Dr.Gerstenfeld’s article on the definition of anti-Israeli anti-Semitism was originally published in Israel National News and has appeared also in Italian, German, French and Dutch, and republished here with the author’s consent.

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Manfred Gerstenfeld

Dr.Manfred GerstenfeldThe definition of anti-Semitism adopted by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance in May 2016 mentions, among its various illustrations, several examples of anti-Israeli anti-Semitism. Yet the definition mainly focuses on anti-Semitism against Jews, not Israelis. The more one applies the original IHRA definition, the more one realizes that a special definition for anti-Israeli anti-Semitism is required. The following text may be used as a first draft for organizations or countries who wish to adopt such a definition.

The definition of anti-Israeli anti-Semitism, in line with the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism, could read:

“Anti-Israeli anti-Semitism is a certain perception of Israel which may be expressed as hatred toward Israel and Israelis, or discrimination against them. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of anti-Israeli anti-Semitism are directed toward Israel or Israeli individuals and or their property, and toward Israeli facilities.

The following examples may serve as illustrations. Manifestations might include targeting the state of Israel in a way that is not aimed at any other country, such as by labeling policies of products from Israel or the disputed territories. However, criticism of Israel, similar to that leveled against any other country, is not anti-Israeli anti-Semitism. Anti-Israeli anti-Semitism frequently charges Israel, Israelis, or Zionists with conspiring to harm humanity and it is often used to blame Israel for why things go wrong in other countries or parts of the world. It is expressed in actions, speech, writing, visual forms, and employs sinister stereotypes and negative character traits.

Contemporary examples of anti-Israeli anti-Semitism in public life, media, universities and schools include but are not limited to:

– Calling for, aiding, or justifying the killing or harming of Israelis. This comprises support of anti-Israeli terrorist organizations in any way, including providing them with weapons and finance as well as promoting their legitimacy.

-Making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Israelis as such or the power of Israel or what is often called the Israeli Lobby as collective — such as, especially but not exclusively, the myth about a world Israeli, or Zionist conspiracy or of Israel, Israelis or Zionists controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institutions.

-Accusing Zionists, the state of Israel, or Israelis as a people, of being responsible for real or imagined wrongdoing committed by individual Israelis or even for acts committed by non-Israelis.

-Accusing Israelis as a people, Zionists, or Israel as a state, of inventing, exaggerating, or abusing the Holocaust.

-Denying Israelis their right to self-determination, e.g., by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel should be abolished, lacks legitimacy, or is a racist endeavor.

-Applying double standards by requiring of Israel a behavior not expected or demanded of any other nation. This includes the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement, when it is exclusively targeting Israel. It also includes moral relativism by applying to Israel different moral criteria than to other countries, and in particular its enemies.

-Using the symbols and images associated with classic anti-Semitism such as comparisons with the killing of Jesus, the blood libel, and contemporary mutations of it to characterize Israel or Israelis.

– The use of false moral equivalences against Israel or Zionism, including but not only those between Zionism and racism or colonialism/imperialism or fascism, comparison of the Holocaust and the Nakba, considering as equal the targeted killings of terrorists with intentional murder of civilians, and equivalencies drawn between the kidnapping of soldiers and imprisoning terrorists, as well presenting moral equivalence between Israel’s actions as a legitimate sovereign state and the illegitimate actions of terrorists.

-Inversion of the Holocaust, i.e drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy and behavior to that of extreme criminal bodies such as the Nazis as well as comparing Palestinian locations to Holocaust locations, such as Gaza to the Warsaw Ghetto or Auschwitz. Additionally, likening Israel or Israelis to others who commit genocide or aim to do so as well as the Islamic State movement, and the South African apartheid regime. This can also be done indirectly, for instance, by claiming that Israel conducts a war of destruction against the Palestinians.

-Holding all Israelis collectively responsible for actions of the state of Israel or its government.

– Organizations appointing commissions with biased mandates to investigate alleged-Israeli criminal activities while ignoring the acts of its enemies. Furthermore, the accepting to serve on such biased commissions.

Anti-Israeli acts are criminal when they are defined as so by laws in the specific country. Criminal acts are anti-Israeli anti-Semitism when the targets of attacks, whether they are people or property – such as buildings, schools, and places of worship – are selected because they are, or are perceived to be, Israeli or linked to Israelis.

Anti-Israeli discrimination is the denial to Israelis of opportunities or services available to others and is illegal in a number of countries.


The jihad against the Jews continues…….

Man shot in attempt to attack Israeli embassy in Ankara

Perpetrator wounded by security forces after rushing at building with a knife; no Israelis injured in incident

September 21, 2016, 1:00 pm
Security forces in Ankara, Turkey, on Wednesday shot and injured a man who was apparently attempting to carry out a terror attack on the Israeli embassy there, the Israeli Foreign Ministry said.
Gunfire was heard at the embassy on Wednesday morning, the Turkish Haber Turk reported. Video footage showed security forces holding a man to the floor.

The Foreign Ministry said no Israelis were injured in the incident.

The attacker attempted to stab a local guard who was part of the embassy’s security detail. The guard fired a warning shot at the ground and then at the man’s legs, according to Foreign Ministry spokesman Emanuel Nahshon.

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Notice how the Labor party includes islamofauxbia in its denouncement of charges of antisemitism. One is real (irrational Jew hatred), the other (take down of a totalitarian ideology, Islam) is not.


