until they learned that they could use/exploit them like they did the Blacks later. In fact, the American Jewry were the precursor of the Blacks in “plantation mentality”. The Dems offered Jews supposed solidarity (read = “security”), and the Blacks paternalism (read = “economic justice”). But it’s all for their votes, not from principle.

H/T: Doris Wise Montrose via Children Of Jewish Holocaust Survivors

U.S. Could Have Done More to Save the Jews

There was no conflict between ending the war and helping the Jews.

Geoffrey Ward’s review of Jay Winik’s “1944” (Books, Sept. 19) defends the claim by Assistant Secretary of War John McCloy in 1944 that a U.S. bombing raid on Auschwitz or the railways leading to it would have been “impracticable” and “could be executed only by the diversion of considerable air support essential to the success of our forces now engaged in decisive operations.” But Mr. Ward omits two crucial facts.

First, McCloy falsely asserted that the War Department reached those conclusions after conducting “a study” of the feasibility of the bombing proposal; in fact, no evidence has ever been found that such a study was undertaken. Second, McCloy’s claim about having to “divert” planes from elsewhere in Europe was also false. No planes would have had to be diverted, because U.S. planes repeatedly flew over Auschwitz throughout the summer of 1944 as they bombed German oil facilities which in some cases were just a few miles from the gas chambers. Roosevelt administration officials (including Secretary of State Cordell Hull and Secretary of War Henry Stimson) rejected the bombing requests not because of any feasibility study and not because it would have diverted from the war effort, but because U.S. policy in general was to refrain from expending even minimal resources to assist Jewish refugees, whom it considered, in the words of one senior State Department official, “a curse and a burden.”

Mr. Ward’s claim that “most” Jewish leaders “did not call for it to be bombed” is profoundly misleading. At least 29 Jewish leaders urged the Allies to bomb Auschwitz, including the heads of the World Jewish Congress, Zionist groups such as the Labor Zionists of America and the Jewish Agency for Palestine (chaired by Chaim Weizmann), U.S. Orthodox groups such as Agudath Israel and the Va’ad HaHatzala, and future Israeli prime ministers David Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir and Moshe Sharett.

The U.S. didn’t admit “more Jewish refugees than all the rest of the world combined”; the U.S. admitted approximately 200,000 Jewish refugees from 1933 to 1945, while the rest of the world combined admitted about 365,000. Mr. Ward mocks the notion that “FDR could have persuaded Congress to lower immigration barriers to provide a haven for refugees.” But that’s a red herring. The president didn’t have to approach Congress on the issue; all he had to do was permit the existing quotas to be filled. During Roosevelt’s 12 years in office, the quota for immigration from Germany was filled in only one year; and in most of those years, it was less than 25% filled. Nearly 190,000 quota places from Germany and Axis-controlled countries sat unused—190,000 lives that could have been saved within the existing immigration laws.

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Their muffled sobs during annual Holocaust Memorial services are erased by their support for murders of Jews today.

Israeli political scientist Efraim Karsh noted that in 2001 in an interview with the news magazine Suomen Kuvalehti, the Socialist foreign minister of Finland Erkki Tuomioja denounced Israel’s attempts to protect its citizens from the terror war launched by Arafat’s Palestinian Authority in September 2000. Tuomioja, compared Israeli defensive measures to the Nazi persecution of European Jewry: “It is quite shocking that some implement the same kind of policy toward the Palestinians which they themselves were victims of in the 1930s.”11

How European Social-Democrats support Palestinian Murderers

Manfred Gerstenfeld

Dr.Manfred GerstenfeldWith the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the British Labour party the anti-Israeli incitement by European social democrats has crossed a new red line. Corbyn is not just another pro-Palestinian. Several years ago, he called a Hamas and Hezbollah delegation ‘his friends,’ despite the fact that both organizations promote genocide of the Jews. Ghazi Hamad, deputy foreign minister of the Islamo-Nazi movement Hamas, praised Corbyn at the beginning of September, describing him as ‘a man of conscience.”1

Corbyn is open about where he stands by calling such criminals his friends. Many other European social democrats support crime-promoting Palestinians more insidiously. One typical ‘subterranean’ method is to attack Israel while remaining silent on the subject of Hamas’ genocidal plans against the Jews and the glorification of murderers of civilians by the Palestinian Authority and President Mohammed Abbas, leader of Fatah, the second largest Palestinian party.

