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Finland: Lenin’s Statue vandalized with Anti-Jewish Graffiti in Kotka……..


Two disgusting sights, Anti-Jewish graffiti and Lenin’s statue…


The knuckle-dragging Neo-Nazis who more than likely did this outrage, live up to their moronic reputation. Being born to a Christian mother, Lenin was not a Jew, Hitler was a socialist, who said he owed a lot to Marx in spite of his being in competition with the Communists. The Neo-Nazis blame Jews for both Communism and Capitalism.


NOTE: The city of Kotka should be ashamed/embarrassed that they have a statue of that mass murderer in their city, let alone near their city hall.


Statue of Lenin vandalized in Kotka – Star of David on the forehead and mass murderer text on the pedestal

Police are investigating whether a criminal investigation will be launched into the vandalism.


The statue of Lenin has been vandalized in Kotka. VI The star of David, symbolizing Judaism, is painted on the forehead and foundation of the statue of V.I. Lenin.


The foundation of the statue is also inscribed with the paint “Jewish Massacre.”


It is reported from the Southeast Finland Police Situation Center that the police patrol had noticed and recorded the vandalism in the police system on Friday morning. The actual criminal investigation into the vandalism has not yet been initiated, but the matter is being investigated by the police.

Also in Turku

Lenin’s bust in Turku has also been smeared this spring . For example, the base of the statue was spray-painted with a swastika. The vandalism was done around Lenin’s birthday.


April 22 marked the 150th anniversary of Lenin’s birth.


similar vandalism has recently taken place in Hamina’s old Jewish cemetery. One of the tombstones was knocked down. One had a white swastika painted on it.


At this point, it is not possible to tell the police whether the vandalism of Lenin’s statue in Kotka has anything to do with what happened in Hamina.


The statue stood in Kotka for 40 years


The statue of Lenin, made by the sculptor Matti Varik , is located in the center of Kotka. The city received it as a donation from its twin city of Tallinn and then in the Soviet Union in 1979.


According to a story published by Kymen Sanomat last autumn, the donation of the statue was based on Lenin’s visit to Kotka in 1907. Lenin participated in the third meeting of the Russian Social Democrats in Kotka at that time.


Not everyone likes the existence of the statue. In Kymen Sanomat’s story, it is also said that in recent years, the statue got a new shade from its color jar on its head.

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