Labour Whitewashes its Anti-Semitism

by Denis MacEoin
September 15, 2016 at 5:00 am

When the inquiry’s report was published on June 30, it turned out to be what most Jews and pro-Israel activists had suspected it would be from the beginning: a whitewash. It opens with the words: “The Labour Party is not overrun by anti-Semitism, Islamophobia or other forms of racism”. But nobody had ever suggested that it was.

  • The report is vague and waffly, 28 pages saying almost nothing about the subject under question, anti-Semitism, which is throughout subsumed under general issues of racism.
  • The working definitions of anti-Semitism for the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia and the US State Department, along with others, agree that exaggerated, mendacious, or malicious criticism of the Jewish state, or the setting of double standards for Israel that are used for no other nation, is anti-Semitic. It is precisely accusations of this kind that make up the bulk of the Labour Party’s anti-Semitic comments, including statements still being made by some party members, including Jeremy Corbyn himself.

Britain’s Labour Party, out of power since 2010, more or less cut its own throat when its members (plus fresh recruits who, instead of taking out membership, paid £3 to vote in the leadership election in 2015) chose Jeremy Corbyn, a formerly marginalized far left socialist, as the new head of the party. Ordinary Labour voters were horrified, knowing from day one that Corbyn could never lead the party to government and was not either remotely Prime Ministerial material. But vast numbers of young extreme left-wingers, flushed with victory and dedicated to an idealistic coming revolution and led by a new Corbyn-worshipping movement called Momentum, were determined to take traditional working- and middle-class voters in a direction that had little or no appeal to them at all.

From the outset, Labour was split almost down the centre. That divide proved dangerous for the political system in Britain, where government has been unevenly but broadly shared between the Tory and Labour parties in what was effectively a two-party arrangement. With the almost total collapse of the centrist Liberal Democrats, who had just been in an ill-judged coalition with the Tories in government from 2010 to 2014, Britain faced the possibility that the two-party system would founder after many decades, should Labour split and leave the country with three unbalanced parties and the real threat of a one-party state emerging, so long as neither Labour group remained unelectable.

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The international community assembled in the freak show known as the UN, has it in for the lone star state of the Jews. 


Elsewhere around the globe they treat comparable conflicts/situations differently to that of the one Israel finds itself in, solely because they’re Jews and that the Arabs have oil. It’s classic Jew hatred dressed up as (hypocritical) criticism, and the bought off sec-gen knows his place and who to hurl invective at.


A Palestinian State Free of Jews?

A legal view into Netanyahu’s ‘ethnic cleansing’ speech

By Eugene Kontorovich|September 15, 2016 5:07 PM

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu provoked an storm of diplomatic disapproval last week, when he pointed out that  “the Palestinian Authority actually demands a Palestinian state with one precondition: no Jews.” The Obama Administration responded that it is “inappropriate” to speak of demands for a removal of settlers in such terms. Removing the settlers, Netanyahu’s critics say, is natural and appropriate: their presence in a Palestinian state would cause tension and problems, and in any case, they should not have been there in the first place.

While it is not surprising that the head of the U.N. was unhappy with Netanyahu’s remarks , the head of the Anti-Defamation League, Jonathan Greenblatt, also joined in . But neither actually addressed the central issue that Netanyahu raised: why it is legitimate for the Palestinians to ask for a Jew-free state?

When pressed, defenders of the Palestinian position characterize the demand as no settlers rather than the uglier-sounding no Jews. The claim is hard to take at face value, as the Palestinians have never objected to Israeli Arabs settling across the Green Line, as they have in significant numbers. But, granting its sincerity, what does international law say about the demand to remove settlers as part of a solution to a territorial conflict? To answer this question, as part of a larger research study on settlements, I examined the fate of settlers in every occupation since the adoption of the Geneva Conventions —eight major situations in total. The results highlight how extraordinary the Palestinian demand is.

There is simply no support in international practice for the expulsion of settlers from occupied territories. In the many situations involving settlers around the world, the international community has never supported expulsion, and consistently backed plans allowing the settlers to remain in a new state.

Settlement activity is the rule rather than the exception in situations of belligerent occupation around the world. In places like Western Sahara and northern Cyprus, the settlers now make up a majority of the population. In most other places, they account for a much higher percentage of the territory’s population than Jews would in a potential Palestinian state. In all these cases, the arrival of the settlers was accompanied with the familiar claims of seizure of land and property, and serious human rights abuses. Unlike the Israeli situation, it was also accompanied with a large-scale expulsion of the prior inhabitants from the territory.

In internationally-brokered efforts to resolve these conflicts, the question of the fate of the settlers naturally arose. The answer, across all these very different situations, has always been the same: the settlers stay. Indeed, the only point of dispute has typically been what proportion of settlers receive automatic citizenship in any newly-created state and what proportion merely gets residence status. Thus, when East Timor, for example, received independence in an internationally-approved process, none of the Indonesian settlers were required to leave. The current U.N.-mediated peace plans for Western Sahara and Cyprus not only presuppose the demographically dominant settler population can remain, it gives them a right to vote in referenda on potential deal.

