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Daniel Greenfield: Farrakhan Supporting Biden Ally James Clyburn (D-S.C.) Compares Trump to Hitler……


Yet another lunatic Democrat…


Farrakhan Supporting Biden Ally Compares Trump to Hitler

Really, Jimbo? Which Biden ally is going to go all Nazi? The guy who gave Biden, South Carolina, and his shot at the nomination.


Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.), the veteran lawmaker and House Majority Whip, took aim at President Trump in a new interview, calling the president a racist and comparing modern-day America to Germany during the rise of the Nazi Party.
Clyburn evoked Germany in the 1930s in one clip of the interview released Sunday, while clarifying that the “dynamic” of Trump’s attacks on the press echoed those of Nazi leaders such as Adolf Hitler.
“I used to wonder how could the people of Germany allow Hitler to exist. But with each passing day, I’m beginning to understand how. And that’s why I’m trying to sound the alarm,” he added.


Speaking of Hitler, Clyburn admires Farrakhan, who admires Hitler.

Clyburn had taken part in a Farrakhan town hall in 2011. He appeared despite protests by Jewish groups, including the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Rabbi Cooper of the Center had politely urged, “Rev. Farrakhan does not deserve the respectability of having Rep. James Clyburn of South Carolina sit alongside him.”
But Clyburn proved that he had the same degree of respectability as Farrakhan, who had praised Hitler. Clyburn told The Final Call, the Nation of Islam’s paper, that he was, “not bothered in the least bit”
“I want to thank Minister Farrakhan for offering up a number of precepts that we ought to adhere to,” he declared.


And Farrakhan had praised Hitler.

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