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Benjamin Weinthal: Five teens commit sexual and antisemitic assault against man in Berlin…….


The Germans insist that they have got a no-tolerance attitude on Jew-hatred, despite all the evidence to the contrary…


Five teens commit sexual and antisemitic assault against man in Berlin

Attack took place at memorial for deportation more than 32,000 Jews

A group of adolescents sexually and antisemitically assaulted a 68-year-old man in the Berlin district of Moabit on Tuesday,  the second violent antisemitic assault since Monday.

The Police wrote that a group of kids aged12-15 called the man a number times “Jew” and “two of the perpetrators grabbed the man between his legs.”

The attack took place on the Putlitz bridge at the site of a Holocaust memorial for the deportation of more than 32,000 Jews to extermination camps.

It is unclear if the victim is Jewish.

The attack on Tuesday follows a Monday attack in a Berlin subway. “An entering passenger boarded and punched him in the face with his fist and hurled antisemitic insults towards him,” Berlin police said in a statement about the Monday attack.

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