This is not because these settlers are beloved by the surrounding population. The opposite is true. In the Paris peace talks to end the Vietnamese occupation of Cambodia, representatives of the latter tried to raise the possibility of expelling the nearly million Vietnamese settlers. Their arguments were familiar: the settlers remind them of the occupation, rekindle ancient hatreds, and destabilize the peace. Yet the Cambodian demands for the mass removal of ethnic Vietnamese was rejected outright by diplomats: One simply cannot ask for such things.

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In other words, left to fend for themselves the muslims would be attacking them day and night……

Anti-Semitic incidents in France plummet in first half of ’16, official says

Children peering out from a doorway as armed soldiers patrol outside their school in the Jewish quarter of the Marais district in Paris, France, Jan. 13, 2015. (Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images/via JTA)

Posting of some 12,000 soldiers at Jewish neighborhoods has had a ‘discouraging effect’ on potential attackers, anti-racism czar says

September 15, 2016,

Anti-Semitic incidents in France have decreased by 64 percent in the first half of 2016 compared to a year ago, according to a French official who credited his government’s policing around Jewish institutions.

Gilles Clavreul, France’s interministerial delegate for the fight against racism and anti-Semitism, said this week that the drop began in June 2015 and continued into the first seven months of this year over the corresponding period of 2015.

NOTE: They should be able to arm themselves, after a number of Muslims who tried to attack them are shot dead, that will send a message just as well, even more so.


Have fun with your muslim invasion and the rape of your women…..

Jewish football fans mocked with Nazi salutes by sick supporters who boo Israel anthem

ITALIAN football fans have been condemned after spitting on Israel supporters and even mocking them with Nazi salutes.



Italian fans give the Nazi salute during Monday’s game with Israel

Two neo-Nazis were thrown out of the stadium after giving the vile fascist salute, but are not believed to have been arrested.

Some fans booed Israel’s national anthem before the World Cup qualifying game kicked off.

The Israel Football Association has complained to their Italian counterparts following the disgraceful scenes on Monday night.

We hope the authorities can identify those responsible

Carlo Tavecchio

It described the taunting of Jewish fans as “sickening” and called on the authorities to prosecute those responsible

The president of the Italian Football Federation, Carlo Tavecchio, responded by condemning the vile anti-Semitic abuse.

He said: “We hope the relevant authorities can determine as soon as possible what happened and identify those responsible.”

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Dr.Gerstenfeld wrote with Leah Hagelberg on Galloway. It was first published by Israel National News


The Anti-Semitic Slurs of George Galloway

Manfred Gerstenfeld and Leah Hagelberg

Dr.Manfred GerstenfeldThe adoption of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism in May 2016 has many important aspects.1 These include that it greatly simplifies the teaching of anti-Semitism. One way to do this is through case studies of people who make anti-Semitic slurs. One such IHRA-definition based analysis has already been published about Lady Tonge, a former Liberal MP and now an independent member of the House of Lords.2

A second natural candidate in the U.K for such an analysis, is the former parliamentarian George Galloway. He represented Labour in two Glasgow constituencies from 1987 until 2005. In 2003 the party expelled him. In 2004 the Respect party was founded of which he became the leader. He was elected on behalf of Respect as an MP in Bethnal Green and Bow in 2005 and as an MP in 2012 for Bradford West.

The IHRA definition document includes as an example of anti-Semitism the making of demonizing allegations concerning the myth of a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institution. Galloway makes such accusations frequently. In a 2008 broadcast by Al Jazeera of an address he gave in Amman he said: “There is a conspiracy in this region all right – but it’s an American-Israeli conspiracy.”3

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International Jew hatred of the lone Jewish state……


Anti-Semitism, Brought to You by the United Nations

by ANNE BAYEFSKY September 7, 2016 4:00 AM @ANNEBAYEFSKY

The U.N. gives a platform to many NGOs that actively encourage violence against Jews and the destruction of Israel.

The United Nations was founded as a global pact among states, but over the decades in the name of transparency and to further the aim of globalization, it has opened its doors to more than 6,150 non-governmental organizations (NGOs). While governments wring their hands over incitement to terror and dangerous uses of social media, they ignore the alarming focal point within arms’ reach: the United Nations. An examination of U.N. NGOs reveals that the U.N. has handed a global megaphone to groups spreading hatred and inciting terror from the world stage. In short, the so-called representatives of “civil society” aren’t so civil after all.

In theory, the U.N. has processes for accreditation that share a common requirement: respect for the purposes and principles of the organization. In order to qualify for accreditation, NGOs must operate in conformity with, or promote, the U.N Charter. They must affirm “faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small.”

In practice, NGOs have been welcomed into the world of international diplomacy and have gained access to international media platforms while they are simultaneously betraying the core U.N mission by advocating terror and intolerance.

Most striking for an organization founded on the ashes of the Holocaust, the U.N. has accredited NGOs that play a central role in promoting modern anti-Semitism and encouraging the destruction of the Jewish state.

The benefits of U.N. accreditation for NGOs are tangible and significant: the ability to sponsor speakers, mount exhibits, and screen films in the same U.N. facilities that house an international press corps; the right to speak at U.N. meetings and have their words translated and broadcast via U.N. webcasts worldwide; the capacity to publish written statements and have them disseminated by the U.N.; the opportunity to attend negotiating sessions and to influence the world’s diplomats. U.N. websites even link directly to selected NGO websites, greatly enhancing their traffic and messaging.

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It was first published in the Jerusalem Post, and republished here with the author’s consent. This version has the footnotes.


