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Finnish Communist MP Who Tried to “Break Into Gaza” Now Hints Zionist Propaganda Fills the Media…….


This is somewhat akin to US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s “It’s all about the Benjamins”…


She’s alluding to something without concretely spelling it out because she doesn’t want to reveal her true thoughts because it would result in political fallout.

From this Twitter feed:



A friend of mine gives some background here:

Anna Kontula suggests Saska Saarikoski works for the Zionist media. It has never shown to be true, but the neonazis have for decades argued that Aatos Erkko‘s mother was a Jew.

She goes right up to the gate, then moves back one step.



Saska Saarikoski:

Good that the left-wing relationship with Israel has begun to be spoken. Of course, Israel’s policy can be criticised, but it is strange if Israel is judged more and severely than other countries. When you remember history, it is understandable that it raises questions about anti-Semitism.


Anna Kontula:

Saska, how many twitter posts have you written about Israel’s violations of international law? If this was your first post on the subject, it is very unfortunate that its function is to silence the conversation, not to discuss it. Why is the shaming of the left something you need to comment on, 1/2



Saska Saarikoski: 

So when I say my opinion, is it some kind of shaming or silencing? No, it’s my opinion.


Anna Kontula:

So what exactly was your opinion? That the left is talking too much about Israeli violations of human rights (on what basis?), and you should talk less, because your brain, which has consumed Zionist propaganda material, will make you think of anti-Semitism? 1/2


Saska Saarikoski: 

“Zionist propaganda material”. I’m starting to really worry about you. What can that material be? And how do you know that I have “consumed” them? You mean maybe that the mainstream media is full of “zionist propaganda”?


Anna Kontula: 

No, the Finnish professional media (fortunately) is sober in this respect. But that’s why you don’t see the discussion of left-wing criticism of Israel that you gladly welcome in your opening comment.


She then goes on to try and drive a wedge between Judaism and Zionism, when in fact, Jerusalem/Israel is at the very heart of Zionism. She must have never cracked open a bible in her life.



Anna Kontula:

Ari-Pekka, “Zionist” is different from “Jew”.  One is a political idea, the other a religion. Almost all Zionists are not Jews and not all Jews really are Zionists.
(In fact, the identification of Judaism and Zionism is, in some people’s opinion, anti-Semitic because it makes people’s faith responsible based on the Zionist cause.)


She’s twisted.

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