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Left-wing nationalist party councilman in gross antisemitic tweet: “Jews murder entire groups of populations”…….


If you have to use the traditional political spectrum model, National Socialists belong on the Left, it’s their natural political orbit…


He’s from a Leftist nationalist party, and I would argue, a very ultra one if you hear his Jew-hate rhetoric.


Extreme antisemitic tweet from municipal council member


A member of the municipal council in the town of Heerenveen on behalf of the Frisian National Party tweeted that Jews murder entire groups of populations.


FM: BNFTN via 


Jews are cold-blooded murderers who drive entire populations over the blade. Does that sound … anti-Semitic? Yes that’s right. But that is exactly what happens according to a councilor from Heerenveen. The Frisian parliamentarian Ate Eijer claimed that this afternoon on Twitter. Eijer responded to a tweet from NIW journalist Bart Schut , who told Peter R. de Vries that the time of the impunity of attacks on Jewish citizens is now past.


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  1. My friends I know the eijer familiy very well they are inbreeds with history of vilence and alchohol abuse.Most folks don’t like them and most Friesians are pro Israel.

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