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For the Left, Regardless Of What the Jewish State Does Or Doesn’t Do, Da Var Vill Go On…….


I’ll never forget the debate between Alan Dershowitz and Noam Chomsky. In the closing arguments, Dershowitz challenged Chomsky to commit to accepting any deal that Israel and the Palestinians sign that ends (the latter’s) the conflict, even if it runs counter to his views. He refused. This underlines the point being made in the following Twitter chain, thankfully forwarded by Brian of London.


The point being. If the Israelis as a people accept a deal with the Arabs, and it’s mutual, and agree on it, then it’s for them to decide and all onlooking parties must accept their decision. Chomsky refused, in that the struggle would go on…

Seth Frantzman:
It’s fascinating to see people whose countries all have relations with all the states in the Middle East, whine that Israel and Gulf countries are having relations as if it is “authoritarian”….ummm your country has relations with the same countries…look in mirror
Seth Frantzman
Israel already has relations with the democracies, it is lacking relations with a handful of countries in the world, most of which are authoritarian…
Notice how the commentators who whine about Israel having relations with “authoritarians” NEVER advocate their own country should break relations with authoritarian regimes, rather they preach “engagement”….because they are hypocrites
The “Israel makes peace with authoritarians” argument is solely advanced by people who want Israel to be isolated and have no relations. It’s a profoundly hypocritical illogical argument. Israel should of course be engaging with all countries, just like EU does etc
Gil Reich

Seth Frantzman
The western critics, when called on their nonsensical argument, won’t respond because they know they are liars. If you ask “ok, so do you advocate the US break relations with Bahrain because it is authoritarian”…they won’t answer…they only think Israel must. Only Israel.
Gil Reich

I think this is the most classic and eternal form of antisemitism. Condemning Jews for compromises everyone makes.
Seth Frantzman

Yes. I had an interaction with a guy that does human rights consulting for the EU and is based in Netherlands who was bashing Israel for making peace with the UAE…I asked him if he thinks his country should break relations…of course he won’t answer that…so I blocked him.

David Hazony

Like they literally become anti-peace because Israel’s making peace.
Seth Frantzman
It was never about peace. It was always about war. They never wanted Israel to have peace. They always supported “armed struggle”…they used to excuse bus bombings as “desperation” and they always excuse terror “people must react to being humiliated”…
If war is what they want, then I suppose war is what they shall get.

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