Manfred Gerstenfeld

Dr.Manfred GerstenfeldThe acceptance of a working definition of anti-Semitism by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) in May 2016 was a major event in exposing this ancient hatred. In order to be accepted, the IHRA required the agreement of the 31 member states of the organization, among which 24 are members of the EU. One can now analyze statements and publications of a person or organization for anti-Semitism by comparing them to the definition and the examples of anti-Semitism mentioned in the IHRA document.1

One can apply this definition for instance to the frequent anti-Semitic slurs by Lady Jenny Tonge. Tonge is an independent member of the UK House of Lords and was previously an MP of the Liberal Party. Over the years, she has accused the Israel Lobby of conspiracies,2 Israel of being responsible for suicide bombings in Iraq,3 as well as the treatment of Palestinians by Israel as “the root cause of terrorism worldwide.”4 Tonge has also said that “Israel is not going to be there forever.”5 Other statements she has made include that the Jews should be “ashamed of themselves” for not stopping Israel.6 All of these are anti-Semitic slurs which are included in the examples of anti-Semitism accompanying the IHRA definition.

Yet, when analyzing Tonge’s statements, one realizes that the definition of anti-Semitism, like any other definition, has its limits. This has two major aspects. The first one is that the definition cannot list all examples of anti-Semitism. For instance, the definition says that it is anti-Semitic to draw “comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis.” It does not, however, mention comparing Israel to ISIS. This Islamic terror organization is currently a model for absolute evil.

Jeremy Corbyn, the extreme left leader of the British Labour Party, has indirectly made such a comparison during the official presentation of the Chakrabarti Report on Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and Racism in the Labour Party.7 It is not clear that Corbyn’s remark meets the definition of anti-Semitism. Yet former UK Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks rightly called Corbyn’s statement, “demonization of the highest order.”8

The second aspect outside the IHRA definition concerns a large number of other acts and other statements on its periphery. For instance, Lady Tonge brought the Palestinian Muslim cleric, Raed Saleh, to the British Parliament. He has propagated the libel that Jews use the blood of non-Jews to bake their Shabbat bread.9

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Leftist Jew hatred…………

Merkel party politician: Green Party minister ignored anti-Semitism at university


The German town of Hildesheim in Lower Saxony, home to HAWK, the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hildesheim. (photo credit:Wikimedia Commons)

Berlin- A leading state politician from the Christian Democratic Union, the party of Chancellor Angela Merkel, slammed a Green Party minister in the state of Lower Saxony for failing to rope in an allegedly anti-Semitic seminar at HAWK University.

The German DPA wire service reported on Monday that Jörg Hillmer, deputy representative of the CDU in the Lower Saxony parliament, is investigating allegations that HAWK offered a seminar propagating modern Jew-hatred in targeting Israel for at least 10 years.

According to a statement on Thursday, Hillmer said that “an expert a year ago already determined that a seminar at HAWK conveyed a deeply anti-Israel – and in parts anti-Semitic – world view.” He asked: “How can the minister tolerate this when she says at the same time there is no place for anti-Semitism at our universities?” He was referring to Dr. Gabriele Heinen- Kljajic, the Green Party minister responsible for science and culture in Lower Saxony.

HAWK is the German-language abbreviation for University of Applied Sciences and Arts, which is located Hildesheim, Lower Saxony. The seminar taught students that Israel was a “dehumanized“ society and an apartheid state, and that Israeli soldiers harvested Palestinian body organs.

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The West of course is turning a blind eye to it as well……

Petty Arab apartheid, Olympic-style

THE SAUDI ARABIAN delegation arrives at the Olympic opening ceremony in Brazil.

THE SAUDI ARABIAN delegation arrives at the Olympic opening ceremony in Brazil.. (photo credit:REUTERS)

In the bad old days of South Africa, “petty apartheid” was the term used for the daily oppression and humiliation of blacks through separate public water fountains, bathrooms, buses, cafeterias and similar facilities. This strictly enforced separation was a sign of the black population being viewed as subhuman.

Since 1948, petty apartheid has also been a feature of the widespread Arab rejection of Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people. This practice is ongoing and is often taken for granted and ignored, as was the case of South Africa for many years.

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For example, on Friday, just before the opening of the Rio Olympics, the bus provided by the International Olympic Committee picked up the 10-member Lebanese team and then went to pick up the Israeli team. The Lebanese blocked the Israelis from entering the bus, and according to media accounts team captain Salim al-Haj Nakoula “demanded that the door be closed on the Israeli team, but they ‘insisted on getting on.’” Haj Nakoula continued: “I then stood at the door of the bus to prevent the Israel team from entering and some of them tried to go in and pick a fight.”

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She’s no lady, she’s a Jew hater…..

Here is Dr.Gerstenfeld’s latest article on Jenny Tonge, which was published by Israel National News (and reposted here with the author’s consent). Its importance is obviously that we have now a model of how one can lay an anti-Semitic text next to the IHRA definition in order to substantiate why people are anti-Semites.

NOTE: Tonge is pictured here, next to her Norwegian Jew hating colleague, Mads Gilbert, how fitting, a pair of bookends to a shelf full of antisemitism.