In an interview with Norway’s commercial channel TV2 in 2011, Jonas Gahr Stoere, then Norwegian Foreign Minister and currently Labor Party leader, initially denied that he had spoken directly with Hamas leader Khaled Mashal several times on the phone.2 The interviewer replied that Mashal had confirmed that he had been in contact with the Foreign Minister at the time. Stoere then asked to stop the tape and restart the interview. He explained that the contacts with Mashal were instigated following a request by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

The Norwegian government also asserted that it had never recognized Hamas or established political contact with that entity. The US ambassador to Norway at the time, Benson K. Whitney, saw it differently. In a note he sent to the State Department in 2009, he said, “Even though they would deny it, there are clear signs that the contact with Hamas is not just a tactical need for dialogue, but that they also support Hamas’s position on some level.”3

The current Swedish government was the first Western European government to recognize the ‘state of Palestine.’4 Social democrat Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and his colleagues knew very well that they were recognizing people who actively glorify murderers, and that this ‘state’ consisted of two separate entities barely communicating with each other.

Social democrat Prime Minister Olof Palme was perhaps Sweden’s leading post-war politician. He showed overt hatred toward Israel when several decades ago he accused Israel of Nazi practices.5

The Dutch Labor party is the junior partner to the liberals within the current Dutch government. Its leader Diederik Samson is an anti-Israeli inciter.6 The party’s position on major political issues is set out on its website. The section concerning international affairs includes a subsection on the Middle East. Peculiarly, the entire subsection is devoted to one item alone: the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.7 The remainder of the Middle East, despite all the mass murders and other turmoil, apparently does not exist, or is not worthy of mention. This is particularly odd considering the fact that the Netherlands actively participates in the bombardment of the so-called “Islamic State” Islamo-Nazis in Iraq.8

Iceland is a small, marginal country in Europe. However, even in this relatively unimportant country, the socialists managed to cross the existing red lines and get enough support in the Reykjavik municipal council to vote in a boycott of Israeli products.9

Apart from the parties as such, extreme individual anti-Israeli inciters are also active among social democrats in other countries.

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Dual loyalty is the slimiest of antisemitic canards. 

I have my disagreements with the detestable Schumer, and it very well might be his late night rejection of the Obama deal might be a classic ploy used by GOP RINOS who do nothing to stop a destructive bill from being voted on (which was in their power to stop), then vote against it to show their constituency that they’re ”conservative”. This charge of ”dual loyalties” however is something that even I have to defend the Schmuckster from, it’s wrong headed and antisemitic.

Treason claims leveled at Jewish senator opposed to Iran deal

Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Sen. Chuck Schumer’s loyalty called into question by progressives; advocacy group calls discourse a ‘slap in the face’ to his long years of service

Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite) NEWSROOM


WASHINGTON — Days after announcing his opposition to the Iranian nuclear deal, Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer has faced an onslaught of allegations from progressive critics who resorted to classically anti-Semitic allegations of disloyalty and treason. The Anti-Defamation League criticized the accusations Monday, telling The Times of Israel that such accusations are a “slap in the face” to Schumer’s long years of service to the United States.

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The Norwegian government has invested a lot of tax payer money in this radical’s career as a professional anti-Israel activist.


This is why rational thinking people reject the UN as a valid international organization, how in the world can you take on as an ”expert” someone who is an avowed propagandist for the islamonazis of Hamas?

One of them is Dr. Mads Gilbert, a full-time propagandist from Norway who exploits medicine to promote hate. He has blamed the 9/11 terror attacks in the US on the “policy that the West has led during the last decades,” and asserted that “the oppressed also have a moral right to attack the USA with any weapon they can come up with.”

Mads Gilbert and the theater of the absurd

smuggling tunnel

A smuggling tunnel beneath the Egyptian-Gaza border in Rafah [File]. (photo credit:REUTERS)

The latest ”report” on Israel produced by the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) includes a list of four “experts” with whom the two commissioners and their staffs consulted.

