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Finland: Actual number of Wuhan Virus sufferers may be 20-30 time higher than reported number (241)…….


Meanwhile, the mayor of Helsinki dithers…



Words fail me…

THL CEO: Actual number of sufferers in Finland may be 20-30 times higher than reported

In Finland, only severely ill, at-risk, social and health care workers are now tested.


The actual number of people infected with corona can be 20 to 30 times higher than what has been reported so far, says Markku Tervahauta, Director-General of the National Institute for Health and Welfare, in an interview with Yle Radio 1 on Yesterday.


By Monday, a total of 241 confirmed coronavirus infections had been detected in Finland. However, not all suspected infections are tested anymore, so the number of infections is likely to be much higher.


Currently, severely ill, at-risk, social and health care workers are tested in Finland.


“Testing focuses on symptoms and individuals that are important to know if it is a corona,” Tervahauta says.


Infection rates have been estimated using computer simulations. The simulations are based on information from other countries. Estimates show that estimates vary greatly because of differences in infection tracking across countries.


According to Tervahauta, ​​it is also difficult to follow the chains of infection. Most of the infections detected in Finland are still related to tourism.


– There are likely to be cases where these chains are no longer found. Then there are far more infections in the community than has been found by testing, Tervahauta says.



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