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Sweden: Newly minted Minister of Interior under fire for heaping kudos on Muslim Jew-hater Mehmet Kaplan…….


Check out the ‘doo’ on this woman, I would assume that the Left would be all over her for ‘cultural misappropriation’


The Leftist/Islamonazi nexus is there for all to see.


Jan Björklund: Amanda Lind must take distance from Kaplan


The criticism of the newly-appointed Minister of Culture Amanda Lind’s tribute to the former Minister of Housing, Mehmet Kaplan, continues. Now the Liberal party’s party leader Jan Björklund believes that Lind must disagree with Kaplan’s actions when he resigned in 2015.


It was during Sunday evening, hours before the Green Party’s Amanda Lind was announced as the new Minister of Culture, which she published a tribute to her party’s former minister on Instagram, which Lind described as “heroes and pioneers”.


But that the Minister of Culture included the controversial Mehmet Kaplan has raised harsh criticism during the day . Several politicians and leadership writers and criticized the statement, and the Swedish Committee against Anti-Semitism requires a rejection. Now, the Liberal party leader Jan Björklund says that Amanda Lind must clarify what she means and renounce Kaplan’s actions in connection with his resignation.


– Kaplan had to resign as a minister because he had a relationship with an ultranationalist and extremist organization. It was very inappropriate, says Jan Björklund to the Cultural News.


– This is a very bad start for Amanda Lind, I assume that she prepares this and rejects Kaplan’s actions, because it was unacceptable.  


Clarification is not enough


Mehmet Kaplan resigned as minister in 2016, after it was discovered that he was associated with the right-wing extremist Turkish organization Gray Wolves and the Islamist organization Milli Görüs, and compared Israel’s treatment of Palestinians with Nazi Germany’s treatment of Jews.


Amanda Lind has declined an interview with the Culture News on the issue, but writes a clarification about the reason she highlighted Mehmet Kaplan in the post:


“What I wanted to say in my speech was that Mehmet Kaplan was part of pursuing green policies during our first term in government.”


But that’s not enough, says Jan Björklund:


– Amanda Lind is happy to pay tribute to Kaplan’s environmental commitment, but she must distance herself from Kaplan’s actions in this regard.


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