Anti-Israel bigotry and bias anti-Semitism

Finland: Ex-pat Northern Californian (lunatic) antisemite in rant against Jews, advocates their extermination…….


Ariyana ‘Love’, regardless of where she lives, is a bonafide kook.


Over at IsraellyCool, David Lange, has a number of posts highlighting her Jew-hatred, mostly dressed as anti-Israel rhetoric. This time she really drops the mask and goes full-blown mindless rant that (Zionist) “Jews are bad, let me count the ways, and later, agrees with someone that they should be murdered.”


Raving lunatic and Jew-hater Ariyana Love has gone on yet another Facebook video rant against the Jooooooos. Even by antisemitic standards, it is nutty and horrific – containing almost every antisemitic trope in the book and blaming us for the coronavirus, among other things.

David continues:

Note how she speaks of True Torah Jews, as if to show she is not really antisemitic (as she explicitly claims in her rant). Yet in her delusions, the true Jews only believe in the Torah, and not the Talmud. Memo to antisemite Ariyana: The Talmud is a compilation of the Oral Torah, and even these anti-Zionist “True Torah Jews” believe in it.


She then likes a comment advocating the extermination of the Jews


Here She likes another comment from Cordova as well:



I am against hate speech/group defamation laws that Finland currently has on its books, that said, if there were any such language that fills the requirements for breaking the just mentioned laws, it’s Love’s. What a piece of work.


Sounds like a real classical dhimmi, the kind one finds in the Muslim dominated areas in Judea and Samaria, as well as in Israel:


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