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(Disingenuous) Academic On Finnish State TV Accuses Trump of Jew-Hatred in 2016 Campaign, Supposedly Gave Rise To Antisemitism Today……..


That YLE allows cranks like this on their sets to bloviate the worst of demogoguery is disturbing…



He then goes on to deflect charges of Leftist Jew-hatred when it’s directed at Israel, going further to state that Anna Kontula, the Left-Alliance MP (Communist) who attempted to cut a hole in the security fence on the Israeli-Gaza border is not an antisemite. The Helsinki Jewish Community’s Rabbi, Yaron Nadbornik, disagreed, she’s an antisemite for focusing exclusively on Israe. Kontula never once mentioned Egypt in any of her interviews of the incident, which is well known, even by the Leftist Kontula for also blockading the Hamas run Gaza Strip.


Leftists like Ketola are loathe to admit that their ranks foment anti-Jewish rhetoric in their discussions and campaigns against Israel on a regular basis. It stems from classic European Jew-hatred. Finnish social psychologist Karmela Leibkind has been documenting the phenomenon for years. The “Far-Right” mentioned by Ketola is (correctly) a very marginalized group, the Far-Left however is not, enjoying the offices of government and political power in general.


It’s his insistence to focus exclusively on the “Far-Right” (who actually Left-wing ultranationalists) that should tell you all that you need to know about his ”scholarship” as an academic, it’s skewed. He made absolutely no mention at all of Islamic Jew-hatred in Finland which takes place on a regular basis in the many mosques that dot the land. How do I know this? Because of the in-depth reporting on other mosques in Europe by undercover journalists. Muslim Brotherhood mosques and their operatives are in Finland, and where Islam 101 is being preached, Jew-hatred is present.


Yle Areena

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