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Iranian sleeper cells inside the US still pose a problem, mostly for Iran…….


They must now be worried about any of their independent operatives residing inside the US starting a full-blown conflagration.


The Iranians have now been served a very heavy dose of the Trump Doctrine, no more hiding behind their terrorist proxies, and the slightest hint of violence against anything American will be dealt with a devastating blow…

Fmr. CIA Officer: Yes, there are ‘Iranian sleeper cells’ inside United States

“There are unquestionably [Iranian] sleeper cells in the United States, operated and directed by Iran,” said former CIA officer Bryan Dean Wright on ‘Fox and Friends’. “We know that they usually operate in one, two or three individuals, normally men. Almost exclusively Lebanese or Iranian descent.”


“The CIA and the FBI have long had a pulse on this threat…So we know that the risk is there,” continued Bryan Dean Wright. “The other deep concern is that we have to be right 100 percent of the time to mitigate these individuals [and] find this threat. And, unfortunately, we’re not going to be able to do that every time.”


“So the threat is real, we are going to unfortunately probably miss a handful of these folks who come in…and that’s the bad news,” explained Bryan Dean Wright.


“The good news…is that because we have been investigating this threat for so long, we know most of them, and most importantly we have told the Iranian government that we know what they are up to and that we will strike back,” continued Bryan Dean Wright.

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