One of them is Dr. Mads Gilbert, a full-time propagandist from Norway who exploits medicine to promote hate. He has blamed the 9/11 terror attacks in the US on the “policy that the West has led during the last decades,” and asserted that “the oppressed also have a moral right to attack the USA with any weapon they can come up with.”

Gilbert’s role as an expert tells readers (including the 47 member states of the UNHRC) all that they need in order to understand the absurdity of this exercise. In July 2014, during the Gaza war, he was one of the five co-authors of an infamous “open letter to the people of Gaza” published in the prestigious UK medical journal The Lancet.

Two of Gilbert’s partners on the letter promoted a blatantly anti-Semitic video by white supremacist and ex-KKK leader David Duke, but the doctor, who claims to promote morality, has not found time to comment. Gilbert has also “forgotten” to criticize the thousands of rockets launched from Gaza at Israeli civilians, every one a war crime. Instead, he rushes to Gaza when the IDF acts to stop these attacks, and joins the Hamas media campaign. Although he gave non-stop media interviews from Shifa hospital, he ignored missiles fired from the parking lot and evidence that Hamas was using the lower floors as its military headquarters (and torture chamber), knowing the Israel would not attack a hospital. Gilbert’s “expertise” notwithstanding, the UN Commission of Inquiry (COI) researchers were somehow unable to verify the evidence.

More here.

Here is the evidence Dr.Steinberg is referring to, ”Rocket Girl”, a journalist for the Finnish Helsingin Sanomat that the Tundra Tabloids broke to the English speaking world during Israel’s 2013 Gaza operation, where she admitted that Hamas was firing rockets from the Shifa hospital.


Just like Black America whom the democrats have screwed over the past century or two, the morons who buy into the statist meme will be fooled time and again, cus’ ideology trumps reality and cold facts and reason.

Obama: Most US Jews Still Support Me

President defends policies on Iran, says there is no indication Saudis intend to pursue their own nuclear program.
First Publish: 5/21/2015, 9:13 PM

Obama during a news conference at the White House

US President Barack Obama defended his policies regarding Iran in an interview with Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic published Thursday, and claimed that most US Jews still support him.

There’s “not really a bifurcation with respect to the attitudes of the Jewish American community about me,” he said, when asked about his billionaire Sheldon Adelson and other critics in the US Jewish community. “I consistently received overwhelming majority support from the Jewish community, and even after all the publicity around the recent differences that I’ve had with Prime Minister Netanyahu, the majority of the Jewish American community still supports me, and supports me strongly.”

Obama explained that his criticisms of Israel reflect his high expectations from the Jewish state, and his concern that Israel may be straying from the moral path of its founders, and risking its long-term survival as a Jewish and democratic state.

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The only thing that was missing was the white board complete with a picture.

matthews piggish money

Matthews is a pig himself, sucking at the teat of the anti-Semites he serves.

NBC Anchor Calls Pro-Israelis ‘Piggish Money People’

H/T; Always Watching via ed driscoll

Here in Finland, the Finnish state Broadcaster YLE allowed this National Coalition party member and political hack, Pertti Salolainen to get away with saying the same thing, without any kind of rebuttal.

pertti salolainen anti-semitic smear on US Jews 30.11.2012


Silverstein is a pathetic anti-Israel hack, that’s why the international media likes to quote him.


Pallywood Arabs use kiddy uniforms and parade themselves as Israeli riot police supposedly abusing a female protester.

Israellycool has the full goods on the seasoned pants pooper.

Latest Blood Libel: Fake Israeli Police Brutality Edition


The following photo has been disseminated by the Israel hating crowd – including the ever (un)reliable Richard Silverstein – and is being passed off as Israeli policemen brutalizing a palestinian woman.

As is typical with such blood libels against Israel (and Silverstein’s posts), something seemed amiss straight away.

For a start, the uniforms are not those worn by Israeli riot police, who look like this:

israeli police 1

More here.


The facts are in, but since I don’t read French and 83% of the article is behind a paywall, I have yet to discern their antisemitic motives.

h/t & upload: Vlad

A blogger in French gleens a few kernels from The Le Monde article:

Pierre B. was strangely open enemy of “fascism.” He wore anti-fascist slogans on his clothes.