Lady Jenny Tonge – A Leading British Anti-Semitic Inciter

Manfred Gerstenfeld

Dr.Manfred GerstenfeldMuch attention has recently been given to the incitement against Israel and the Jews by elected officials of the British Labour Party.1 Yet, probably, the main anti-Israeli hate monger in the British Parliament is Lady Jenny Tonge. This former Liberal parliamentarian is nowadays an independent member of the House of Lords. Her so-far latest anti-Semitic remark in the House of Lords is “The treatment of the Palestinians by Israel is a major cause of the rise of extreme Islamism and Daesh [ISIS].”2

A few months ago the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) has accepted a definition of anti-Semitism. This required the agreement of the 31 member countries of the IHRA, among which is the UK.3 The definition has greatly facilitated identifying this and other statements of Tonge as anti-Semitic.

Tonge said in 2004 that if she were Palestinian, she would consider becoming a suicide bomber.4 This fits an example of anti-Semitism from the definition – “calling for, aiding, or justifying the killing or harming of Jews in the name of a radical ideology or an extremist view of religion.”

The IHRA definition includes among other examples of anti-Semitism, “making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews as such or the power of Jews as collective.” Tonge did so when in 2006, while still a Liberal MP, she alleged that the “pro-Israeli Lobby has grips on the Western World, its financial grips. I think they’ve got a certain grip on our party.”5 – as well as other similar remarks in 2012 about the power of the pro-Israel lobby in the UK and US.6

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– Shami Chakrabarti ignored warnings of anti-Semitic comments by Corbyn staff, claims Labour advisor 

  • Shami Chakrabarti has been accused of ignoring anti-Semitic comments
  • Josh Simons said Jeremy Corbyn’s staff had a ‘blind spot’ for anti-Semitism
  • Comes after Miss Chakrabarti’s report was labelled a ‘whitewash’ by many 

Storm as Corbyn’s ‘great pals’ compare Israel to ISIS terrorists: Row over Labour anti-Semitism grows after comments by two MPs

Friends of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, pictured, have compared Israel to ISIS terrorists

Friends of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, pictured, have compared Israel to ISIS terrorists

  • Labour anti-Semitism row intensifies after comments by two MPs
  • Communities spokesman Grahame Morris wants British Jews who serve in the Israeli defence force to be treated as suspected terrorists
  • Justice spokesman Richard Burgon said Zionism was ‘enemy of peace’ 

The row over Labour anti-Semitism intensified last night as it emerged that friends of Jeremy Corbyn and Shadow Cabinet members have compared Israel to Islamic State terrorists.

Communities spokesman Grahame Morris wants British Jews who serve in the Israeli defence force to be treated as suspected terrorists.

And justice spokesman Richard Burgon has urged MPs and party members to quit the Labour Friends of Israel group, declaring: ‘Zionism is the enemy of peace.’

The revelations follow the row over a peerage for Shami Chakrabarti, who produced a report concluding that the party ‘is not overrun by anti-Semitism’.

Mr Corbyn was himself accused of comparing Israel to ISIS when launching the inquiry into anti-Semitism, overshadowing the event and its contents.

Easington MP Mr Morris – chairman of Labour Friends of Palestine – was condemned for posting a picture of Israeli flags online with the words: ‘Nazis in my village, do you see the flag they fly.’ He later apologised.

He also drew controversy in 2014 for urging David Cameron to treat British Jews returning from military service with the Israeli defence force as IS-style terrorists.

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They shouldn’t have had the course to begin with.

German university drops Palestine class amid anti-Semitism claims

Seminar offered at a Hildesheim school reportedly justified terrorism, claimed Israel harvests organs of dead Palestinians

HAWK University of Applied Sciences, Hildesheim (Screen capture: YouTube)

HAWK University of Applied Sciences, Hildesheim (Screen capture: YouTube)

A German university is ditching an upcoming seminar that claims Israel harvests the organs of dead Palestinians after local Jewish groups and faculty member accused the institution of promoting anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli content.

The University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HAWK) in the northern city of Hildesheim said Friday it is redesigning its teaching on the Middle East conflict and social work in the coming academic year.

The university on Friday announced the seminar “on the social situation of young people in Palestine” would be cancelled and replaced with a more general module on Middle East conflicts.

Earlier this week, the university defended the seminar, saying the course material “only serve[d] as reading materials and are used to train students in critical discourse,” but did not reflect its political views.

But after Germany’s Central Council of Jews, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and a faculty member voiced concern over the course’s anti-Semitic and anti-Israel content, HAWK decided to pull the seminar from the upcoming 2016-2017 semester.

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Bag lady walking……

Her leftism is supposedly a shield to any charges of bigotry/racism, yet she and that ideology are immersed in it.

Here’s another crackpot: Fringe Washington gubernatorial candidate decries power of Jews

UK Baroness Unrepentant on Antisemitism

AUGUST 2, 2016 4:03 AM

Author: Adam Levick

The British Parliament. Photo: wiki commons.

The British Parliament. Photo: wiki commons.

Baroness Jenny Tonge caused an uproar last week when she gave a speech in the House of Lords, claiming that Israeli policies are a “major cause” of ISIS.

Of course, far from being a one-off, Tonge has a long record of engaging in extremist anti-Israel rhetoric and echoing explicitly antisemitic narratives.

