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Germany: Turkish Immigrant Discovers Leftist Organizers of Meeting on Antisemitism Not Really Interested At All In Antisemitism…….


Their hatred of the Jewish state blinds them from discerning their own cognitive dissonance…


A dear Turkish friend of mine living in Germany occasionally fills me in on his experiences there. Being fluent in multiple languages, he’s able to converse to a broad range of people within Germany and around Europe. Here’s a situation where he proves that immigrants are not a monolithic block, having opinions of their own.


I was at the German Federal Assembly again, for fighting against anti-Semitism.
They said the solution is to increase awareness that every Jew is not Israeli.
I asked the Green Party spokesperson: “So by saying that not all Jews are Israelis, you are not solving a problem, but you are creating a racism problem, a problem against the Israelis. Do you think this actually is a solution?”, she said: “Thank you, honorable gentleman, for your question, we are in the European Left Alliance, and we categorically reject any form of racism, and we will fight against it, but this panel is related to anti-Semitism in Germany, therefore I must decline to answer your question, regretfully.”
You know that people of Turkish origin make up the biggest minority in Germany, there were many there too; and as usual were extremely fond of the Communist Party and the Green Party officials, they looked at me extremely shocked as I was sitting among nationalist AfD members, and constantly chatting with them.
I ignored everyone and was really chilled out with my legs crossed over chatting and not paying any attention to them at all, I think this made them even more shocked.
P.S.: AfD is the conservative party in Germany, which is described by the mainstream media as “far-right”

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