“We do not talk politics, but if we evoked the National Front, he would get on his hind two legs and began to growl, says Gaëtan. He claimed to fight against fascism and was very much against the police. He treated the police and the military fascists with an aggressiveness that made ​​me ill at ease. »

NOTE: Sounds like a typical antifa anarachist that you see throwing chairs through cafe windows and shouting down the police.

The Le Monde article (in French) referenced by Le Pen:

le monde jewish cemetery vandalism 20.2.2015

UPDATE: Vlad sends me more. Unfortunately the BBC makes no mention of the anti-fascist element that the Le Monde article speaks about.

Five charged over Jewish grave vandalism in France

The Jewish cemetery where hundreds of graves were desecrated in Sarre-Union on 17 February 2015As well as being charged the teenagers have been banned from going to the town of Sarre-Union

Five teenagers have been charged with vandalising hundreds of Jewish graves in France in an anti-Semitic attack.

The suspects, aged 15 to 17, are accused of the “desecration of burial places due to the religion of the deceased”.

Tombstones were pushed over and vaults opened at the cemetery in the north-eastern town Sarre-Union last Thursday.

Local prosecutor Philippe Vannier said the vandalism appeared to be part of a game that went wrong.

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Being brain dead is prerequisite for being a true believer in hard core Leftism.

islams bloody surf

It’s the same mindset that lays flowers for a cold blooded jihadi murderer who was out to silence free speech and kill a few Jews along the way.

flowers for a tard murderer


Read the motion and judge for yourself

Murderous ISIS militants secured a victory on British soil – when the National Union of Students voted against a motion to condemn them.

Hand-wringing delegates at the NUS blocked a vote to show solidarity with Iraqi Kurds and condemn Islamic State militants because they say it’s “Islamophobic”.

The bill called for the Union – which claims to represent UK students – to support unity between Muslims, condemn the bloody terror of ISIS (also known as the Islamic State), and support a boycott on people who fund the militants.

But the motion offended Black Students Officer Malia Bouattia, who said: “We recognise that condemnation of ISIS appears to have become a justification for war and blatant Islamaphobia.

“This rhetoric exacerbates the issue at hand and in essence is a further attack on those we aim to defend.”

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Hamas-Fatah nazis

The Dutch Labor Party Indirectly Supports Islamo-Nazis

Manfred Gerstenfeld

Dr.Manfred GerstenfeldSeveral European socialist parties are indirect supporters of Hamas, the largest Palestinian party, which promotes the genocide of all Jews. These socialist parties do not explicitly state this position, and many of their members are unaware of it. One usually has to uncover their basic manipulations of facts in order to expose their support of Palestinian Islamo-Nazis.

The example of the Dutch Labor party (PvdA), the junior partner within the current government can clearly illustrate these manipulations. On the party’s website one finds its position on major political issues. One section, concerning international affairs,1 contains a subsection for the Middle East. Peculiarly, only a singular item is discussed there: the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The remainder of the Middle East, despite all its turmoil, is not mentioned whatsoever. This, for instance, despite the fact that the Netherlands actively participates in the bombardment of the so-called “Islamic State” Islamo-Nazis in Iraq.2

This is Labor’s first major manipulation: highlighting the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in its party program, while omitting mention of all other Middle East conflicts. By doing so, Labor adopts the approach of Arab and Muslim propagandists. They want the West to focus entirely on Israel and look away from the many cases of Islamo-Nazism and the other widespread criminality rampant within the Muslim world.

The Labor party website claims that no other prolonged conflict has so great an impact on the world as the Israeli-Palestinian one. This is an outright lie. The conflict between the Shi’ite Muslims and the Sunni Muslims is many centuries old. It is not solely in current times that this conflict has caused the world far more problems than the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The war in the 1980s between Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and Iran took a million lives.3 The current murderous civil wars in Syria and Iraq also have strong elements of the Shi’ite-Sunni conflict.

The Dutch intelligence services see the main terror threat for the Netherlands in jihadis returning from the Middle East.4 However, this fact is not mentioned on the Labor party’s website. This is yet another indication of how the Labor party’s focus on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is manipulative.