  • In 2004, at a Palestine Solidarity Campaign meeting, Tonge said that if she were a Palestinian, she would consider becoming a suicide bomber herself.
  • In 2006, Tonge blamed Israel for suicide bombings…in Iraq!
  • In 2006, she said: “The pro-Israeli lobby has got its grips on the Western World, its financial grips. I think they’ve probably got a certain grip on our [The Liberal Democrat] party.”
  • In 2009, at an anti-Israel rally in London during the Gaza war, Tonge said: “The way Israel behaves is just not kosher. Jewish people should be totally ashamed of themselves that they are not doing more to stop them. It’s absolutely disgusting.”

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Jakic, Tomislav


An interview with Tomislav Jakic

Dr.Manfred GerstenfeldAnti-Semitism in today’s Croatia is – for the time being – rather marginal. Yet it is common to be confronted with anti-Semitic stereotypes of Jews. Those using these stereotypes are often unaware that they are promoting anti-Semitism. This type of anti-Semitism is part of Croatian tradition, or – to be precise – of Middle-European tradition. Under different circumstances, this latent anti-Semitism could easily turn into open aggression and violent behavior.

The number of Jews in Croatia is small, perhaps 2000 if one counts both community members and those who do not hide their Jewishness. In 1991, during the dissolution war of Yugoslavia, a bomb exploded on the Jewish part of the main cemetery and another in front of the building of the Jewish community in Zagreb. The perpetrators were never caught. The official version is that the intelligence service of the Yugoslav People’s Army was behind the explosions. In the past two decades there were several anti-Semitic incidents, primarily the vandalizing of Jewish graves or the placement of swastikas on them. Anti-Semitism is not dominating the Croatian political scene, however negative sentiments and stereotypes about Serbs are.”

Tomislav Jakic is a retired journalist. He was born in Zagreb in 1943. He graduated from the Law faculty of Zagreb University in 1966. From 2001 he was, for a number of years, foreign policy advisor to then Croatian President Stjepan Mesić.

Since 2010 Croatia is witnessing a wave of major historical revisionism about the Second World War. A flood of books, publications, ‘revelations’ in tabloids and TV programs, all have a common false purpose: to convince the young generation that the wartime Ustasha were good Croats and real patriots.

Admittedly the Ustasha – pressured by the Germans! – participated in the Holocaust. At the same time, so this historical forgery goes, the wartime anti-fascists, in the disguise of communists, were criminals and murderers.

In truth the Ustasha ideology was, with a few specific Croatian pre-war elements, a copy of fascism, with its concepts of superior and inferior people and its love of blood and land. It was only dominant during the Second World War, wherever the Ustasha was in control. Ustasha ideology provided the basis for the Holocaust, as well as of the genocide of Serbs, Roma and anyone else who was not willing to accept the new order.

Religion had no specific place in the Ustasha ideology. Yet, from the first day, the Roman Catholic Church in Croatia supported the Ustasha regime of the puppet Second World War Independent State of Croatia, which was established by the Germans and the Italians. Islam was viewed by the Ustasha regime as a very valuable ally. People of Islamic faith were treated as Croats and named ‘the flower of the Croatian nation.’ In 1943 the Catholic Archbishop of Zagreb, Alojzije Stepinac, voiced for the first time his disapproval of racial theory and of the inhuman treatment of the people who were transported to the numerous concentration and extermination camps in Croatia. He did not publicly object to the concentration camps themselves.

Anti-Semitism was an integral part of the Ustasha ideology and everyday practice. Jews in Croatia were forced to register and to wear the Ž sign. (Ž for Židov in Croatian). They were discriminated against like the Jews in Germany. Finally they were brutally murdered in camps. Even the Germans were shocked by the horrific way of Ustasha killings. Before the war in 1941 there were some 38,000 to 39,000 Jews in what became the Independent State of Croatia, which included Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as parts of Serbia. This figure included converts to Roman Catholicism who were treated by the Ustasha regime as Jews. Only 9,000 Jews survived.

The Ustasha ideology was partially brought back during the war in the early 1990s when Yugoslavia disintegrated. Some leading figures of the war-time Ustasha regime returned from abroad, while some Ustasha descendants acquired influence in Croatian institutions. The new Croatian regime, was from the beginning, characterized by antagonism against Serbs. Serbia, ruled by President Slobodan Milošević attacked Croatia with what was left from the Yugoslav People’s Army. Thereupon, the Croatian regime, under its President Franjo Tuđman, decided to use the Ustasha revival as a nationalist element to confront both Milošević and those in Croatia who were not in favor of the direction of the new state. Tuđman was basically opposed to the Ustasha, yet saw it as a political force which made it possible for the Croatian nation to attain its own state.

The current Croatian government does not, or only mildly, react to the revisionism. Shouting of the Ustasha salute “Za dom – spremni” – ready for the homeland – is for years now ‘common folklore’ during football games. In the first half of 2016 a demonstration of several thousand people – mainly war veterans – marched through downtown Zagreb, shouting the same salute. This demonstration was headed by the deputy-speaker of the parliament, Ivan Tepeš, of the right wing Croatian party of Rights-Dr. Ante Starćević. Graffiti with swastikas and a big U –for Ustasha – with a cross above it, are seen almost all over Croatia. During the Yugoslav war of dissolution about 3,000 monuments erected for the anti-fascist fighters and victims of fascism were deliberately destroyed by the Croatian army, police units and individuals. No perpetrator was ever brought before the court.

The most brutal war-time camp was in Jasenovac. It is officially remembered once a year, when there is a ceremony marking the, mostly unsuccessful, attempt of the inmates to break out in the late spring of 1945. Otherwise the murderous Jasenovac is falsely portrayed as a working camp. Nedjeljko Mihanovic, one of the former speakers of the Croatian parliament has said that life there was not so bad and that the inmates even staged operetta performances. It is characteristic that today’s Croatia does not deny the Holocaust. Yet considerable efforts were made to scale down the number of those murdered in Jasenovac, which are an estimated 80,000 to 100,000 people. Croatia tries not to mention the Serbs killed there, a number which exceeded even that of the Jews.

With strong support of the Catholic Church some so-called ‘historians’ are falsely claiming that Jasenovac existed for years as a death camp in times of socialist Yugoslavia. That forgery also claims that more people were killed in the camp after WW2 than during it. There is no evidence at all for this.

In April 2016 – because of the more or less open pro-Ustasha policy of the government and in particular of the Minister of Culture, Zlatko Hasanbegovic – the Jewish community, the Serb National Council and the Association of Antifascist Fighters and antifascists did not attend the official commemoration of Jasenovac, but organized their own.”


You know, like vermin…..

Exclusive: Lawmaker’s Slur That Jews are ‘Termites’ Reminds Jewish Voter of Hitler’s ‘Vermin’

A Democratic Congressman calls Israeli Jews living in Judea and Samaria “termites;” a Jewish voter remembers Hitler calling Jews “vermin.”
U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA)
U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA)
Photo Credit: US govt

A vicious anti-Semitic slur flung by a Democratic member of Congress on Monday against Israeli Jews living in Judea and Samaria hit one Jewish voter square in the face with the ice-cold memory of another time, when similar words were spoken.

With just one word, U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia proved to anyone who bothered to pay attention that the Democratic Party is no longer the traditional safe haven of the American Jew.

Speaking in Philadelphia at an pre-Democratic National Convention event sponsored by a group from the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions (BDS) movement, the House Armed Services Committee member compared the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria to “termites,” according to the Washington Free Beacon.

Outraged, Sara Z. told that anti-Semitism in the American Democratic Party is growing by leaps and bounds.

In an exclusive interview, Sara (who requested anonymity out of fear of reprisal from neighbors) said the phenomenon is “similar to the rising anti-Semitism in Britain’s Labour Party.” She said it has destroyed a party where Jews once felt welcomed — and that she could see that day coming for Democrats in the U.S., maybe sooner than they realized. “Perhaps Senator Hank Johnson has forgotten history, or is this another way to echo Adolf Hitler’s sentiments? In 1938 the anti-Semitic rhetoric was that Jews were “vermin,” she said.

“In 2016, we are now “termites.” It seems like nothing changes. In the era of ‘Black Lives Matter’ it seems that once again, the Jews are the world’s scapegoats, the disposable ones,” she continued.

“Do we never learn from history?”

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Classic pent-up European Jew hatred now freely being dispensed.

The following is an article by Dr.Gerstenfeld on populism and how Israel should behave toward populist parties. It was first published in Israel National News and republished here with the author’s consent.

psychoanalysis couch sick EU


Manfred Gerstenfeld

European right-wing populism – and in particular populism in Germany – is a very interesting topic to report on for international media. The recent problems concerning anti-Semitism in the Alternative for Germany (AfD) have proven this once again. Yet, there are several aspects, additional to the ones internationally publicized about this case, which merit attention. For a number of reasons, the developments of populist parties and movements in various European countries must also be followed far more closely by both Israel and Jewish leaders.

A summary of the recent issue: the AfD obtained 15.1 percent of the vote in the state elections in Baden Württemberg in March 2016. Its faction numbered 23 out of the 143 members of the parliament of this State, which has more than ten million inhabitants. Among those elected was Wolfgang Gedeon, who has made many anti-Semitic statements.

After some months, Jörg Meuthen, the state AfD leader and co-chairman of the national AfD party jointly with Frauke Petry, wanted to expel Gedeon from the faction. To do this required a two-thirds majority of its members. Only 12 other faction members supported Gedeon’s expulsion. In response to the support of Gedeon that did not allow for his expulsion, these members, along with Meuthen, left the faction to create a new parliamentary grouping. Petry, who also heads the party in Saxony, came to Stuttgart, Baden Württemberg’s capital, and convinced Gedeon to leave the remaining AfD faction. This led to tensions with Meuthen as he saw it as interfering in his domain. Despite the Gedeon issue being resolved, Meuthen opposed reuniting the factions. A few days later one more AfD parliamentarian joined his break-away group.

International media has reported some anti-Semitic remarks by Gedeon such as “Talmud Judaism is the inner enemy of the Christian West” and his calling Holocaust deniers “dissidents.”1 A closer look shows, however, that Gedeon’s thinking goes beyond a few random anti-Semitic statements. He has constructed, over the years, a detailed conspiracy theory about Jews. The recent acceptance of a working definition of anti-Semitism by the International Holocaust Remembrance Association (IHRA), accepted by all 31 member states including Germany, has greatly facilitated the systematic analysis of the anti-Semitic character of these and other anti-Semitic statements.2

In the case of Gedeon’s statements, use of this definition in their analysis, leaves no doubt as to their extreme anti-Semitic character. He accepts as true the major counterfeit The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which alleges that the Jewish people want to rule the world. Court cases before the Second World War have shown that this text was an anti-Semitic forgery. This core element of Gedeon’s writing is anti-Semitic according to the IHRA definition, which says: “Anti-Semitism frequently charges Jews with conspiring to harm humanity.”