The Ukrainian civil war – which is a hot revival of a Cold War element — is not even mentioned among the main issues listed on the Labor party’s website. This despite the Netherlands having already paid a heavy price for the conflict. Close to 200 Dutchmen were killed last year when a Malaysian passenger plane was shot down over eastern Ukraine. In addition, the economic sanctions against Russia implemented by Western governments have hit some parts of the Dutch economy.

Let us assume, for argument’s sake, that in the near future there will be a viable peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis. Even if such a miracle should occur, there would not be a single life saved in the Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Egypt, Sudan, Pakistan, and in so many other conflicts raging around the globe.

From this first monumental manipulation, the Labor Party moves on to another one. Its website does not mention how Fatah – led by Mohamed Abbas – incites violence against Jews and honors the murderers of Israeli civilians.5 This past summer, Fatah, like Hamas, shot rockets from Gaza onto Israeli cities and towns.6 On the Dutch Labor Party website, however, there is no mention of this, nor of the genocidal charter and statements of Hamas, which were repeated yet again during the latest Gaza campaign. Due to these intentional omissions of crucial facts, the Dutch Labor party indirectly supports a genocidal Muslim terrorist movement.

After these huge fallacies have been presented, Labor can comfortably move to describing its so-called “solutions”. It claims on its website that the building of Israeli settlements over the green line is illegal according to international law. This opinion is strongly contested in a letter that a thousand jurists, including two former Ministers of Justice,7 submitted to the EU. The Labor party does not bother to mention the letter, nor has it ever come up with convincing counterarguments to any of the facts stated within this letter.

The Labor party makes only one demand of the Palestinians: that the “radicals” in the Gaza strip should not shoot at civilian targets within southern Israel. This is another obfuscation. The democratically elected ruling party of Gaza, Hamas, is responsible for most of the rockets shot into Israeli population centers.

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Oh, and he wants to remind us that he’s not an anti-Semite.

Andy Bostom says: Lovely folks! And using Islamic epithets to boot—The wages of dhimmitude..

Just a couple of years ago Finnish politician Pertti Salonen stated that American Jews had to a large extent, both media and money in their pockets. A word to Esko Seppänen (Left Alliance,Vasemmisto), if you do not want to be mistaken for an anti-Semite, it’s wise not to sound like one, spewing anti-Semitic remarks and innuendo, and then denying that they’re anti-Jewish, doesn’t fool anyone who knows better.

pertti salolainen anti-semitic smear on US Jews 30.11.2012


Esko Seppänen: ”Chabad has strong links to espionage activities.

Ex-MEP: Helsinki sold city center property to spies and state terrorists

LKS 20140819 - Entinen vasemmistoliiton meppi ja kansanedustaja Esko Seppänen kirjansa Suomen rikkaat - Kuka kukin on julkistamistilaisuudessa Helsingissä 19. elokuuta 2014. LEHTIKUVA Jussi Nukari

I’m not anti-Semite, says Esko Seppänen.

ILKKA LUUKKONEN 4 hours and 7 minutes ago

Esko Seppänen says that the Maritime Customs Barracks  should not be sold to Jewish groups.

Helsinki on August 19th 2014. LEHTIKUVA Jussi Nukari

The former MEP Esko Seppänen (left.) Criticizes the City of Helsinki’s decision to sell the old Maritime Customs Barracks to the cultural organization of the Chabad Lubavitch. In Seppänen’s view, the Orthodox Jewish organization could spy on Finland, being close to the Israeli secret service Mossad.

– The international funding that the Finnish branch of this association enjoys, the City of Helsinki has been selling real estate to its members’ for cultural pursuits – and possibly also for the organization’s  synagogue activity  – straight from Finland’s parade scene at the Presidential Palace and in the immediate vicinity of the Government, Seppänen, writes in his blog.

The Maritime Customs Barracks being sold is located at Mariankatu 3.

Seppänen says that Chabad has links with espionage.

– Former Marine Customs property offers a great location, for example, the interception of messages of the telecommunications of the Finnish State and capture, in the same way that someone in Oslo, an unknown assailant, had spied on the telecommunications in the city center.

Seppänen believes that the Mossad represents “state terrorism and it is definitely a world-class sport.” For this reason,Sea Customs Barracks will in the future also be an attractive target for anti-Israeli terrorist attacks, he says.

Chabad announces on its website to promote the issue of Judaism.