Gedeon furthermore replaces the word ‘Jew’ by ‘Zionist’ and develops a concept of a fictitious Zionist-Freemason conspiracy which aims to control Western thinking. He then claims that Zionism has a great influence on anti-Nazism. This statement suggests that Gedeon does not think that Nazism is bad, but rather that anti-Nazism is an example of Zionist mind-control. Gedeon also blames Jews for the enmity against them.

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The fall of France….

“Those same people who say there is a lack of authority,” snaps the 60-year-old prefect, “are the same ones who refuse the police access when they try and enter. Those from the Maghreb, by origin, permit themselves to behave in ways that would be unthinkable where they came from.”


“A Jew can’t live where he wants anymore,” says Mme Saada. “Bit by bit, everyone is moving from the banlieues. As soon as there are ethnic populations, and as soon as it gets, shall we say, problematic, the Jews move. The visible ones — they get constantly attacked.”

Islam and the French Republic: From the Banlieues to Le Pen Land

By Ben Judah for Standpoint Magazine.

I am only 20 minutes from my aunt’s flat on Ligne 13.

This is Sunday morning. At the cathedral I count scarcely 500 faithful at Mass. They are almost all black. “This is a black church,” says the old white priest as I leave. Imagine Westminster Abbey in Tower Hamlets, a Tower Hamlets without jobs, which makes it more of a Bradford. This is the banlieue of Seine-Saint-Denis. In a country where ethno-religious statistics are illegal, this is seen as a Muslim-majority territory. To mention Saint-Denis is to start arguing about France’s greatest tension: Islam and the Republic.

Bradford upsets the British less than Saint-Denis does the French. France has a far more virulent rejection of Muslim multiculturalism. The majority even find Islam itself incompatible with the values of French society. The wordcommunitaire is only used with sharply negative connotations. This is because Saint-Denis clashes with the underlying French ideology — La République, the enlightenment scheme whereby there should be nothing between the will of a uniform, secular state and its citizens. No priests, no imams, no community elders.

Last week one of the cathedral’s priests was savagely beaten here, thugs mistaking a long thin book for an iPad. Then they bolted, leaving him with a bleeding nose on the square. My notebook fills with stories like this: of thieves, hoodlums and pickpockets. This is nothing like poor London.

The streets of Saint-Denis talk as if the authorities have lost their grip. Jihadists are waging a dirty war on the Republic, recruiting intensively in these banlieues. Since 2012, stabbings, shootings and car rammings have taken place every few months, punctuated by slaughters such as Charlie Hebdo and the Bataclan.

It was here after the Bataclan massacre that the police stormed the hideout of the terrorist mastermind, firing 5,000 rounds. Three jihadis were shot dead, minutes from the cathedral. Their stated ambition was to start a civil war.

The odd woman circumvents France’s ban on complete face coverings, by wearing a little anti-bacterial facemask under tight-fitting hijab. The Catholic faithful drifting out of the cathedral are uncomfortable. “Everything has changed,” says Maria, a 62-year-old cleaner. “Immigration changed everything. The people changed. You can just see it for yourself. The French have all left Saint-Denis. Look around you.” She has lived here for 37 years. “The real French have left. I’m a Portuguese immigrant, and I want to leave too. It’s their own fault they let themselves get screwed like this. But now France is no longer France.”

The square is full of drug pushers, hustling in broad light. They are brazen in a way unthinkable in London. Dishevelled Arab men hawk parsley and fennel out of cardboard boxes where the escalators grind out from the Métro. A Roma beggar without one arm but instead three deformed fingers sprouting from her shoulder stump, chimes “Salaam Aleikum” at the hijabis outside a poky Islamic clothes shop.

In swirls of black cloth, veiled women drift towards the market. Bartering at stalls, almost all the women are in headscarves, penny-pinching for Made In Bangladesh clothes. You hear more Arabic than French, and shaking jangling plasticated sacks, shouting the Arabic for charity — zakat, zakat, zakat — are the Islamists, dominating it, raising coins for the mosque.

“People have gone back to religion,” smiles Idir Mazad over his euro-filled sack. He is a Salafist foot soldier. “And they have gone back hard. The French mistreated them. That’s why.” I flick a German euro into Idir’s sack and he begins to tell his story. Born in Tunisia, he is a 34-year-old security guard. Sometimes he moonlights as an Arabic teacher. “It all really started ten years ago.” As he talks I pick up his aura: one of calm, softness and distance. “Back in the 1990s people in Saint-Denis didn’t live and dress like true Muslims.” Everyone I speak to in the market keeps repeating this.


“The children of this great wave of immigration are living in failure,” he says. “The failure of integration, the failure of schooling, the failure of employment.” Every day, Islamists are gaining ground in Saint-Denis. Militant Salafist and fundamentalist groups are active around the mosques, says the prefect, who finds the imams worryingly reluctant to speak to his officials. “The children of immigrants don’t recognise as their values those values that attracted their parents to France.” He remembers the first wave of North African immigrants: no veils, no beards, no Salafists. They came, he says, not just for French jobs but also for French liberty. “They were proud of those values. But I don’t think their children share the same pride.” Under his administration the prefect sees a generation in thrall to football, rap and Allah. And the old values? “They just don’t attach any value to them.”

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